Saturday, June 11, 2005

why work when we are taxed to death?

The government has come up with a new brilliant idea to tax us all yet again!
They are going to tax people for driving on public highways. 2p per mile on rural roads and 1.30 for urban roads and motorways. The official line is that they will get rid or lower road tax, yeah right! like they ever lower tax.
It has been estimated that some people could end up paying 16000 pounds per year. How is that sensible, does this government want to finish off private enterprise alltogether. Are these people serious?
Oh and lets go ahead with the Africa tax as well, well why not? hey lets just give all our money to the government and then they can give us an allowance, that sounds progresive, new age 'caring', dont it?
Obviously we dont know how to spend our money do we, no, we spend it on nasty selfish capitalist projects like morgages or shares or private pensions, private educations for our children. How awfully old fashioned is that? How uncaring, how regresive!
The most pitiful thing is that there are no serious political parties advocating tax cuts, the Conservatives were not even promising tax cuts in May's election, they said they would like to cut tax at some point.
Why is no one brave enough to cut tax, cant they see that sucsesfull economies are low tax economies, can't they see that if they really want to raise revenues they should cut tax, as the lower tax is the more money is created and the more money the government gets.
That is what happpened in the 80's under Maggie Thatcher, she cut the percentage of tax taken, therfore more money was spent and invested in the economy and the amount of real revenue taken by the government went up! She spent more on public services then any Labour government spent.
But socialists dont understand basic economics, they assume that the economy is always the same size, they dont realise that there is not a finite amount of money in the world, they cant seem to understand that money reproduces when invested
We need a political party or presure group to explain this to the electorate, if they could understand this basic economic principle, socialism would be finished off as a serious political force. If only!


When will this moron Gordon Brown realise that his campaign to end African debt is just what Mugabe and his ilk want to hear. I bet these Africans are rubbing their hands with glee, panting at the thought of billions of pounds more for their bloated bank accounts in Zurich.
Is Gordon Brown thick? naive? or is he cynically taking advantage of this emotional issue (emotional that is for us weak willed westerners) to curry favour with potential voters? We all know he wants to be Prime Minister.
I dont know, if he is being cynical, fine, go ahead Brown, but please don't really pump our money in to Africa.
Brown has actually said that we should raise a tax for Africa! That just makes me want to scream, get a gun and start a rebellion, shooting as many pacifists, socialists and charity workers as I could.
As I have said before, let Africa drown in its own shit, it has received 550 billion pounds in the last 50 years in aid, and it has made no difference.
Lets be honest, we are NOT responsible for Africa's problems, the Africans are. The sooner we realise that they are ripping us off, the sooner we can end ALL aid and cut our over burdensome tax.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

Is Africa worth fighting for?

Apparently Tony Blair has said that 'Africa is worth fighting for, Europe in it's present form is'nt', this is refering to his realisation that the EU constitution is dead and his desire to 'save Africa'.
Why should anyone care about Africa? When they were given their independence in the 60s African nations had everything going for them, they, not us, have fucked things up. It is Africa that is to blame for the woeful state its in.
Aid is a waste of our hard earned money, it goes straight into Swiss bank accounts, Africans refuse to rise up against their corrupt leaders and so are culpable for the chaos in Africa.
When Africa was ruled by whites, it was as civilised as it could get. The colonies were well run, efficient and civil. Famines were rare and there were no civil wars or rampant tribal chaos, Rhodesia was a runaway success, untill Harold Wilson decided to sabotage it, and even then it took Mugabe 20 years to destroy the virtuous effects of white rule.
South Africa will go the same way as Rhodesia/Zimbabwe, the blacks of South Africa are already becoming paranoid and are begining along the road of seizing white property ie; the black empowerment initiative giving all big companies into the hands of blacks who will pillage these companies and begin the end of the relativly wealthy South Africa.
Mark my words in 20 years time there will be no more whites in South Africa and South Africa will be a shit hole just as Zimbabwe is now.
Considering this why bother? Africans are never greatful to the west, they beleive it is their right to grab money from us, that is why so many of them are criminals in the west, they justify being criminal by screaming
'racism' or 'slavery'. Get over it, I say.
Africa is a hole in the ground, the best thing we can do is stop all aid and ban all immigration from Africa for the foreseeable future.
Let them swim in their own shit, and reap the consequences of their own selfishness, corruption, permisivness, complacency and arrogance.

Argentina votes to try Thatcher

Those bloody Argies have gone too far! Magie a war criminal? Come off it.
The Argentine Congress has voted to try Margaret Thatcher for war crimes, due to her order to sink the Agrentine war ship Belgrano in 1982 during the Falklands war.
She did the bloody right thing, the Belgrano was a war ship, not a hospital ship, it was within the war zone and it was a legitimate target.
She should be seen as a hero not a war criminal, she was the best British Prime Minister since Churchill and the most radical in a century.
She saved Britain from becoming a third world state and made Britain confident again.
In 1982, three years after she became Prime Minister the Facist Regime of General Galtieri in Buenos Aires decided it needed to make itself popular, because the Argentine populace was not in a good mood due to the regimes murder of tens of thousands of opponents of the regime.
so in April 1982 the Agentines invaded the Falkland Islands, territory which had been british since 1812 and inhabited only by British subjects.
Maggie bravely decided to wage war against the aggresors and within two months won back the Falklands from the Facists.
During the fighting in which hundreds of Britons lost their lives Maggie made a decision to sink the Belgrano, an enemy ship to protect British forces which were dangerously exposed.
Now, does this sound like a war crime? Only socialists, who loath Maggie due to her determination to destroy socialism in Britian, would think it is.
If they do manage to seize Maggie and try her, it would be a disgrace, and an insult to a great woman and warrior against communism and all its allies.

European Union

The EU is possibly the most sinister and underhand political union ever devised. Am I wrong? You will say Nazi Germany was worse or the Soviet Union or the Peoples Republic of China, yes?
Well the Nazi's were elected by the people, the Soviets warred against thier enemies untill they had won, as did the Chinnese communists, all three avenues to power were blatant and obvious, one may have not liked the Nazis but you knew that they had been elected, one may have despised the Bolsheviks but you knew when you were under their control.
The EU on the other hand has slowly, almost impercepably, taken control of Europe, twisting its politics and poluting our public discourse. Bit by tiny bit they strip the proud races of Europe of thier soverignty, they slowly but effectivly smear anyone who disagrees with the EU and its entrenched left wingism.
It forces a 'human rights' convention on England, the nation that needs this convention the least since it has always been a refuge for the persecuted. It forces a single currency on the contenant, blind to the modern realities of economics and the free movement of capital and floating exchanges. Its reason for inventing the Euro is to make a political union inevitable, every currency needs a political force behind it to give it legitimacy, and to inspire confidence in the markets.
The cynical EU decided to blackmail the people of Europe, "we have a currency, but no union, if you dont want this currency to colapse you must support a political union, or else"
This same union anounces that it will financially support every political party in the Union! well exept for the extremists! And who does the EU think qualify as extremist? Communists? Trotskyites? Anarchists? Muslim groups? well no, the extremists are those political parties that dont support the EU and its 'values' ie rampant frothing communism!
so the British Conservatives, the French National Front, the Danish People's Party etc will receive no funding. Why because they have committed the cardinal sin of being kinda anti immigrant and anti PC. and the EU has never trusted the people, it is suspicious of the people and their oppinions and intends to rule Europe as benign socialist aristocrats.
However due to the virulent strain of socialism which infects the EU, they intend to finally end the Europe of old, by mass immigration, by the abolishion of the ancient monarchies, and the imposition of a central unelected unaccountable European government. This new Europe will not tolerate freedom of speech or thought, even though officially it supports theses things, but it will be desperate to keep the mullahs and the rest of the savages quiet, so it will regularly be making examples of 'nasty white men' in front of baying crowds of barbarians.
the savages will be the group with the power, all they need to do to get their way is to set off a bomb or set off a series of riots, then of course they blame nasty 'racists' for forcing them to criminality!
That what happened in England a few summers ago, when a bunch of animals beat up a WWII veteran because he was white, then they decided to riot for good measure, its what happened in Holland when that pycho muslim murdered a film director because he made a film critical of Islam!!!
This is the future of Europe

Timid conservatives

Why is it that all that conservative parties can offer us is a pathetic bunch of socialist inspired policies? The Canadian and British conservatives are at best centre left, the National Party in New Zealand is slightly better and New Zealand First is a decent right wing party. The Australian Liberals and the American Republicans are the only mainstream conservative(or is that liberal?) parties that seem to be going in the right direction. John Howard, the Australian Prime Minister, is my hero, he has been the only western leader to have lowered the amount of GNP taken in tax over the past decade, THE ONLY ONE!! Every other western counrty has seen its tax as a portion of GNP rise over the past decade, even the US!!
The limp wristed Tories in Britain have just lost an election by a landslide, why? They said they would like to cut tax by maybe 4 billion pounds(8 billion dollars US 10 billion AUS, 12 billion NZ) Thats out of 500 billion spent every year, how patheic is that!!! No wonder they lost.
John Howard has also been hard line on immigration, sending out war ships to stop ships full of savages from landing in that fair land of Australia. If savages do get in to Australia, they are stuck in internment camps in the middle of the Australian desert!! how good is that? And even if after all that they are allowed in the are denied any benifit for 5 years. Thats how it should be done! Is it any wonder that Howard has won 4 elections on the trot, go Johny baby!
Bush is another hero of mine, although he is too big a spender for me and he seems unwilling to stop immigration into the US. But at least he has kicked Saddam out and bombed the Taliban to dust, if only he was to invade Iran and Syria I would declare my undying love for him, but that bastard Chirac stuck his socialist ore in and encouraged that band of frothing communists who call themselves the anti war alliance to cause trouble, preventing more war in the immediate future.
I will post later on on those frothing communists 'the Anti War Alliance', its too big to go into at the moment.
Chirac, the French President is supposed to be a conservative? Well I suppose he is if you mean 'conserve', he has done just that, conserved France's socialist economics, childish anti Americanism and bizzarre pro Europeanism.
Then again European conservatives are communists in all but name, dont even start me on European socialists, they dont even bother to pretend they are not socialists, unlike the lefties in the anglo saxon world who have to call themselves 'Liberal' or 'Labour' or 'Democrat', the European lefties call themselves 'Socialist Party', or 'Communist Party' or 'Trotskyistes' or 'Anarchists', and Europeans vote for them!!!
Anyway, back to conservative parties, the sucsessful conservative parties such as those in the US and Australia are bold, decisive and brave, they have taken the fight to the socialists in their countries and won handsomely, this is what the Tories in Britain and Canada need to do, have some balls and you might win!!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

new web log

This is a new anti socialist, anti multi cultural web log. It is pro western, pro freedom and pro free trade. Socialists are sinisterly strong at this moment in history. The fall of communism has only spurred them on, because now that they can no longer wait untill the red army rolls into town and because their entire economic theory has been exposed as corrupt and evil, the socialists have realised that an even better way to ruin the west is to import millions of third world savages, dump them in our cities, pour tax money into their housing and benifits and get them to vote socialist.
The savages always vote socialist, why would'nt they they get loads of free money from us saps who have to work. Then they go out and act as savages do and commit crime, then they end up causing a prison crisis, so more money is needed. Then they cry racisim, and get loads of free money from us in compensation, of course the socialists love this, beacuse deep down they desire anarchy, they want to line up those who disagree with them and shoot them, the savages are their natural allies, but the socialists dont realize what they have unleashed, it is a fankenstein monster that will inevitable, if left unfought destroy the socialists along with the rest of the west.
Then they ban bibles and pass anti hate laws protecting Islam or the other savages who have recently arrived here. Even though it is radical Islam which is the problem.
I have seen this evolve my whole life and can only see darkness ahead if the socialists get their way. Western culture is under attack and those people such as George Bush who make timid attemps to counter this trend are savaged as facists, or right wing extremists.
Perhaps I am an extremist, but I have been pushed here by the threat I see and experience every day. By the fear for my future and that of my family.