Monday, January 30, 2006

United Nations to rule us all!

Aint that something to look forward to?

You know, I've always said, "I wonder what it's like to live in a third world kleptocracy?"

And now, obligingly, the UN have decided to let us all experience the thrill of living under a governement even more incompetent and wasteful then your average European welfare state, how cool is that?

According to the Independent, that bastion of steadiness and cool heads, the UNDP(United Nations Development Programme) has come out with a plan to solve ALL the worlds problems in one swoop! Just like superman!!!

"UN unveils plan to release untapped wealth of...$7 trillion (and solve the world's problems at a stroke) "

Independent 30th January 2006.

The usually reserved Indie then goes on to say,

"The most potent threats to life on earth - global warming, health pandemics, poverty and armed conflict - could be ended by moves that would unlock $7 trillion - $7,000,000,000,000 (£3.9trn) - of previously untapped wealth, the United Nations claims today.
The price? An admission that the nation-state is an old-fashioned concept that has no role to play in a modern globalised world"

So the UN beleives that the nation state is a what? "old fashined concept that has NO role to play in a modern globalised world"

Well there you have it, if the UN says it, its gotta be true!! After all they are right about everything, are they not?

"In a groundbreaking move, the UN Development Programme (UNDP) has drawn up a visionary proposal that has been endorsed by a range of figures including Gordon Brown, the Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Joseph Stiglitz, the Nobel Laureate"

Well if Gordon Brown supports it, how can anyone be against it? After all he is the best economist in the history of mankind!!

Who's that Joseph guy I hear you call! Well I looked him up on google and found that he is a communist economist, who writes books telling us why capitalism is nasty and wrong! Too right, cant wait till the revolution!! VIVA STALIN!! what, he's dead, oh well viva who ever's still alive, oh yeah Casto is still hanging on aint he, yeah, we can viva him!!!!

So the UN is "visionary"?


Let us read on

"At the heart of the proposal, unveiled at a gathering of world business leaders at the Swiss ski resort of Davos, is a push to get countries to account for the cost of failed policies, and use the money saved "up front" to avert crises before they hit. Top of the list is a challenge to the United States to join an international pollution permit trading system which, the UN claims, could deliver $3.64trn of global wealth."

I don't really understand what they mean by getting countries to account for the cost of failed policies? Do we elect our MPs to be accountable to Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, Hamas and 'saint' Kofi, or are they accountable to us?

And there they go again with their demand that the US join Kyoto! Those horrible, nasty, hooting, tooting, poluting, moronic Yanks better listen to those wise and wonderful men at the UN, or else...or else, they will be asked to join Kyoto again, ha ha ha ha! That will teach those stupid Yanks!!

"Inge Kaul, a special adviser at the UNDP, said: "The way we run our economies today is vastly expensive and inefficient because we don't manage risk well and we don't prevent crises." She downplayed concerns over up-front costs and interest payments for the new-fangled financial devices. "The gains in terms of development would outweigh those costs. Money is wasted because we dribble aid, and the costs of not solving the problems are much, much higher than what we would have to pay for getting the financial markets to lend the money."
The UNDP is determined to ensure globalisation, which has generated vast wealth for multinational companies, benefits the poorest in society."

So our economies should be run for the benefit of the people of the third world! Why should we horrible, nasty, racist, imperialistic, white westerners be allowed to keep our money, we don't deserve it!!

The piece then goes on about global warming, poverty etc. Same old boring shit lefties bang on about day after day!!

I had a look at the UNDP web site, these are the Mellenium Development Goals

Goal 1: Eradicate extreme poverty and hunger
Goal 2: Achieve universal primary education
Goal 3: Promote gender equality and empower women
Goal 4: Reduce child mortality
Goal5: Improve maternal health
Goal 6: Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases
Goal 7: Ensure environmental sustainability
Goal 8: Develop a Global Partnership for Development

So, basically we brainless, white westerners are going to continue to fund the expoding and unsustainable populations of the third world and Islamic world?

Sounds great count me in!!

Eradicate hunger and poverty? achieve universal primary education?


We in the West have funded ourselves, why dont these third world bastards fuck off and do it for themselves instead of moaning and complaining about 'racism' and 'imperialism'
We should tell them, "you want universal education? well go on then, lets see you do it"

Promote gender equality? Well how do we do that while excusing Islam?

Reduce child mortality? Again, why? Can't they do that themselves? Why should we support unsustainable population growth? Why fuck up the world for barabrous screaming brats?

Improve maternal health? Again, I can't see why we should fund this, no one helped us when we had high mortality rates

Combat HIV/AIDS, malaria and other diseases? Why? So that the world can be overrun by people who cant feed themselves or their families?

This is one of the problems inflicting the west at the moment, We happily abort millions of our potential children, whilst supporting the lives of children in the third world who would otherwise die.

We upset the natural balance of the world. In 10 years time, you can bet millions of people will be elbowing their way into the West, raping our women, taking whats our's and trashing our cultures and nations while enslaving our races. It will be poetic justice, because the very barbarians who do this, will be the ones who survived because of our misplaced charity!!

What should we do? End ALL aid, no more medicines, unless full market price is paid, no more debt cancellation, I have to repay my mortgage, they have to pay back their loans, no exception.
No more support for unsustainable population growth. We need to stop being sentimental about kids, they grow up to be adults, and in the third world, that means savages!

Lets take care of our own nations, then perhaps they may begin to take responsibility for themselves. That would be the best thing for all of us!

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Islam = terrorism

According to the FBI, the definition of terrorism is:

"The unlawful use of force or violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives."

The religion of Islam fulfills each and every criteria of the above-mentioned definition of terrorism. The following irrefutable facts and deductive logic will amply demonstrate this statement.

Ever since Islam was founded it has left behind a legacy of violent atrocities and horrible crimes. The holy book of the Muslims, the Koran, contains specific instructions on how to loot, pillage, plunder, rape, torture and murder in order to further the interests of Islam . It can clearly be called a specific instruction manual of terrorism.

The Holy Koran is full of very unholy and terrorist ambitions, it is obviously not from God, as the Muslims would have us believe. Any sane individual can see that it is a journal and collection of a terrorist's criminal activities and ideas.

This terrorist's name is Mohammed (popularly known as the prophet of Islam).

During his lifetime, Mohammed organized at least 86 expeditions against people who either refused to follow his teachings or simply came in the way of his power crazed ambitions. He led the life of a serial killer, terrorist and rapist, who perpetrated genocide throughout Arabia.

Along with the pagan Arabs, many Jews and Christians were victims of this mindless terrorist. Mohammed was a man who destroyed peace wherever he went, and in its place brought terror, carnage and death. And he did all this in the name of God!

Mohammed has clearly stated in the Koran that God has instructed him and all pious Muslims to loot, pillage, plunder, rape, torture and murder innocent human beings, in order to further the interests of Islam.

Below are just a few of the verses from the Koran, which support this fact. As the Koran is supposed to be timeless and universal, the verses in it hold true even today and are used everyday by pious Muslims to justify their brutal and terrorist activities.

1. (Koran 8:12) "Remember Thy Lord inspired the angels (with the message): "I am with you: give firmness to the believers, I will instill terror into the hearts of the unbelievers, Smite ye above their necks and smite all their finger tips of them."

In the above verse the great prophet of Islam, Mohammed, is giving step by step instructions on how to torture and kill the unbelievers if they don't follow Islam. He is clearly instructing Muslims to commit cold-blooded murder in the name of religion.

2. (Koran 2:216) "Warfare is ordained for you, though it is hateful unto you; but it may happen that you hate a thing which is good for you and it may happen that you love a thing which is bad for you. Allah knoweth, you knew not."

The above verse was stated by Mohammed after his first terrorist attack. He and his followers mercilessly massacred four innocent and unarmed merchants at Nakhla in 623 AD. The massacre came in January, the sacred month of Rejeb. Arabs regard this month as a sacred month, when warfare and violence is forbidden. Since this barbaric criminal act was led and sanctioned by the "great" prophet Mohammed, we can conclude that Islam's sacred activities include loot and cold-blooded murder of innocent individuals. The very beginnings of Islam are stained with the blood of innocents.

By stating the above verse, Mohammed completely absolved himself from all blame for having murdered innocents. The most insidious and devilish implication of this verse is that God is completely justifying Mohammed's murder of the innocent Meccans. The import of this verse is that killing and violence are JUSTIFIED for Muslims, because they are doing it by divine ordinance! It is a religious duty of every Muslim to murder anyone who comes in the way of Islam. Since it is also the duty of every Muslim to ensure that the entire world is converted to Islam by force if necessary, one must directly conclude that it is the religious duty of Muslims to kill all those who are non-Muslim. This conclusion is derived directly from the supreme edict of Allah, who admonishes that even the Muslim who feels it is wrong to kill, must murder in the name of Allah, otherwise he is not a true Muslim. Over and above this, Mohammed is hypocritically implying that warfare is hateful to him, but he participated in it because God ordained it.

3. (Koran 69:30-37) "It is not for any Prophet to have captives until he hath made slaughter in the land. You desire the lure of this world and Allah desires for you the hereafter and Allah is Mighty, Wise.. Now enjoy what you have won as lawful and good and keep your duty to Allah. Lo! Allah is forgiving, merciful."

This verse is in reference to the prisoners that Mohammed held for ransom after the battle of Badr. This battle occurred on March 17, 623 AD. This is the month of Ramadan—another sacred month for the Muslims! In this battle, Mohammed and his followers killed at least 70 innocent merchants from the Quraysh tribe of Mecca and slaughtered several hundred soldiers who came forward to defend them.

Here God the "Merciful" is saying that all the non-believers deserve to be killed! In addition, God is conveniently commenting that whatever loot Mohammed has plundered is "lawful and good" because it was done in service to God. So murder, rape, plunder and destruction are all perfectly legal with the Muslim God as long as they are done in the name of Islam! Mohammed is also insidiously making himself seem very kind for having spared the lives of the prisoners, when in fact he only let them live so he could ransom their lives for more money. In today’s world this is called "taking hostages" and defines "Terrorism" of the worst kind.

4. (Koran 69:30-37) "(It will be said) Take him and fetter him and expose him to hell fire. And then insert him in a chain whereof the length is seventy cubits. Lo! he used not to believe in God the tremendous, and urged not on the feeding of the wretched. Therefore hath he no lover hear this day nor any food save filth which none but sinners eat."

The above verses from the Koran prove that Muslims are specifically instructed not to tolerate unbelievers. It directly states that people who do not believe in Mohammed and the Islamic God are to be tortured and murdered.. Not only does this verse clearly implicate that unbelievers must be tortured and killed, it goes on further to state prescribed methods for committing torture.
The horrific acts mentioned above are in practice even today in Islamic countries. In fact, in India, Muslims tortured the Sikh Gurus and their families exactly as prescribed by the Koran. For example, the Sikh guru Tegh Bahadur was imprisoned in a cage like a wild animal, when he refused to forsake his religion for Islam.
Three of his disciples were murdered in front of his eyes. One of them was Bhai Mati Das. He was sawed alive into little pieces. The other was wrapped up in cotton and burnt alive. Bhai Dyala, the third one, was boiled alive in a cauldron. Guru Tegh Bahadur himself was brutally tortured and killed in a similar fashion. One wonders at the mercy of "The all beneficent Allah" who enjoys watching the roasted burnt flesh of hapless innocents falling off their bones.

5. (Koran 5: 33-34) "The only reward of those who make war upon Allah and His messenger and strive after corruption in the land will be that they will be killed or crucified, or have their hands and feet and alternate sides cut off, or will be expelled out of the land. Such will be their degradation in the world, and in the Hereafter theirs will be an awful doom; Save those who repent before ye overpower them. For know that Allah is forgiving, merciful."

6. (Koran 22: 19-22) "These twain (the believers and the disbelievers) are two opponents who contend concerning their Lord. But as for those who disbelieve, garments of fire will be cut out for them, boiling fluid will be poured down their heads. Whereby that which is in their bellies, and their skins too, will be melted; And for them are hooked rods of iron. Whenever, in their anguish, they would go forth from thence they are driven back therein and (it is said unto them): Taste the doom of burning."

7. (Koran 76: 4) "Lo! We have prepared for disbelievers chains, yokes and a blazing fire."
The above verses clearly state extreme terrorist activities, as they contain nothing but detailed recipes of horrific torture. Cutting off the hands and feet of individuals and then making them walk and jump, pouring boiling waters over their victims, making them drink it, burning them alive, inserting hot iron rods into their bodies, dismemberment and disembowelment, genital mutilation etc. are common Islamic practices.

Islam is nothing but an excuse to legalize terrorism, genocide, massacre and other criminal activities. Many other verses that demonstrate these specific qualities, are to be found throughout the Koran .
As Muslims worldwide regard the Koran to be the ultimate holy book, it is followed to the word. Their daily lives are guided specifically by such passages from the Koran . Moreover, the terrorist, lecherous and criminal activities described in the Koran are considered to be the sacred words of God.

Is it any wonder that mindless Muslims all over the world, justify their criminal activities of destruction, loot, torture, rape and murder by pointing to the Koran? They actually consider their acts to be holy and believe that for committing such holy acts they will go to paradise—a paradise where they will have plenty of wine, women and young boys for their sexual pleasure. (How Mohammed uses bribery in the Koran to attract mindless human beings is above the scope of this article and will be described in later ones).

Many Muslims such as Osama bin Laden, Al Zawquari, Al Zawahiri, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Muamar Gaddafi, Louis Farakhan, Yasser Arafat, Abu Nidal, Sheikh Omar, Abu Hamza Al Masri etc,are famed for the brutality of their crimes and terrorism. The entire world is marred by violence and murder, wherever Muslims reside. The entire world is suffering due to the barbaric activities of Islamic terrorists. Pick up a newspaper today and you will note that 98% of terrorist activities that occur involve Muslims.

(1) India - Muslims have been terrorizing this country since the 7th century AD. Muslim regimes throughout India have a record of unparalleled terror and torture described in gory detail by contemporary Muslim chronicles themselves. Subjecting all non-Muslims to abject atrocities, plundering their wealth, abducting their women and usurping their houses of worship to be used as mosques and tombs, has been considered sacred duty of every Muslim.
Such acts earned for the tormentors the coveted title of Ghazi, to be paraded as a citation of great Islamic glory and greatness. Aurangzeb, one of the last Muslim emperors had 10,000 Hindus massacred everyday for an entire year.

He alone was responsible for the massacre of at least 3,650,000 Hindus and destruction of more than 11,000 Hindu temples. William Durant, author of the voluminous "Story of Civilization" has described the Muslim conquests in India as constituting the saddest and goriest chapter in human history. Muslims have destroyed and looted the whole country and have killed countless innocent Hindus in the process.

The Muslims forced the violent partition of India into three parts in 1947 (India, West Pakistan and East Pakistan). Even today, they terrorize the innocent people of India by causing bomb blasts and killing innocent individuals. Currently, the followers of Islam are concentrating their efforts in Kashmir, a northern state in India. Kashmir has been the land of the Hindus since ancient times. The word Kashmir itself is derived from Rishi Kashyap—a great spiritual leader of Hinduism. The Muslims have destroyed this beautiful land completely.

Today the Pakistan-sponsored Muslim terrorists continue to kill, torture and rape the innocent Hindus of Kashmir. To cite the most recent incidents: In a cold-blooded massacre on the night of January 25th 1998, 23 Kashmiri Hindus, including 10 women and four children, were gunned down by a group of Islamic terrorists from Pakistan in Wandhama, 27 km from Srinagar.
On April 19th Islamic terrorists belonging to the Pakistani Lashkar-e-Tobia terrorist organization claimed responsibility for gunning down at least 13 Kashmiri Hindus in Prankot village near Mahore in Udhampur district. The victims included four women and two children. Pakistan’s aim is to separate Kashmir from India and declare it as an Islamic state.

(2) The Assyrian Nation - The horrible crimes committed by Islamic terrorists against the Assyrian nation is a well documented fact. Between 1980 and 1988 the Iraqi regime exiled thousands of Iraqi citizens to Iran on the charges that they were of Persian ancestry.

Many Assyrians were targeted in this illegal and barbarous act. During this bloody war, it is estimated that up to 10,000 Assyrian men from Iraq were killed. The most disturbing aspect of this tragedy is that many of these Assyrians were killed in cold blood by their own Arab countrymen, just for being Assyrians.
On December 13th 1997, a group of militants belonging to the Kurdish Labour Party (PKK), treacherously attacked six Assyrians through an ambush laid for them in the district of Mangeesh-Duhok, Northern Iraq.
Two of them were killed immediately and the others were wounded, then the armed group charged over them and cold-bloodedly killed the wounded.
Ever since the invasion of their homelands by barbaric Muslims, the Assyrians have been fighting for their rights. The persecution of Assyrian Christians by the Islamic terrorists has brought them to the brink of extinction!

(3) Bangladesh - Bangladesh was a part of India before the Muslim terrorists led by Mohammed Ali Jinnah separated it from India in 1947. It was then called East Pakistan.
Jinnah lied to the thirteen million Hindus, Buddhists and Christians in East Pakistan and told them that they would not be persecuted against. He promised that they would be given full freedom under the Islamic rule.
However, these religious minorities—especially the Hindus and the Buddhists have been tortured, raped and murdered by the pious Muslims ever since 1947. Over 2.5 million Hindus alone were slaughtered during the Pakistan-Bangladesh war in 1971.
The types of crimes committed were perfectly in accordance with the Koran. Robert E. Burns, the author of Wrath of Allah states, "The mutilation was disgusting—eyes gouged out, pregnant women disemboweled, male genitals cut off, women’s breasts cut off….."
The persecution of "unbelievers" in the name of Allah , continues even today in Bangladesh under the Islamic rule. For example, Taslima Nasreen, the author of Lajja was given a death sentence for just stating the facts and speaking against the inhumane, cruel and barbaric nature of Islam.

(4) Egypt - Egypt has been terrorized by Muslims since the time of Umar II (8th Century AD.). With Umar’s raid on Egypt began the destruction of Egypt’s Christians.
Their Churches were destroyed, Umar imposed Jizya—a special tax that was invented by Mohammed , where all the "non-believers" had to pay or face death.
They lost ownership of all their land and had to pay a special land tax, kharaj, simply in order to use it .
They were ridiculed, made to wear discriminatory clothing and were made to ride on donkeys. Anyone not complying with the wishes of the Islamic terrorists was tortured to death in absolute accordance with the Koran.
The ongoing Islamic terrorist attacks on innocent people in Egypt even today prove that Islamic terrorism is alive and kicking in this country as well.
In this country the tourists are special targets of the Muslim terrorists. 1998 in Cairo, the pious followers of Mohammed murdered an entire bus load of German tourists. In another incident, Muslim fundamentalists killed more than 40 tourists near the Pyramids.
The terrorists continue to commit these horrible crimes to achieve their goal of declaration of Egypt as an Islamic state.
An Islamic state is desired by these terrorists, so that they will be able to commit more such crimes freely. As per the Koran, they will go to the typical Islamic Paradise for committing these "holy" acts! Apparently, the most important condition by far, for entering "Jannat" (Islamic Heaven) is that you must have the blood of innocents, stained on your hands!

(5) Algeria - Algeria has been under Islamic terrorist attack for quite some time now. Accurate casualty figures are difficult to acquire, but as many as 50,000 Algerians (militants, security personnel, and civilians) have died as a result of the civil war.
Even the U.S. embassy's warehouse was the target of Islamic terrorists. They set fire to the warehouse and threatened to kill the security guard just because he was working for the United States. The Islamic terrorist organization which carries out most of these attacks is called GIA (Algerian Armed Islamic Group).
The GIA was responsible for the deaths of 31 foreigners in Algeria in 1995, compared to at least 64 in 1994. Most of the foreigners killed were "soft targets," such as teachers and nuns. Cowardly Islamic terrorists, conform to this pattern of targeting the most vulnerable and helpless segment of the population, in imitation of Prophet Mohammed's life.
From July to October, a terrorist bombing campaign in France began against civilian targets, killing eight persons and wounding 160. And such attacks continue on even today in Algeria.

(6) Pakistan - Like East Pakistan (Bangladesh), Pakistan was also founded by the terrorist leader, Mohammed Ali Jinnah.
Ever since its foundation, Pakistan has sponsored terrorism and Islamic terrorist groups all over the world. Pakistan’s main focus of terrorist activity has always been India.
This nation is obsessed with the downfall of India and will do anything to accomplish this goal.
It has gone to war with India three times in the past and failed miserably all three times. Pakistan continues to support Islamic terrorist organizations such as Harakat ul-Ansar (HUA) and Al-Faran. Al-Faran is the group that claimed responsibility for the kidnapping in Kashmir of two US citizens, two Britons, a German, and a Norwegian. Other Pakistan-backed groups have claimed responsibility for numerous bombings in Kashmir, including one against foreign journalists.
It is a well-known fact today that Pakistan is an Islamic terrorist state. The mastermind of the first World Trade Center bombing hailed from Pakistan.
The Islamic terrorists in Kashmir are trained and supplied by Pakistan. There is even proof that Pakistan is supporting and helping the Taliban — the barbaric Islamic organization of Afghanistan.

Many other countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Germany, Syria, Indonesia, Israel, Libya, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Sudan, Mauritania, Cyprus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, etc. can be added to the above list.

As we can clearly see Muslims are actively committing acts of terrorism in many other parts of the world and justifying it by pointing towards the Koran.
Even the West is not untouched anymore.
The fact that countries such as the U.K, U.S.A and France have already experienced Islamic terrorism first hand is a testament to this.
It remains to be seen whether countries such as these will learn from the past and recognize Islam for what it is—a religious sanction to legalize barbaric and horrific crimes!
I urge each and everyone to read the Koran, the terrorist's instruction manual, for their own personal safety.
It is necessary to know what you are up against before you can begin to defend yourself.

England's population shrinks!

According to statisticians, the white population of England dropped by 100 thousands last year!

Thats 100,000!

At the same time non-whites grew by 500 thousands

Thats 500,000

So England's population will grow happily for the foreseeable future! Although by 2100 England's whites will be a minority

At the moment there are 44,800,000 whites in England, compared to 6,800,000 non whites. If the stats go on like this till 2055 the number of whites in England will drop to about 40 millions, the population of non whites will reach about 27 millions.

This is trully scary stuff, England will have 35 million or so whites by 2100 and non whites 47 millions!

As I've said before, Europe is finshed, England can not survive a demographic shift like that.

What to do?

Well now that the question has been answered, what can we do?

Is there anything that can be done to stop the decay, to end the decline?

Well anything is possible!

If you can set up a new political party, one that would radically reform the ecomomy of your respective European nation, one that would end irresponsible immigration, expel many or all of the Muslims, create an atmosphere where Europeans start to breed once again etc, etc.

But how likely is that?

Anything is possible, but not probable.

Europe is facing the end, the combination of economic decline, demographic suicide and the ending of morals is set to intensify. This is how Rome came to its end. In ancient Rome, taxes became crushing, immigration was out of control and infanticide was rife, the population of Rome was falling, all it took was about 50 years for the barbarians to manouvre themselves to end the Roman Empire.

It would not suprise me if in 2050, Europe was a collection of unstable Islamic sultanates.You must leave now, if you cant leave now, you must make a plan and leave in the next 5 years, because this decay we see will only intensify, the fall is not that far away.Where to go?

Australia is a great place to go, with a booming economy, 90% white, few Muslims, and a patriotic people, Australia is a good bet. Pop 20 millions and rising to 43 millions by 2100.

New Zealand is another good bet, 80% white, 15% Maori, virtually no Muslims and a booming economy. Pop 4 millions rising to 8 millions by 2100.

United States, most powerful nation on earth, wealthiest nation on earth, a proud people, healthy booming economy and 80% white with only 1% muslim. Pop 300 millions rising to 500 millions by 2100.

Canada, although more left wing then the rest and with a sizeable Muslim minority, it is still a better bet then Europe, over 90% white. Pop 32 millions rising to 66 millions by 2100.

Europe has a dying economy, dying races and out of control, malign inward migration. Pop 800 millions droping to 650 millions by 2100, projected non white population up to 20%, rising to 40% or even 60% in some countries such as Belgium, France and the Netherlands.Leave now before the flood to get out.

When even the dim Europeans realise what has happened, millions will try to flee to America or Australia. Those nations will not allow such huge influxes, many will be forced to remain in the war zone and become dhimmi(subdued kafirs who pay the poll tax).

So leave now or very soon, to avoid the rush! Trust me it will come!Already, many instinctivly understand the decline, but can't convey this understanding in words, they know too many Muslims is dangerous, to much welfare is deadening.

I have met many Europeans like this and they all want to go and live in Australia or New Zealand or Canada or the US. Very few Europeans activly want to stay in Europe, excluding the Irish who are quite content.

20,000 Britons are leaving to emigrate to Australia every year, and the numbers are rising, this is the highest rate of British emigration to that nation since the 50s!! Britons now make up the largest group of emigrants in Australia!

So dont dally, get a move on, make a plan, get off of this sinking ship, before you drown on the chaos of the consequences of a century of efete liberalism and soul distroying socialism.

Is Europe finished?

I ask because it seems the obvious question to ask.Europe continues to have sky high inward migration from the Islamic world, Muslims who leech off of our byzantine socialist welfare states whilst urging each other on to jihad against the kafirs(us)

They are also the predominant breeders in the new Europe, a majority of live births in the Netherlands are to Muslims, 10% of the people of France are Muslim and this is rising every day.The populations of Spain, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands and Scotland are shrinking.

Eastern Europe due to its tragic communist past is even worse then Western Europe. In Russia abortions outnumber live births! Any society were abortions outweigh live births is in serious trouble, according to the CIA factfile and Wikpedia online encylopedia, Russia's population will drop from 145 millions to 104 millions in 2050.

According to EUROSTAT, an arm of the European Commission, "Over 1998-2015 years the population of Russia can decrease by 8.6 million, or by 6%. Annual rate of it's decline will be almost constant-on the average 0.3%"

Simply put, Russia is fucked!

However you can add to this list every European nation excluding Ireland and Albania(which is muslim). France, The United Kingdom and Belgium will continue to see bare growth, but in reality this will mask a shrinking of the native populations being offset by massive Islamic birthrates.

Now, all of the above could be swept under the carpet if Europe were an economic powerhouse, but it's not even that! Some Eastern European nations are doing well, but they are comming from nothing, and will inevitable be stopped when their demographics hit home. Ireland is booming, in fact Ireland is the only Christian nation in Europe were things look good and will continue to look good for a long time to come.

The rest of Europe is addicted to other peoples money. Antiquated and discredited socialist policies continue to be implemented and some how people are stunned when that policy fails to deliver! Duh! which century are you in???

Welfare is no longer seen as a safety net, it is now seen as a right!! Any attempt to slim down the welfare state is met with millions of protesters on the streets of numerous European cities, sometimes leading to gridlock across the continent.

Europe has for centuries been the vibrant heart of the world in every sense, culturaly, religiously, politicaly, militarily, scientifically, philosophicaly. The deluge of treasure, wisdom, money, people and ideas that have poured into the rest of the world is astounding. What does Europe offer now? Where is the culture? You get a bit of recycled Bach or Beethoven, the odd bit of Verdi. Great European literature is still read but where is the modern culture? And dont tire me with the porn that passes for 'art' with the poncy elites.

Where are the cutting edge ideas? The only thing that passes for intelectual discussion is an ignorant, underinformed and passe hate of America, Christianity and capitalism.

If you want to see vibrant Western Nations, look at The United States, Australia and to a lesser extent New Zealand, Canada, Chile and other Latin American nations.You want to see the ideas that will facinate future peoples look at the conservative thinkers in America and Australia.

You want to see what future peoples will think is todays culture? You will be looking in vain at Europe, you need to look further afield to the heirs of Europe, the nations of the Anglosphere, the Hispanosphere and Brazil, these nations are the future of the West.You want to see where the people of the future will look for religious developments and theology, look at the Americas.

Europe is in what looks like a serious decline. The economies of Europe are dying, the races of Europe are dying. Europe is a cultural wasteland, it has no relevant ideas, no inovations, no ambition exept to sneer at Americans. Europe has decided that it will no longer be serious about its future. Well why should it? With shrinking populations it will very soon not have a present!

In the block of appartments where I live in East London, I am the only White European! Every other flat is filled to bursting point with Somalians and Bengalis, all living in state subsidised appartments and living off welfare handouts, ie: my tax money. Each flat is full of screaming brats who cant speak English, along with their veiled mothers and rude, lazy and hate filled husbands. All I can hear is the screaming children and the women being beaten by their husbands!

This is the future of Europe!

So did I manage to answer my original question?

Bill of Rights 2006

Article I

Parliament shall make no law prohibiting the free exercise of religion, excepting that of Islam;nor shall it make any law abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to assemble peaceably, and to petition the government for redress of grievances.

Article II

Cruel and unusual punishments shall not be inflicted. The right to life shall be protected by law. No one shall take the life of another, including the life of the unborn child. Abortion is prohibited in this realm. No one shall be deprived of his life save in the execution of a sentence of a court following his conviction for a crime for which this penalty is provided by law.

Article III

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, properties, homes, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall be issued, except upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

Article IV

No one shall be compelled to part with their property without due process of law. Private property shall not be taken for public use without due process of law and just compensation.

Article V

In all criminal prosecutions, the accused shall enjoy the right to a speedy and public trial by an impartial jury; to be informed of the nature and cause of the accusation; to be confronted with the witnesses against him and to have the assistance of counsel for his defence.

Article VI

No person shall be tried for the same offence twice; nor shall anyone be compelled in any criminal case to be a witness against himself, nor be deprived liberty, without due process of law.

Article VII

In suits at common law, where the value in controversy shall exceed an amount proscribed by law, the right of trial by jury shall be preserved, and no fact tried by a jury, shall be otherwise reexamined in any court of the Realm, than according to the rules of the common law.

Article VIII

The right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed, except as proscribed by law.

Article IX

Taxation of the people shall be done in a manner which is simple, clear and just. The right of the people to retain a majority of their income will not be infringed. Any raising of revenue shall first be put to the people in a binding referendum, except in time of war or public danger.

Article X

The enumeration in this bill, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people. However the enumeration of rights in this bill and of others retained by the people apply only to citizens of this Realm and not to aliens.

Therefore we firmly enjoin that the people in our Kingdom have and hold all the aforesaid liberties, rights and concessions, well and peaceably, freely and quietly, fully and wholly for themselves and their heirs, in all respects and in all places for ever

Understanding Islam

To understand Islam, you must understand the harsh circumstances into which the religion was born. The Arabian Peninsula at the time of Muhammad (b.570 AD) was a barren and desolate region with oppressive heat under a scorching sun and chilling cold at night. There was little vegetative growth and the nomadic inhabitants lived between jagged rocks and sifting sand dunes.

While Europe and much of the Middle East was transitioning from the Roman to the Byzantine Empire, with roads, irrigation canals, aqueducts, and a culture that included philosophical discourse and theater, the Arabians lived short and brutal lives in warring tribes with very little to offer the rest of the world beyond their own harsh existence.

This explains the inherent hostility in the Qur’an to music and art, which some extremists, such as the Taliban, take quite literally. The religion does not encourage the pursuit of knowledge outside of itself, and it has sometimes been referred to as “the religion which has produced nothing but religion.”

The inhospitable climate protected the peninsula from conquest and cultural influence, although the Persians did manage to impose a written language on the coastal edges of the region that came to be known as Arabic. No foreign army felt that sheep and goats were worth taking from the desert fighters and the area was remarkably isolated. The renaissance of knowledge that the rest of the world had been experiencing since the Greek revival was largely missed out on by the Arabs, whose entire energies were devoted to daily survival against the ruthless environment and other tribes.

For these people, morality was dictated merely by necessity, and did not extend beyond one’s tribe. This is a critical basis for the development of the Islamic attitude toward those outside the faith.

There were pagan traditions in Arabia, particularly among those based in the trading centers, such as Mecca and Medina. Kaaba, the black rock at Mecca, was worshipped by certain tribes with a circling ritual that was later borrowed by Muhammad’s followers. Likewise, Allah was the name that had been given to the moon god, many centuries before the time of the Prophet.
Muhammad later created Islam based on these crude pagan practices as well as basic theological elements of Christianity and Judaism according to his own (often inaccurate) understanding. His erroneous interpretation of Christianity, for example, is often attributed to his early experiences with fringe cults in the Palestinian region.

Muhammad was born around 570 AD in Mecca. He grew up poor and orphaned on the margins of society, which was controlled by tribal chiefs and trading merchants. He worked for his uncle as a camel herder. Although his uncle had some standing in the community, Muhammad himself did not rise above his lowly station until he was 25, when he met and married a wealthy widow who was 15 years older.

Having now attained a comfortable lifestyle and the idle time that it could afford, Muhammad would wander off occasionally for periods of meditation and contemplation. One day, at the age of 40, he told his wife that he had been visited by the angel Gabriel. Thus began a series of revelations which lasted until his death. The Qur’an is based on the oral traditions of these revelations. The Hadiths are a narration of the life and deeds of Muhammad. The Sunnah is the said to be his way of life.

With his wife’s influence and support, Muhammad began trying to convert those around him to his new religion - an amalgamation of Judeo-Christian theology and pagan tradition that grew more sophisticated over time. In the beginning, he did his best to compromise his teachings with the predominant beliefs of the community’s elders, such as combining all 300 of their idols under the name “Allah,” although it wasn’t enough to prevent the resentment of the influential leadership, who mocked his humble background while fearing his influence (with good reason).

At first, he was only successful with friends and family. After twelve years, “the street preacher” could boast about 70 determined followers, called Muslims, who followed him to the community of Medina after they were chased from Mecca by persecution.

The tribes in Medina accepted Muhammad for the most part. Those that didn’t were defeated in battle in a pattern that would quickly become the blueprint for the successful establishment of Islam as a world religion. Typically, the enemy’s trust would be gained by non-intrusive measures in which the Muslims would begin to insert themselves into the community while professing their respect for local traditions and political structures. As they began to gain power, however, they would divide loyalties and exercise violence to acquire local hegemony.

An example of this is the power gained over the Jews. At first, Muhammad preached that Christians and Jews could attain salvation through their own faith. This prompted their tolerance of him while he worked surreptitiously toward the power to dominate them. Since many rejected his status as a prophet (in the Old Testament tradition), Muhammad reneged on his earlier teachings and often had them killed when he finally had the power to do so.

After gaining control of Medina, Muhammad turned his attention back to Mecca. He directed his followers to raid Meccan caravans in the Holy months, when the victims would least expect it. Revelations were conveniently provided to him, which allowed his people to murder and steal in his service. The people around him gradually developed a lust for things that could be taken in battle, including material comforts and people. At one point, Muhammad even provided instructions on how women should be raped after capture.

Often the people captured in battle would be brought before the Prophet, where they would plead for their lives, arguing, for example, that they would never have treated the Muslims that way. The Hadiths are quite clear in portraying Muhammad as largely unmoved by their pleas, and ordering their deaths anyway, often by horrible means. In one case, he orders a man slain, telling him that “hell-fire” will take care of the poor fellow’s orphaned daughter.

Raids on caravans turned into military victories in which entire tribes were wiped out, their men executed and their women and children raped and enslaved under the Prophet’s direction. Some became Muhammad’s personal concubines, of whom there were an unknown number in addition to his fifteen wives. His personal life became a picture of hedonism and excess, all justified by frequent “revelations.” When he wanted a woman, even if she were the wife of another man or a child as young as 6, he was able to justify his lust and inevitable consummation with an appeal to Allah’s revealed will.

Though many of the Arab and Jewish tribes were eliminated and absorbed through military victory and forced conversion, the city of Mecca required a different sort of strategy. In 628, seven years after fleeing, Muhammad’s followers were allowed to reenter the city under an agreement whereby he set aside his title as “Prophet of Allah.” This was a temporary ploy that enabled him to gain a political foothold in the city through the same “5th column” activities that are still used today by organizations such as the Council on American Islamic Relations, which use their host’s language of religious tolerance to disguise ulterior motives.
Once Muhammad gained power through deceit in Mecca, he put anyone to death who would not submit. In what would be the model for future Muslim military conquests, those who would not convert to Islam were required to pay a tax and accept third-class status.

Muhammad died of a fever at the age of 63, with his violent religion now firmly rooted in the Arab lands. Through his teachings, his followers viewed the world as a constant battle between the Land of Peace (Dar al-Islam) and the House of War (Dar al-Harb).

Over the next fourteen centuries, the bloody legacy of this extraordinary individual would be a constant challenge to those living on the borders of the religion’s hegemony. The violence that Muslim armies would visit on people across North Africa, the Middle East, and into Asia as far as India is a tribute to a founder who condoned subjugation, rape and murder in the cause of the spread of his religion.

It is certainly the basis not just for the modern day terror campaigns against Western infidels (and Hindus and Buddhists) but also the broad apathy among Muslims across the world to the violence, which is an obvious enabler.

As Indonesian cleric, Abu Bakar Bashir recently put it, "If the West wants to have peace, then they have to accept Islamic rule."

Taqiyya and kitman: The role of Deception in Islamic terrorism

Tradecraft. Persona. Deception. Disinformation. Cover: Western operational terms and techniques. But, Islamic terrorists have their own terms: taqiyya (pronounced tark-e-ya) : precautionary dissimulation or deception and keeping one’s convictions secret and a synonymous term, kitman: mental reservation and dissimulation or concealment of malevolent intentions...

Taqiyya and kitman or ‘holy hypocrisy’ has been diffused throughout Arabic culture for over fourteen hundred years since it was developed by Shiites as a means of defence and concealment of beliefs against Sunni unbelievers. As the Prophet said: 'he who keeps secrets shall soon attain his objectives.

The skilful use of taqiyya and kitman was often a matter of life and death against enemies; it is also a matter of life and death to many contemporary Islamic terrorists. As so often in the history of Islam, a theological doctrine became operational.

During the Spanish inquisition, Sunni Moriscos attended mass and returned home to wash their hands of the ‘holy water’. In operational terms, taqiyya and kitman allowed the ‘mujahadeen ’ to assume whatever identity was necessary to fulfill their mission; they had doctrinal and theological and later jurisprudential sanction to pretend to be Jews or Christians to gain access to Christian and Jewish targets: ‘the mujahadeen can take the shape of the enemy’.

Taqiyya is common to both Shiite and Sunni Muslim discourse and has significant implications for understanding Islamic fundamentalism and terrorist operations. The theory and practice of counter terrorism would be counter productive, indeed pointless, and even harmful, without reference to taqiyya and kitman and the crucial role of deception ranging from Islamic jurisprudence to Al Qaeda training manuals, which carry detailed instructions on the use of deception by terrorists in Western target countries.

According to Christian ethics lying is a sin; In Islamic jurisprudence and theology, the use of taqiyya against the unbelievers is regarded as a virtue and a religious duty.

"Verily the most honourable of you in the sight of God
is the most pious among you; verily, God is knowing, aware!" 49:13

Shi'a interpret the phrase above as
"he among you who exercises Taqiyya most"

Like many Islamic concepts taqiyya and kitman were formed within the context of the Arab-Islamic matrix of tribalism, expansionary warfare and conflict. Taqiyya has been used by Muslims since the 7th century to confuse and split 'the enemy. A favored tactic was ‘deceptive triangulation’; to persuade the enemy that jihad was not aimed at them but at another enemy. Another tactic was to deny that there was jihad at all. The fate for such faulty assessments by the target was death.

Sydney NSW Australia: 2 November 2002

Sheik Taj el-Din al Hilaly, the controversial Grand Mufti of Australia, is enjoying lunch with his trusted assistant Keysar Trad. The journalist writing of the meeting with the Sheik noted:

'Several times, when direct responses to questions about passages in the Koran begged a simple yes or no, both men preferred to avoid the issues by talking about the difficulties of translating passages from Arabic to English.’

Referring to the Sheikhs blithe dismissal of his virulent anti-Semitic remarks in 1998, the journalist reflected:

'I can only muse at the facility of my guest, who has also praised suicide bombers in more recent times, to dismiss his notorious and abominable remarks with such ease and without actual apology. It seems clear that he is considering the way his remarks will be construed by the Sunday Telegraph’s huge and influential audience when they are translated into Arabic for Muslims to debate. He’s walking a tightrope.'

The skilled journalist should not be puzzled as the Sheik's target audiences were Australians and not Arab readers. Taqiyya, or dissimulation, is a key feature in Islamic public discourse and confuses Western audiences. It is meant to, according to the Koran:

'Let not the believers take for friends or helpers unbelievers rather than believers; if any do that; they shall have no relation left with Allah except by way of precaution….that ye may guard yourselves’. 3:28

Al Taqiyya is with tongue only; not the heart. A believer can make any statement as long as the ‘heart is comfortable'. The 9/11 terrorists lived and visited in the United States for two years before the 9/11 attacks. How did they acculturate? By the use of taqiyya. Meaning: I hate you but I smile at you-in public.

Taqiyya and ‘Outwitting’ in contemporary political discourse and debates

Outwitting: Islamic spokesmen commonly use taqiyya as a form of ‘outwitting’. The matter under discussion is not to be debated or discussed; rather the opponent is to ‘outwitted’ through taqiyya, by diversion of the subject and obfuscation aided at times with a mystical reference to God or Allah.

The claim that difficulties in translating from Arabic to English make communication with non-Arab speakers difficult or impossible, is another form of outwitting. The tactical use of a translator offers considerable advantage.

Role playing as victim: Claiming to be 'the victim’ of religious discrimination and intolerance during debate or discussion is another form of distraction and ‘outwitting’.

Manipulating ambiguity: Sheik Hilaly of Sydney, Australia is on public record as (a) ’condemning’ the 9/11 attacks in ambiguous terms and (b) praising suicide and martyr operations However, Islamic spokesmen will rarely condemn a specific act of terrorism and direct questions will be skillfully evaded.

Diversion: For example, questions relating to the 9/11 terrorists attacks will be diverted by a causally irrelevant counter reference to the plight of the Palestinians, the nefarious role of Israel and US foreign policy and support for Israel as ‘causes’ of terrorism.

Anti-Semitism, a core belief of Islamic fundamentalism is also skillfully diverted by misleading and exaggerated historical references to the alleged status enjoyed by Jews and non-believers under Islamic rule, thereby deflecting critical examination of the virulent contemporary Islamic anti-Semitism.

Demanding ’evidence’: Islamic spokesmen practice a form of taqiyya defined in psychology as ‘cognitive denial’ by repetitive and extreme requests for ‘evidence’ and ‘proof’ of alleged terrorist acts, which they know cannot be disclosed.

Tactical denial: Rather than admitting that a proposition concerning a state of affairs can be partly true, an Islamic spokesman will deny a claim or proposition in absolute terms. For example, “It is impossible to be a Muslim and a terrorist’ , which is false and ‘Islam forbids suicide’, which is true, but irrelevant as suicide or martyrdom attacks are not forbidden in the Koran.

Exploiting cognitive dissonance: Islamic spokesman tend to be baffle television interviewers and puzzle viewers as they resort to double talk ‘clich├ęs and platitudes’ concerning Islam. A state of cognitive dissonance-holding two contradictory beliefs and attempting to resolve them- is induced in viewers as they attempt to process the claim that Islam is a peaceful religion with the dissonant facts of Islamic terrorist acts and operations.

The Islamic ’defence’ script: Islamic spokesmen repeat the same predictable platitudes concerning Islam in London as do Islamic spokesmen in Seattle and often appear to follow a prepared script from “Islam is tolerant and peace loving’ to the claim by Islamic spokeswomen invariably claiming that wearing the veil offers them more freedom (women in Muslim countries are therefore ‘freer’ than women in western countries), thereby precluding further examination into the real status of women under Islamic rule.

Islamic platitudes are also echoed uncritically by Western politicians, for example ”A small group of fundamentalists have hijacked a great religion’. The timely, skilful, misleading and diversionary theme of the ‘hijacking’ of Islam was introduced into public, political and media discourse by an Islamic ‘spokesmen’ in the United States shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

The “Islam has been hijacked’ diversionary theme is now a conventional media and political reference deflecting attention from empirical and historical examination of the doctrinal, political and religious continuity of Islamic terrorism. A related theme that a small minority of Muslims are engaged in terrorism is utterly irrelevant as Islamic terrorism is always perpetrated by ‘small minorities’ or more accurately’ small groups’.

Taqiyya as impressions and perceptions management

The tactical use of children: Australia television viewers noted that interviews with terrorist suspects raided by security authorities invariably featured veiled women holding small children or a baby as they protested their husband’s innocence and attested to his innate goodness. Trembling fingers pointed to ‘damage’ to the family residence. In some interviews the suspect / father holds the child, whilst denying involvement or knowledge of terrorism in any sense of the word: an example of taqiyya in the age of impressions and perception management.

Taqiyya and the Deceptive use of Jihad: The contemporary political meaning of jihad is clear: it is Jihad of the sword. Egyptian-based Islamic fundamentalists, from whom Bin Laden recruited his key operatives, believe jihad is the fourth pillar of Islam and is a binding belief and integral to the faith. Claiming that Jihad is a subjective and psychological state of personal struggle is taqiyya. In contemporary terms, Jihad means - holy war - against unbelievers and it in this context that Al Qaeda training manuals refer to Jihad as ‘Holy War’.

The study of taqiyya and kitman is crucial to an understanding of Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism ranging from the issuing of false terrorist threats, operational and strategic disinformation issued by Al Qaeda in the form of ‘intelligence chatter’ to the use of taqiyya and kitman by terrorists during interrogation and the use of systematically misleading expressions concerning Islam and terrorism by Muslim ‘spokesmen’.

Religion of peace

Muhammad is foundational to Islam, and he set the genetic code for Islam, waging war. In the ten years that he lived in Medina from his Hijrah (Emigration) from Mecca in AD 622 to his death of a fever in AD 632, he either sent out or went out on seventy-four raids, expeditions, or full-scale wars.

They range from small assassination hit squads to kill anyone who insulted him, to the Tabuk Crusades in late AD 630 against the Byzantine Christians. He had heard a rumor that an army was mobilizing to invade Arabia, but the rumor was false, so his 30,000 jihadists returned home, but not before imposing a jizya tax on northern Christians and Jews.

Money flowed into the Islamic treasury. So why would Muhammad get a revelation to dry up this money flow?

What are some of the legalized rules of jihad found in the Quran, hadith, and classical legal opinions?

(1) Women and children are enslaved. They can either be sold, or the Muslims may “marry” the women, since their marriages are automatically annulled upon their capture.

(2) Jihadists may have sex with slave women. Ali, Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law, did this.

(3) Women and children must not be killed during war, unless this happens in a nighttime raid when visibility was low.

(4) Old men and monks could be killed.

(5) A captured enemy of war could be killed, enslaved, ransomed for money or an exchange, freely released, or beaten. One time Muhammad even tortured a citizen of the city of Khaybar in order to extract information about where the wealth of the city was hidden.

(6) Enemy men who converted could keep their property and small children. This law is so excessive that it amounts to forced conversion. Only the strongest of the strong could resist this coercion and remain a non-Muslim.

(7) Civilian property may be confiscated.

(8) Civilian homes may be destroyed.

(9) Civilian fruit trees may be destroyed.

(10) Pagan Arabs had to convert or die. This does not allow for the freedom of religion or conscience.

(11) People of the Book (Jews and Christians) had three options (Sura 9:29): fight and die; convert and pay a forced “charity” or zakat tax; or keep their Biblical faith and pay a jizya or poll tax. The last two options mean that money flows into the Islamic treasury, so why would Muhammad receive a revelation to dry up this money flow?

Thus, jihad is aggressive, coercive, and excessive, and Allah never revealed to Muhammad to stop these practices.

Islamic tolerance

The following is an excerpt from a TV show featuring the Islamic cleric Tareq Sweidan, which aired on Qatar TV on April 22, 2005.

Sweidan: "Anyone caught committing sodomy – kill both the sodomizer and the sodomized." The clerics determined how the homosexual should be killed. They said he should be stoned to death. Some clerics said he should be thrown off a mountain. This is an abominable act in human life, and so the punishment is severe."

Torture in Islam

Those who promote Islam often do so by proclaiming how wonderful Muhammad was and what a great example his life is to humanity today. Through speaking to many Muslims and non-Muslims about Muhammad it has become clear to me that most of them have never read the original documents on his life, and they are unaware of many things he did. One of these is Muhammad's use of torture.

The earliest biography (sirat) of Muhammad's life is the work of Ibn Ishaq (85-151 A.H.) who was born in Medina. In this we learn of Muhammad's actions after he had conquered the towns of Khaybar. This event is also accepted and recorded by Ibn Kathir [1].

Kinana b. al-Rabi`, who had the custody of the treasure of B. al-Nadir, was brought to the apostle who asked him about it. He denied that he knew where it was. A Jew came (T. was brought) to the apostle and said that he had seen Kinana going round a certain ruin every morning early. When the apostle said to Kinana, "Do you know that if we find you have it I shall kill you?" he said Yes. The apostle gave orders that the ruin was to be excavated and some of the treasure was found. When he asked him about the rest he refused to produce it, so the apostle gave orders to al-Zubayr b. al-`Awwam, "Torture him until you extract what he has," so he kindled a fire with flint and steel on his chest until he was nearly dead. Then the apostle delivered him to Muhammad b. Maslama and he struck off his head, in revenge for his brother Mahmud. (Ibn Ishaq, Sirat Rasul Allah, translated as, The Life of Muhammad, (tr. A. Guillaume), Karachi: Oxford University Press, 1998, p. 515.)

This action of Muhammad teaches us a very important point about his character. He was the type of man who used torture to achieve his goals. In this case he wanted the treasure of the tribe of al-Nadir.

The custodian of the treasure would not give it to him, therefore Muhammad gave the order to have him tortured. Muhammad's companions knew how to torture someone and proceeded to do so. This is the type of man Muhammad was. He could be merciful and forgiving if he wanted to be, but he could also have someone tortured for money to expand his empire. In this regard Muhammad is like many kings and dictators throughout human history.

It is terrible that what most people know about Muhammad is only half the truth. Those who promote Islam and Muhammad should be honest enough to tell the whole story of his life. We need to know all of Muhammad's life before we can decide whether he is a wonderful example.

Muslims of Spain still mark every year in anguish

"After more than five centuries, Muslims of Al-Andalus (now Spain) still mark every year in anguish the mass exodus of their ancestors by Spanish authorities to North Africa.

"The Moriscos, the name given to Muslims who were living in Spain after the fall of the last Muslim stronghold of Granada in 1492, were subjected to an array of persecution, torture, mass killings, forced conversions to Christianity, the notorious Spanish Inquisition and mass exodus that started in February 1502.

"Today, up to four million grandsons of the Moriscos are living in North African countries like Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia.

"They used to commemorate every year these painful memories to keep the agonies of their forebears vivid, Moroccan historian Bin Azouz Hakim, a specialist in the history of the Moriscos, told Sunday.

"Morsicos's descendants in Morocco, who are concentrated in cities like Tangier, Fes, Marrakesh and Rabat, mark every year the fall of Granada and Al-Andalus, which was regained in 1492 by Spanish troops in the long process known as the Reconquista under the Catholic monarchs Isabella I of Castile and Ferdinand II of Aragon.

"The descendants, many of whom still have Spanish surnames, mark the anniversary with symposiums, Andalusian music and shows portraying the sufferings of their ancestors. The northern city of Shafshoun, which was built by the Moriscos when they were forced to flee to Morocco, still have the Moriscan aura with its Andalusian architecture and traditional Moriscan costumes."


"In 2002, Hakim sent a message, inked by an elite of Moriscos, to Spanish King Juan Carlos asking for a public apology to the descendants.

"The message, however, fell on deaf ears.

"Hakim; nevertheless, sent another message to the king, asking him to explain why he rejected his call while he apologized to the Jews in a visit to Israel in 1992 for the mass exodus from Al-Andalus.

"I think because we don't have a powerful lobby like the Jews, who make the best use of the past to get financial gains, Hakim said.
"But the Muslims only want a moral compensation and that's why, ironically, Spain is adamant, he added.

"The expert also opposed a Moroccan mediation effort to get the much-hoped for apology.
"It is an inalienable right of the Moriscos. It makes no sense that the Spanish king had apologized to the Jews of what is now Israel, who have nothing to do with the Sephardim (the Jews of Al-Andalus), while he is reluctant to say sorry to the Moriscos descendants.
"After an absence of almost 500 years, the Adhan (call to prayer) and the muezzin's cry of Allahu Akbar (God is greatest) rang on July 10, 2003, from the minaret of the Great Mosque of Granada.

"The site of the mosque was bought 22 years ago, when it was still a small plot of farmland squeezed between a convent and a church on the crest of the Albaicin, the last Muslim quarter of Granada."

The fate of France is sealed

"I am convinced that the fate of France is sealed ... because the situation is moving irreversibly towards the final swing in 2050 which will see French stock amounting to only half the population of the country, the remainder comprising Africans, Moors and Asians of all sorts from the inexhaustible reserve of the Third World, predominantly Islamic ... this dance is only the beginning.
"France is not the only concern. All of Europe marches to its death. ... "What I cannot understand and which plunges me into an abyss of sorry perplexity, is why and how so many informed Frenchmen and so many French politicians contribute knowingly, methodically, I don't dare to say cynically, to the certain immolation of France ... on the altar of an aggravated utopian humanism."

[- French novelist Jean Raspail, writing on "The Fatherland Betrayed by the Republic," in the June 17 issue of Figaro]

Population insanity!

This is a quick overview of the populations and the projections of various nations! Muslim, African and Western. See the difference?

Population in 1950: 79,538,000

" " " " 2000: 212,092,000

" " " " 2050: 311,335,000

Population in 1950: 41,783,000

" " " " 2000: 137,439,000

" " " " 2050: 265,432,000

Iran (Islamic Republic of)
Population in 1950: 16,913,000

" " " " 2000: 70,330,000

" " " " 2050: 121,424,000

Population in 1950: 21,834,000

" '' " "2000: 67,884,000

" " "" 2050: 113,840,000

Population in 1950: 4,316,000

" " " "2000: 18,349,000

" " " "2050: 102,379,000

Population in 1950: 5,210,000

" " "" 2000: 23,300,000

" " "" 2050: 101,524,000

Population in 1950: 29,790,000

" " " "2000: 113,862,000

" " "" 2050: 278,788,000

United States of America
Population in 1950: 157,813,000

" " " "2000: 283,230,000

" " " "2050: 397,063,000

United Kingdom
Population in 1950: 50,616,000

" " " "2000: 59,415,000

" " " "2050: 58,933,000

Population in 1950: 68,376,000

" " "" 2000: 82,017,000

" " " " 2050: 70,805,000

Russian Federation
Population in 1950: 102,702,000

"" "" 2000: 145,491,000

" " " " 2050: 104,258,000

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Muslims, the reality

This is a record of and a projection of the number of Muslims in the world.

Islamic Population in 1950: 361 millions

Islamic population in 2000: 1,209 millions

Islamic population in 2015: 1,625 millions

Islamic popualtion in 2025: 1,921 millions

Islamic population in 2050: 2,588 millions

In 2000, Europe had over 800 millions

In 2050 Europe will have 650 millions, 20% of that total will be non-European!

Considering that the races of the west are shrinking, this is truly scary stuff, from 361 millions to over 2.5 billion in a century, thats a 700% increase! What is wrong with these people? Cant they keep their dicks to themselves for more then 5 seconds?

Muslims are using the cot as a weapon against us, and us stupid white people are funding this unsustainable population expolosion through our dim witted but well meaning charitable constributions.

At the same time we are aborting millions of our potential children, condemning our races to extinction and/or future slavery to the barbarian hordes that are and will continue to pour into the West!

How stupid can we get? How long will we remain this stupid?

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Are conservatives on the march?

The truly disgusting, socialist Liberal Party has lost the federal elaction in Canada, replaced by the socially and economically conservative Conservative Party, like the name!
This is after 13 long dark years of Liberal government, God imagine having to live through that?
In 1993 the Conservatives went from being in government with 145 seats to losing to the Liberals and ending up with only 2 seats! They have been in the wilderness till only two years ago when they finally woke up and got serious, resulting in victory!
Although saying that they have only 124 seats, the Liberals have 103(in a Parliament with 308 seats) So the Tories will have to be sly and careful for a year or so before calling a snap election to get a majority!
Lets hope Canadians are not dumb enough to vote the Liberals back in!!

Last year an election in New Zealand brought National Party back from the dead, in a Parliament with 120 seats National had 27 to Labour's 51.
National jumped back to 48 seats and looked for a time as if they would get into power, but were pipped by Labour's 50 seats.

Australia's election of 2004 confirmed the Liberal Party's hold on power(Liberal in Australia meaning the opposite of what Canadian Liberals are) In fact they seized control of the Senate and increased their majority in the House of Representatives. Likewise the Republicans increased their majorities in the Senate and House of Representatives and as we all know they won the Presidency.

Ireland has since 1997 been run by Fianna Fail, the closest to a conservative party one can get in Ireland, and they have no serious opposition and are set to remain in power for a decade or so more, which aint a bad thing for Ireland since its doing very well.

However although it may seem superficially true that the right is on the march, I think it would be wrong to think the right is triumphant yet!

In some respects the right is doing ok! The best thing about the right is that we are right, and secondly, we are getting to a point where some people(subsequently smeared by socialists as evil and racist) are recognising that we are right and where we are finally approaching a coherent and targeted philosophy of conservatism.

However the truth is that we will probably have to wait untill the west is collapsing before the people are willing to entertain even the thought of voting in the Right with enough of a mandate to eradicate socialism, welfare and state provision.

Too many people are addicted to welfare, too many people have been partially educated by the socialists, too many are brainwashed with socialist thinking, political correctness, environmentalism, childish anti-capitalism, cultural relativism and the rest of the leftist cannon.

The laziness, complacency and amorality of a substantial section of the population, who exist on welfare along with the twee and weak willed 'we must be nice' white middle class is, I beleive the barrier between conservative parties and ideologies being in power and out of power.

I also think that the allied assaults of socialist fundamentalists and the Muslims will have to take place before the weak willed white middle classes will vote decisivly for the right.

Unfortuantly, I beleive we will just have to try our best till then, fine tune our beliefs and vision and watch as the impending crisis unfurls. War and collapse may have to pass before we can finally and decisivly eradiacte the root of imorality, decay, subversive imigration and retardation in the west: socialism