Friday, February 03, 2006

Islamic hysteria

What an interesting few days!

A Danish paper print a few cartoons of Mohammed and all hell breaks loose! The Danish newspaper, Jyllands-Posten, had asked 40 cartoonists to draw images of the prophet. The purpose, its chief editor said, was "to examine whether people would succumb to self-censorship, as we have seen in other cases when it comes to Muslim issues."Dozens of Islamic nations have recalled their Danish Ambasadors and demand an grovelling apology from the Daniish government.

Denmark to it's credit had refused and the Danish people overwelmingly support this!

The Danish embassy in Indonesia is stormed, Hamas and Islamic Jihad in 'Palestine' warn that if they find Scandanavians they will kill them!

Violent protests break out and an EU compound in Gaza is surrounded by gun totting Muslims!

A boycott of Danish goods is under way in the Islamic world!

An editor of a French paper Le Soir is fired by his Islamic Egyptian boss for printing the cartoons!

How childish is this, what a sense of humour failure!

It also shows just how bloody dangerous these people are, they are in effect ordering us to show an exagerated repect to a false prophet we don't beleive in!

They show no respect to Christians or Jews or Hindus or Bhuddists, in fact throughout it's history Islam has raped and distroyed other nations, their cultures and religions. Islam is the least respectful ideology that their has ever been, perhaps on a par with socialism!

Nick Griffin the leader of the BNP has been cleared of racial hatred, after a politicaly instigated trial. He was put on trial for saying that Islam is a 'wicked, vicious faith', something with which I wholeheartedly agree, and I would guess many would agree.

The BNP has apparently received more funding as a result of this trial then ever before and it has welcomed more members then ever before as a result. I would not be suprised if they won more council seats and perhaps even a few seats at the next general election!

Although Labour would most probably prevent this, and if they did win a few seats, Labour would pass a law banning them! This would of course backfire as people would become increasingly angry, leading to further BNP support.

The Danish government has refused to apologise to Muslims, Nick Griffin has refused to apologise to Muslims. That is how we need to be, unapologetic to these aggressors.

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