Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why America must vote for Ron Paul!

Americans have only one real choice for president in 2008 and he is Ron Paul! He is the only candidate who will limit government, he is the only candidate who will lower taxes, he is the only man who will attempt to reign in America's reckless spending, borrowing and printing of money.

Most importantly, he is the only candidate who could spark a restoration of the West.

Ron Paul is something unusual for an elected representative, he is honest, decent, honourable, wise, moral and straightforward!

He is a Christian, who is repelled by abortion, he opposes the heavy handedness of government, its theft of people's money (tax) and is committed to the abolition of the IRS, Income Tax, the CIA, FBI, NSA, Dept of Labour, Education, Homeland Security, the Federal Reserve, Dept of Health, etc...

He is committed to getting rid of America's deficit, restoring sound money and pulling all American troops out of ALL foreign fields, not just Iraq and Afghanistan!

Social Welfare and Medicare would be put on a transition to abolision.

He opposes any amnesty of illegal immigrants and will act to build a fence on the Mexican border, he would withdraw from the UN, OAS, NAFTA, WTO, World Bank, NATO and a myriad of other useless international organisations.

This truly is radically different to any other candidate and must be a truer representation of many conservative's views.

Some of these things are stuff I can only dream about, and you Americans have the chance to support him and deliver yourselves from Big Government and socialism for good!

The reason I want Paul to win, is that the example displayed to the rest of the world would inspire so many to ask, "well if the Yanks are getting rid of their Income tax, then why can't we"?

People will ask, "well the Yanks left the UN, what is it actually for"?

If Those United States abolish whole departments of state, then they may ask, "do we actually need these twenty or thirty departments"?

And if a President Paul stops illegal immigration into those United States, people over here may ask, "well if America can stop illegal immigration with a thousand mile border fence and good policing, why can't we do it when we are an island"?

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are lost, they were a long time ago by weak willed and lily livered politicians who can only do something once they have the latest polling results before them. there is no point supporting Guilliani or McCain because they support the war, Guilliani is not exactly someone who supports liberty and McCain is all for illegal immigration and amnesty. Why any conservative would vote for Romney with his doubling of public spending whilst governor of Massachusetts or his legalising of gay marriage is beyond me, he is no conservative.

Paul is the only true conservative, he could inspire us all, he could be exactly what our elites fear and would hate, an honest man of integrity who can't be smeared by this hateful clique.

All this elite desires is our money, power over our lives, the opportunity to control what we think and do, and increasingly the desire to know us inside out, to implement an ID card, not only in the UK but in those United States too. They are even touting plans to put microchips(called RFID) inside of us!!

Already in England, the government is ready to roll out a programme that would be able to track all vehicles in the UK from satellite, they talk about a new 'pay as you drive scheme', but don't bet that they will then abolish the Vehicle Tax once this has been implemented. Every vehicle in the country must now have a black box which records the speed of the vehicle, which can be checked by police at any time.

Now it they can do that with cars, imagine what they could do with us? Implant a chip and hey presto, they will have complete power over our lives. Granted they are probably too stupid to go round being deliberately evil, but you don't have to be smart to fuck someone life up!! Think of all the mistakes government and government agencies make on a regular basis!

Our masters continue to allow massive third world immigration, why? Not only to these people form a very handy pool of loyal votes, patrons of the government, they also are guaranteed to attack us, usually mugging us or raping our women, but the odd time they detonate a bomb on bus or a train, all very convenient for governments, who can grab more power and tell us they are doing this for our good!!!

When we protest we are labelled 'racists', 'homophobes', 'xenophobes', 'right wing nuts', 'mean' and they go on doing exactly what they always wanted to do, namely fuck us sideways.

It all seems so convenient, they unleash these savages on us, we get attacked and then the government, the very same people who unleashed the savages on us, come to our rescue, only there is a price, we must give up some liberty, just a small bit, not a lot, but then this happens year after year, always they come to rescue us from the same thing, the beast they have unleashed on us!

Strange no? Suspicious even?

Our elites are already too powerful, they control the MSM, education and every branch of government. They control the international establishment, trade and currencies. There is little we can do against such raw power and might, but, there is one thing you can do if you are a citizen of those United States, you can vote for Ron Paul and shake things up, this act could undo much that this international elite of slimy backstabbing shits, have worked so hard for over the past 60 years, go on please do us all a favour and vote Ron Paul.

Internet Crashes

Breaking News: All Online Data Lost After Internet Crash

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Jean Charles de Menezes

In those days after the bombings of July 7th, 2005, and the attempted bombings on the 21st July, we were on edge, my nerves were shot and when I heard that someone had been shot at Stockwell station I was actually happy, that the police had stopped another possible attack.

In the hours that followed we were told that the shot fellow had been seen running into the station with a bulky winter coat on, that he had vaulted the barriers and had refused to stop when police told him to.

Even when we found out the following day that the wrong guy had been shot, most of us continued to sympathise not with the dead fellow, but with the police, who, we were told, had genuinely believed they had to shoot de Menezes or that he would kill many more people.

Fair enough!

The fringe leftists who criticised the police were held in contempt, "who's side are you on anyway?" we asked, this is to protect us, not them!

I must say, looking at what we now know, how wrong I have been proved, how ashamed I am that I have said and written things about an innocent man, all because I trusted the police, an arm of this corrupt state.

I have believed the police when they reported that de Menezes was being investigated for the rape of some unnamed female, then they made a big point that he was an illegal immigrant (Well, so is half this city, at least he was working and not on welfare like some of them)

But now the Metropolitan Police are on trial, not for the murder of an Innocent man, but for 'breaching health and safety rules', that's great, a small fine at the end, some compo to the families and that should be the end of it?

The police were apparently watching an address in south London, where 'intelligence' what ever that means, indicated that a cell or those close to a cell of terrorists may have stayed. The police sit up to watch those leaving this block of flats, they see Jean Charles leave the building, but because one of the police officers is taking a piss, they can't send an image of de Menezes back to New Scotland Yard for Cressida Dick( the head honcho) to view to see if it matches the image of Hussain Osman, one of the previous days attempted bombers.

So, on one officers say so, Dick (an apt name considering her history in the Metropolitan Police)gave the order to pursue de Menezes and prevent him from entering the Underground.

A team followed him on to a bus, they could see very clearly that he was not wearing a bulky coat, but a light Summer coat, he had no bag with him as he had left it at work the previous day and was on the phone to a friend telling him he was going to be late to a job in Kilburn where he was going to fix a faulty fire alarm.

He got off at Brixton, saw that it was closed and got back on the bus to go to next station, at Stockwell he got off and walked, he did not run, he walked into the station, picked up a metro paper, got out his oyster card and opened the gate strolling down the escalator, check out this link to see Jean Charles de Menezes' last moments of life.

See how he is not running, as we were told, it is the police who run, and after he is shot the public who run up the escalators to get away from some terror they don't wish to see. The accounts given to us, state that some undercover police officers were sitting by de Menezes, that when the armed officers got on the train, the undercover officers yelled to the armed officers, 'he is here', that de Menezes got up and 'went for them', what ever that means? The police held de Meneses, the man with no suicide belt on, as he was wearing a light open summer coat, he had no weapons as he was not carrying anything with him, and he was given no warning at any time.

If he did indeed try to get away, perhaps he had twigged that something was not right about the men about him? Perhaps he thought they were immigration police, and perhaps he struggled, because unlike the Brazilian police most police officers here do not carry guns and if they do, are unlikely to use them?

So the armed police then hold de Menezes down and shoot him, not once or twice or three times but 8 times, seven bullets to his head one to his shoulder, the other 3 shots missed de Menezes, this from the self proclaimed 'crack' firearms unit at point blank range!

Now, I can understand someone killing someone if they believe they are a threat to their life, or the lives of others, but these officers did not at any time even attempt to warm de Menezes, not once! Why? Every scumbag in London will get a police warning even if they are only to get a fine, why was de Menezes just shot, and shot so many times? There was obviously no place for him to have a bomb, no where, he was wearing a light jacket which was open, where the hell did they think think the bomb was? do these officers just randomly shoot people to death for fun or something? Do they have any conscience?

Left: de Menezes, dead on a train carriage, note his jacket!

Jean Charles de Menezes was an illegal immigrant, that is true, but so are millions of others, others who scrounge off my taxes, who mug and rape all round them, who will never work and will only take, take take.

Jean Charles de Menezes was a working man, someone who did not take my taxes, he probably avoided paying tax, but then, so does anyone who can do so, I have little problem with people wanting to keep their own money instead of letting the government steal it.

The police murdered an innocent man, they made mistake after mistake (apparently, the block of flats they were watching, well that 'intelligence' was in fact bogus, so much for 'police intelligence' eh?)

Once they realised that they had murdered an innocent man, the senior management at New Scotland Yard panicked like a bunch of girls! The Commissioner Sir Ian Blair undoubtedly knew that they had killed the wrong man on that very day, even before the statement he gave linking the shooting with the 'ongoing investigation' into the previous days attacks. Blair lied.

The next day when they finally admitted that this was not a terrorist that they had killed but an innocent man, they insisted that the previous days account remained true, even though at that early stage, there were already witnesses making statements insisting de Menezes did not vault the barriers and was not running. The Metropolitan Police continued a lie.

The Met told us there was no CCTV at that station as all CCTV had been removed from all stations due to the investigation of the previous days attempted attacks. Metronet, the company that up keeps the CCTV refuted this and finally the Met were forced to admit, yes there was CCTV, the Met again lied and seems to me were attempting a cover up.

left: Still frames from that fateful day

The Met tried to smear de Menezes with that 'rape' allegation from an unnamed female, they were forced to admit a few months later that there was no truth whatsoever in those allegations, and now a few days ago the Metropolitan Police state that there was cocaine in the blood of de Menezes. Perhaps, but what of it? Many people snort coke, perhaps it was some cocaine based medicine? But here we see the police attempt another smear to justify their wanton and reckless murder of an innocent man and their failure to prevent another terrorist attack just a fortnight after the July 7th attacks.

Apparently, Jean Charles de Menezes resembles this guy? How they figured that is bizarre! What is laughable about this situation, is the police murder an innocent man, yet the scumbag they should have killed just got on a Eurostar train at Waterloo and left the country for Paris! This on the evening after the attempted attacks, and with an All Ports Warning in effect!

It seems to me that we put too much trust in the police, these are the same people who support the the ID card so they can stop us in the street willy nilly, they are the same people who arrest those who don't celebrate homosexual perversion or multi-culturalism, the very thing that allows terrorists into our nation.

They bully decent hardworking people who drive, arresting those who have had a few pints after work or who are going a few miles over the speed limit, and these are the same people who shoot innocent men on the Underground without without having the decency to inform them of their reasons to do so.

The police are not 'for us' any more, they stopped being 'for us ' a long time time ago when they became enforcers for the new socialist state we now live in, they are Blair's men, Brown's men and like them they have become liars and murderers.

Jean Charles de Menezes leaves his mother and father to mourn him, they who live in a poor part of Brazil, who had hoped for so much for their son Jean Charles, they who sent him to live with his uncle in Sao Paolo to study to be an electrician, to leave poverty behind. They will have some money now due to the Met trying to shut them up with some compo, but I think they would rather the Met was not as incompetent as they are, that if they must shoot someone, it will be deserved and if they make a mistake, resignations and prosecutions would commence without all the attempts at smears on the victim and wriggling by the management to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

And me, well, I shall never again assume that the police are trustworthy, I shall never again go along with their smears and lies, I shall endeavour to seek the truth rather then be someone who justifies their mistakes and wrongdoings.

If I could, I would apologise to Jean Charles de Menezes and his family for my ignorant remarks and unjustified smearing of a good man. May God forgive me and may Jean Charles rest in peace.

Jean Charles de Menezes, January 7th 1978 - July 22nd 2005


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Friday, October 12, 2007

Western mediocrity.

I have recently been watching X Factor, the public auditions, and a few weeks ago the BBC did an India season, with various documentaries on India 'celebrating' 60 years of Indian independence.

Usually I would watch neither, as reality TV is off putting at the best of times, and it annoys me when the BBC 'celebrates' another nations anniversary, yet fails to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union between England and Scotland which created this nation, but hey ho!

What I found interesting is how trivial this nation has become, how immature and how lacking in ambition are the Britons of today compared to the Indians.

In India, young Indians love their country, they are proud of their history and have real ambitions. Ambitions that will benefit their people and enrich their lives and those of their families.

In contrast, young Britons as seen on the X Factor are sad, fat, ugly, ignorant and completely unaware of how talentless they are. How many times can you hear from these ugly, obese and talentless individuals, "this has always been my dream, this is what I will do" and "I will be back next year, I will prove them wrong"?

The Indians however were aspiring to be engineers, doctors and architects, they were engrossed in study, yes they loved their trashy bollywood movies, but they knew were fantasy and reality lay.

The Brits, having been miseducated for generations by clueless socialists with egalitarian ideology, that taught 'everyone is special' are consumed by their own fantasies of being the next Britney Spears (why anyone would want to be her amazes me) or Christina Aguilera, but minus the looks and voice. Someone has obviously told them they are good, good enough to go on a TV reality show and be chosen to get a contract to sing.

In the Indian documentaries I watched, there was a programme about an Indian school in southern India, they showed the children practising for a local talent competition, some chose to do modern bollywood dance, others more traditional Indian dances, what stuck me was they took this seriously, practised for months and once at the competition were told in no uncertain terms whether they were good or not, the children may have cried, but knew the truth and knew that it was not cruel, but only the truth.

So many of the waddling mounds of flab on the X Factor seemed never to have had any lessons or practice, they seemed to really believe that a 18 stone teenager could get through the auditions, and when told they were not good enough threw a strop and had their equally flabby parents wobble into the audition room to harangue the judges!!!

I was struck, because this seems to me a metaphor for how certain nations are on the rise and others, unknowingly (mainly due to ignorance and idleness) are in decline. Serious nations, as Britain used to be, have good schools, rigorous examinations, disciplined training which results in engineers, doctors, businessmen, risk takers and other productive people. This is how nations manage to conquer empires and become wealthy.

Trivial nations exalt celebrity, mediocrity and ignorance, resulting in poverty and moral squalor. The only reason I can see that Britain is not already poor is because the accumulated wealth of our past is not yet spent, however with Gordon Brown on the case, raising taxes every year and borrowing hundreds of billions every year to throw away on a health service that does not work and on benefits for third world scroungers so that they will continue to vote for him, it may not be long before we find we are broke and end up being a tourist theme park for wealthy and hardworking Chinese and Indians.

How ironic and deserved that would be.

The Swiss and the Poles, God love 'em

Both Switzerland and Poland are the new enemies of the left, they have committed the ultimate blasphemy of rejecting the self destructive ideologies of those that hate the white Christian West.

Switzerland has elected a 'right wing' party into government, a party opposed to immigration and multi-culturalism. A party explicitly pro-Swiss. Those lucky Swiss bastards!

The New York Times is horrified; "As part of its platform, the SVP party has begun a campaign seeking the 100,000 signatures necessary to force a referendum to let judges deport foreigners after they serve prison sentences for serious crimes. The measure also calls for the deportation of the entire family if the convicted criminal is a minor.

Human rights advocates warn that the initiative is reminiscent of the Nazi practice of Sippenhaft, or kin liability, under which relatives of criminals were held responsible and punished for their crimes. "

This policy sounds a quite sensible one, I and many I speak to would gladly support it, only those untouched by the feral packs of black men that roam the streets of this once great city, would think the above statement abhorrent.

The New York Times is also in shock at a few posters produced by the SVP (Swiss Peoples Party) one shows a black sheep with some white sheep and the words 'For Security'. the other I managed to find on the net (shown bellow), shows the hands of non-whites trying to grab Swiss passports, which if any of you know what Africans are like will recognise immediately as all too true.

The left, so used to us meekly giving in to threats and bullying are shocked by this insolence from us plebs, how dare we stand up for ourselves, how dare nasty white people do anything that may result in Africans getting deported or getting less benefits, shock horror!!

The Poles, well they are far too Christian to be true 'Europeans' in the Brussels sense of the word, which invariably means, atheist, cynical, effete, promiscuous, contemptuous of our past, our race and our culture.

On Wednesday 10 October 2007 was "European day against the death penalty." The EU wanted to inaugurate the event with a common European declaration against capital punishment. Poland thwarted this by refusing to sign the declaration because the EU did not condemn abortion and euthanasia as well. Last month, during an EU meeting on the death penalty, the Polish justice minister confronted his Danish colleague with Denmark's annual 15,000 abortions and the latter — a member of the Danish Conservative Party — got so angry that she left the room, slamming the door."

I must say, I admire the balls of the Poles, but instead of being ashamed of their double standards, what do the other states do, well Portugal and Belgium accuse Poland of being immoral! Just how did they manage to reason that one out?

"Richard Howitt, a British Labor politician and the vice president of the European Parliament's human rights subcommittee, said that Poland's refusal to reject the death penalty brings into question its commitment to European values."

Again, these values are as stated above, atheism, cynicism, promiscuity and contempt for who we are, seems to me a virtue to lack 'European values'.

"Last April, the European Parliament accused Poland of 'homophobia" because it does not want to include homosexuality in the school curriculum. Last May, the European Court of Human Rights found Poland guilty of violating human rights because it banned a "gay pride" parade in Warsaw. Last year, the European Commission threatened to deprive Warsaw of its voting rights in the European institutions if it remained in "serious breach of its obligations on human rights."

Banning a parade of degenerate perverts from performing sex acts on each other in public is banned, and this is bad? Do you see how inverted morality in this 'Europe' truly is? Not poisoning children's minds with gay porn is somehow wrong? Wrong for whom? Normal people, faggots, perverts, paedophiles?

What is wrong with these people? They seem intent on dismantling all normality, all common sense, all morality and rightness for what? There must be an aim these sodomites have in mind?

The final and complete destruction of the white Christian West seems to be their intent, why import millions of Muslims and Africans otherwise? Why encourage us to breed with 'ethnics' or not to breed at all? Why sponsor and celebrate sodomy as if it were a sacrament of modern socialism?

Those people in charge of this new Europe are evil, and that is not an exaggeration, they are committed to our destruction, to the genocide of the white peoples, to the extermination of Christendom. They have committed themselves to every depravity in the cause of weakening and demoralising the white man and they must be stopped. Democracy is a sham they use to control us, they feign difference between them at election time, one part poses as the right and the other as the left, when in fact both are as committed as each other, to the radical theories of the Jacobins and Bolsheviks.

The Jacobins destroyed France and raped the soul of that great nation, the Bolsheviks ripped out the heart of Holy Russia and stamped on it destroying it in the process, now their heirs unite to finish off Europe and the white race as a whole.

God help us