Monday, July 31, 2006

News flash! Hizbollah fires missiles from civilian areas!

Watch this! It is from Qana, Hizbollah is caught on video firing missiles at Israel from behind a civilain complex, that is when Israel dropped leaflets telling them to leave.

More Bolshevism from the BBC

Why do I do it? Why? Well I do pay 120 pounds($US 240) every year for the privellage, so I might as well!

I am watching the BBC news, and it is wearisome! The same old Jew hatred! If they can't smear Americans they are more then happy to smear Jews!

The top story was the 'massacre' in Qana. Fergal Keane the BBC correspondent in Lebanon went into some one horse town near the Israeli border that had been flattened in the fighting. He himself showed Katyusha rockets and rocket emplacements in the town, he showed granades strew around the area, cars full of Hizbollah weapons and then quickey left this and shows us some 'tear jerking' images of old men and women wandering throught the ruins.

After everything, he then gives it away, he closes with some of the most irresponsible wishful thinking paraded as 'journalism' going. He says that 'This town has been fought over by two armies, they bombed it into the stone age with little thought for the civilians, this in the 21st century, in spite of the UN'!!!!!!

In spite of the UN? Is this guy a complete moron? Does he have any understanding of the world? Just because this is the 21st century, does not mean that there will never be any more wars!

War is a part of humanity, it is in our blood, in our very make up. If we are attacked violently, we retaliate, thats what is supposed to happen! Duh!!

The UN, don't start me on the UN, that den of filth! That co-operative of facists!

I also like the way they always say 'both sides' as in the violence on both sides needs to stop, etc...

Again, we see more BBC wishful thinking, over weaning and all pervasive pacifism as well as snide Jew hate!

I need to immigrate, soon!

Good sense in Portugal!

It's good to see that their are sensible people outside the English speaking world!

This Blog is by a Portugese blogger, I can't speak Portugese although with my French, I can guess most of it. If you are a Portugese speaker go check it out, hell, even if your not, go check it our anyway!

O Islamismo na Europa

Whither goest Israel?

Is Israel going to give in?

Will the 25 deaths in Qana end this?

Will Israel be complicit in it's own destruction?

I hope not, but it seems like this is the first crack in Israel's resolve, am I right?

the MSM and their socialist allies are baying for Jewish blood, they have a primal hate toward the Jews and as such can not see any situation in which Israel is justified in defending themselves.

If Israel stops, they will not earn the love or respect of the socialists, they will just continue to hate them. Israel's only option is to continue and to accept that 'innocent' civilians will die!

In our war with Germany, we killed 10 million 'innocent' Germans, we also killed millions of 'innocent' Japanese civilians. We purposefuly targeted civilian infrastructure and residential areas, one can argue that this was wrong or mistaken, but we did this, we condemned millions of 'innocents' to death with our air raids. Were we wrong to do so? Should we have called a cease fire once 600 people had died?

Then why can't Israel defend it's self?

Most deaths in Lebanon are not Israel's fault, in fact none are. If Hizballah had not made that raid into Israel and killed 8 soldiers and kidnapped another 2, we would not be here. As much as the MSM would have you beleive, the Israelis are not blood thirsty barbarians, Hisballah are!

Israel would much prefer not to fight, they would much prefer to live their lives uninterupted by missiles, rockets and border raids.

Israel must stay the course, if it fails to do so, then I fear what will happen in the months and years to come. Israel must stop caring what our commies and corrupted elites think of them. Even if Israel gave all the West Bank to the Arabs, and never retaliated to these sort of wanton attacks, they would still be hated. The fate of the Jews is to be hated, they may as well defend themselves!

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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Nationalism and Israel

From Lee Barnes @ BNP

28th July 2006

There are those in the Nationalist movement, both in the UK and elsewhere around the world, that regard the dispute in the Middle East between Hezbollah and Israel in Lebanon as a ‘war’.

For a start this is not a war. This is nothing more than a bad tempered border dispute. 60,000 British soldiers killed and wounded in just one day on the battlefield of the Somme is a war. This is a bad tempered spat. More people die every day in Iraq than in this dispute. What is happening in Iraq is not described as a war, but this is. The use of the word 'war' to describe what is happening in Lebanon has nothing to do with logic, but is an aspect of the 'emotional propaganda' that the media use to bombard the public into sobbing submission.

The images are designed to undermine rational interpretation and rather to appeal to primitive emotionalism. The fact that people still allow the media to manipulate them through the use of psychological warfare techniques utilised by the media and their corporate masters shows us the British people need to be taught critical media analysis skills.

The fact the US government did not want pictures of the flag draped coffins of US troops on the news only a few months ago, should enlighten people as to the power of the image as an aspect of asymetric warfare. These so called ‘Nationalists’ that attack Israel at the whim of the media can also be found standing shoulder to shoulder with Far Left activists, Communists, the United Nations and various repugnant Islamic terrorist groups, and yet never seem to think about the logic of them doing so. Any ' alliance' that involves nationalists agreeing with the media and communists etc is based either on stupidity or a misunderstanding of the nature of the issue. They should start understanding the future, instead of navel gazing into the past.

Hezbollah are a terrorist group whose aims are to destroy Israel and then fight for a global Jihad and exterminate all non-Islamics and impose a global Islamic caliphate. Negotiation with such groups is a waste of time. It’s a ‘Them or Us’ situation. (6) You cannot negotiate with a rabid dog, you can only kill it. Those that say that negotiation is possible with Hezbollah fail to understand that the aims of Hezbollah are not based on rational politics, they are based on theological absolutism. They do not want to negotiate with us, they just want to destroy us. Therefore terror must be met with terror.

The fact that ‘Nationalists’ are busy using the same facile, emotive and asinine language as the allegedly ‘Zionist controlled media’ in their increasingly shrill reportage on the dispute in the nationalist movement, shows how far they have become lost in their own political psychosis. The fact that the British media has become the European propaganda wing of Hezbollah and churns out endless montages of wounded children, old men and women whilst never showing any footage of dead Hezbollah terrorists, blown up Hezbollah weapons dumps and footage of bombed Hezbollah camps should get some people thinking.

Media control

For decades the lunatic fringe of the Nationalist movement has said that the media is controlled by the ‘Jews’ and Israel.

The reports from the BBC, and the rest of the British media, are so anti-Israel and pro-Hezbollah that such a contention has been revealed to be total rubbish. The fact is that Israel have adopted one of the most restrained invasions in world history. They have leafleted the areas where they are about to strike before they hit those targets. Thats not something NATO did in Serbia when it bombed the Serbs to assist the Kosovan Muslims in their campaign of ethnic cleansing. When they bombed the trains and TV station they did not warn the public and the media beforehand. We hear from the media all the time how the British government did not bomb the IRA in their strongholds in Southern Ireland.

The fact is that a true nationalist government would never allow terrorists to operate with impunity in another nation if those terrorists are using that ground to attack another nation. The BNP, as a true nationalist movement, would not have balked at bombing IRA arms stores and training camps in Southern Ireland if the Southern Ireland government did not seize those weapons and close down those camps. If they had not stopped the IRA - we would have. Either the UK media in Lebanon is inept and cannot find those damaged Hezbollah military sites ( heres a tip lads – follow the smoke and the big bangs ), the media are biased in that it doesn’t want to show Hezbollahs military losses and only wants to show Israel as the aggressor, the media are cowardly as it is far easier and safer to attack Israel than report the truth in Lebanon in case the Hezbollah terrorists get annoyed by their reports and kidnap the journalists as they did with Terry Waite or the media have allowed themselves to become complict in the asymetric warfare techniques of Hezbollah by only showing the footage Hezbollah wants them to show on TV to undermine support for Israel.The other option is that the media have an ‘ agenda ‘ in relation to their reporting.

The obvious agenda for the media is to assist in ending nationalism as an ideology and the destruction of nationalist states like Israel. For the BBC this is the fundamental principle of their entire existence. The media want Israel to end this dispute not because they are motivated by some superior moral code or care for the Lebanese people, for it is a fact that the media themselves are the eqivalent of vultures feeding with their cameras on the corpses in War Zones for profit, but because they want this dispute to cease as they support the creation of the International New World Order.

In the New World Order the global media, and the media barons that control the media, will then control the planet and anyone who dares defy the corporations will be destroyed.They want all nation states destroyed and nationalism itself destroyed. That way the media and the corporations will control the planet through their control of the perceptions people have of the world itself. They regard nations as obstacles to their end goal of a misceginated, deracinated, consumer slave mass where human beings are cattle in pens without identities, a past, a home, a future and to be bought and sold as they wish.


The media , and the pet politicians of the New World Order that are also calling for a ceasefire, are all stooges of the United Nations, the European Union and the rest of the International Elite that regard Nationalism and nation states as historical anachronisms that must be wiped out.

All true nationalists should be supporting Israel in this struggle not attacking them for rejecting the orders of the New World Order. The example of the resistance of Israel against the New World Order should give hope to all those of us who want our nations back and the end of the international era to begin. If Israel can defy the New World Order then so can we. If Israel is a democracy, then we can be a similar democracy. Israel is the model for a nation that understands the importance of putting the interests of the nation and the people before all other factors.

As a Nationalist I can say that I support Israel 100 % in their dispute with Hezbollah. In fact, I hope they wipe Hezbollah off the Lebanese map and bomb them until they leave large greasy craters in the cities where their Islamic extremist cantons of terror once stood. The 21st Century is the Islamic Century. Unless we start to resist the threat of Islamic extremism then within 100 years the West will have become Eurabia.

During the Second World War when we faced VI and V2 rockets and missiles targeting our cities we reacted with a campaign of targeted aerial bombings and strikes across Germany. The fact that the same rockets killing Israeli citizens are the same as those used by by the Russians in World War 2 against the Germans is an irony of history. (5) The fact that the new rockets being used by Hezbollah, the Fajr-3, have a range of of 80 kilometres means Israel has no choice but to destroy Hezbollahs bases before these rockets coming raining down in their thousands on Israel(6).

In such circumstances a pre-emptive strike is essential for the survival of the Israeli state. You cannot allow terrorists to lauch thousands of rockets at your nation. If the IRA had launched rockets from Southern Ireland into Northern Ireland then the BNP would have retaliated with air strikes on those sites and wiped them out. We would not have sat their watching them fly over us and then debate whether we should ring the UN for permission to knock on the door of the Southern Irish embassy and ask them politely to tell the IRA ' would you mind awfully stopping firing those missiles at us old chap '.

No reward for terrorism

Unlike the UK the Israeli government does not reward Islamic terrorism by giving money to Islamic groups linked to terrorism and extremism and does not impose laws on the victims of Islamic terrorism and ban any criticism of Islam as a reward for murdering us.

The Labour government in Britain, unlike Israel, have given into the Muslim extremists in the UK, and the government is itself linked to Muslim extremist groups and has let extremist imams into the country to spread hatred against Jews and White Christians. (8) (9). Even the EU hides the truth of Muslim violence in Europe.

The whole political structures of Europe are senile, corrupt and weak. The EU and the politicians that run our nations are the greatest assets of the terrorists. They are the weakness that we must shed if we are to survive. It appears that in their historical hatred for Israel many Nationalists have forgotten the future threat of Eurabia and Londonistan. (10) (11) (12). We have not.

It was only a few months ago that Muslim extremists were celebrating the murder of British citizens in the 7 / 7 bombings during the Cartoon Protests. Attacks on Jews in the UK by Muslims are also linked with the rise in murders of young whites like Ross Parker and Kriss Donald (13) (14) (15) (16). The Muslim extremists that are targeting the Jews in the Middle East and in the UK are also murdering our young people in the UK in the name of their filthy Jihad. They are the enemies of our people as much as they are the enemies of Israel. The fact that British Nationalists cannot see that tolerating the murder of Jews in the name of Jihad in Israel will lead to the murder of Christians and Whites in the UK in the name of Jihad, shows they have no understanding of the nature of the enemy we face.

White slavery, Islamic Corsairs raiding Cornwall and Ireland, millions of our people taken to the slave markets of the East, the atrocities inflicted against Russian soldiers in Afghanistan, against Serbian Christians and the horrors of Beslan, riots and murders are the future for the West unless radical extremist Islamic terrorists and their supporters in the West are crushed.

Lebanon has to learn that allowing terrorists to crawl in its streets and unleash terror across the world is an invitation for retribution. That is a lesson that many other nations also need to learn.

Nationalist state

Israel is the only living organic nationalist state on the planet. They live only as they still have the will to fight and wage war.

The West is now a senile culture, it sleeps in dreams of its former glory whilst a new generation of barbarians is beseiging its gates. In its quest for gold it has ignored the real dangers it has created for us all.Those nationalists that attack Israel no longer understand that nations such as Israel are the only true nationalists left on the planet. They place the interests of the people at the heart of their politics. That is the true nature of nationalism. The fundamental principle of Nationalism is that it is for the nation as a sovereign entity to decide for itself when its national security is threatened and also how it should respond to that threat. Israel is the only nation state in the world today that still defends the fundamental principle of nationalism - that it is for the people of that nation to decide how to respond to an attack, and that no nation needs to get the permission of the United Nations or the European Union, or any other cabal of capitalists and crooks, before it begins to fight against any internal or external aggressors.

Many British nationalists even support Hezbollah even though Hezbollah are linked with groups that have murdered British tourists, kidnapped British citizens and Hezbollah have planted bombs on British streets. They are so busy listening to the propaganda of the media and the anti-jewish lunatics to start thinking.

Catalogue of terror

Hezbollah have kidnapped around 30 White Westerners between 1982 and 1992, including the U.S. journalist Terry Anderson, British journalist John McCarthy, the Archbishop of Canterbury's special envoy Terry Waite and Irish citizen Brian Keenan. They specialised in kidnapping White Christians and holding them in chains for ransom.

On July 18, 1994, a powerful bomb made of was driven in through the front gates of the AMIA building in the Once district near downtown Buenos Aires. The building was a large seven-story structure which was the community site of Argentina's small Jewish community. The bomber exploded and eighty-five people died, most of them Jewish though some non-Jewish people died in the explosion as well. More than three hundred others were wounded. On July 26, 1994, just Eight days after the AMIA bombing, the Israeli Embassy in London was car bombed by two Palestinians who were linked with Hezbollah. The United Kingdom, Israel and Argentina all blamed Hezbollah for organising the attack.The Hezbollah car bomb exploded outside the Israeli embassy in London, injuring 20 people. The car was packed with 20 to 30 pounds of explosives, and blew up minutes after the driver left it.Thirteen hours later a similar car bomb exploded outside a Jewish charity in North London.

Two Palestinian science graduates who were educated in the UK, Jawad Botmeh and Samar Alami, with links to Hezbollah were apprehended in 1995, and found guilty of the bombings in 1996. They were sentenced to 20 years in jail, and lost their appeal in 2001.

The conflict in Lebanon has also vomited up another old face from recent terrorism cases in the UK. Syrian born radical Islamist Sheikh Omar bin Bakri Muhammad, who lived in London and was linked to many of the Islamic terrorists in the UK (1) was the founder of the London branch of Hizb Al-Tahrir (the Islamic Liberation Party), and of the organization “Jama’at Al-Muhajirun”. It is clear that Israel and the UK face the same enemy - suicide bombers on the streets of Tel Aviv have been British Muslims ( 7) Bakri was the spokesman of Osama bin Laden’s International Islamic Front for Jihad against Jews and Crusaders. This organization, by Bakri’s own admission, was involved in raising funds Islamic terrorist groups such as Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad, and was “in touch” with Hezbollah.

The fact that Bakri has now appeard in Lebanon proves his links with Hezbollah. Bakri has further claimed that in the past he recruited volunteers for training in paramilitary camps located in the U.S. and Lebanon.In an interview, Bakri has said that The International Islamic Front for Jihad against the Jews and the Crusaders, created by Osama bin Laden and run in the UK by Bakri had actively supported Hamas and the Palestinian Islamic Jihad. “We collect funds to be able to carry on the struggle; we recruit militiamen; and sometimes we take care of these groups’ propaganda requirements in Europe.” According to Bakri, The Islamic Front has recruited thousands of Islamic terrorist volunteers in Britain and sent them to Jordan, where they have awaited opportunities to infiltrate into the West Bank and join the fight against Israel. Recruits from Britain have also been sent to Lebanon, where they were trained in Palestinian refugee camps.

“In the ‘Ein Al-Hilweh camp, for instance, new mujahideen are being recruited and trained with the aim of opening up another front in south Lebanon.” Bakri added that the International Islamic Front is also “in touch with Hizballah and with Islamic movements such as Usbat Al-Ansar, which are determined to fight for the liberation of Jerusalem.” (2) Ein Al-Hilweh camp has links with Al Qaeda and other radical foreign Islamists (20)

Cause of current dispute

It was not Israel that started this dispute. The United Nations Security Council Resolution 1559 ( passed on the 02 September 2004) called for the immediate "disbanding and disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias".

Under the UN resolution the elected Government of Lebanon is responsible for the disbanding and disarming of the Hezbollah militias and also for preventing the flow of armaments and other military equipment to the militias from Syria, Iran, and other external sources that equip and fund the terrorists. Lebanon has rejected Resolution 1559 and refused to tackle the militias. This failure to act against the Hezbollah rocket teams and terrorists firing missiles into Israel has led to the present Israeli military retaliation against vital Lebanese infrastructure and Hezbollah assets to force action by the Lebanese government to disarm Hezbollah. If the Lebanese government won’t act by choice, then they must be forced to act. Then on July 12, 2006 members of a Hezbollah terrorist unit infiltrated the Lebanese-Israeli border near Shtula, and entered an Israeli farming village. Hezbollah then claimed responsibility for an ambush conducted on two Israeli Army Hummvees. The attack on the army team resulted in the capture of two Israeli soldiers and the deaths of three others. Five more Israeli soldiers were killed in the ensuing pursuit of Hezbollah members into Lebanese territory. The combined capture of the two Israeli soldiers and the deaths of the 8 others was considered the worst loss for Israeli military forces in more than four years. The world may have forgotten March 19, 1988 when two British soldiers soldiers, corporals Derek Wood and David Howes were dragged from their car by a republican mob, beaten, and then taken to a remote area near Belfast's Milltown Cemetery and shot dead.

If the British government had then resolved to crush the IRA on that day the same way the Israeli government has decided to crush Hezbollah, then we would not have had the hundreds of people killed in the IRA bombings and attacks since that day. Sinn Fein would also now not be in government and the terrorist scum of the IRA would not be playing at being politicians for the cringing sycophant of the IRA, Peter Hain the Northern Ireland Secretary, who was linked with ARM terrorism in South Africa before he fled the country and claimed political asylum in the UK. (21) (22) The leader of Hezbollah, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, is also no friend of the Lebanese or Palestinian people. He has used the plight of the Palestinian people as his political and propaganda trump card, posturing as the defender of the Arab world while simultaneously putting pressure on the Lebanese government through Hezbollah and Syria to keep Palestinians from obtaining full citizenship and legal rights in Lebanon, where they are denied access to many professions. Amnesty International has issued reports stating how badly the Lebanese government treats the Palestinian refugees. (3) The fact that various liberals, nazis and leftists all say that the problem is the plight of the Palestinians is utter rubbish.

Hezbollah have ensured the Palestinians in Lebanon stay in poverty and squalor so as to feed on the resentment it causes. Islamic Extremists use the Palestinian people to justify terrorism as the IRA used the issue of the brutality of the British Army to justify murdering and terrorising Catholics in their own community.

Beyond the excuses they are all just murdering scum.

Hezbollah have also been involved in attempts to destabilise the country according to Lebanese Christians. It controls some 25% of the national territory.

Almost 400,000 of Lebanon’s estimated 4m inhabitants live under its control. It collects its own taxes with a 20% levy, known as “khoms”, on all incomes. It is in fact the de facto government of whole swathes of Lebanon. If Lebanon wont remove them, then Israel must do the job. Any nation that tolerates such a state of affairs is complicit through inaction.

Islam awakening

This is in fact the start of World War 4, with its roots in the victory of Charles Martel over Islam in the Battle of Tours in 732 AD. (19). Islam is once again awakening, and the West must awaken as well. The 21st Century will either see the rebirth of the West and the rise of Nationalism, or the conquest of the West by Islam via demographics and the use of Oil as an aspect of Asymmetric Warfare. Hezbollah want to destroy Israel, then run the entire Middle East and then use the Middle East and its oil supplies to start a war on the rest of the world.

It is in our long term interests that Hezbollah are ground into dust by Israel as that way we don’t have to do it in the future. (17) (18) This struggle cannot be avoided, therefore it must be faced and won.


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Why hate the Jews?

What is about the Jews that inspires so much hatred? Why only the Jews? What great wrong have they done, what monstrosity have they committed? No other group of people inspire the murderous hate that the Jews do, no other group is universally despised, what have they done?

  • Could it be that they are a chosen people? Chosen by God to be an example to the world, may have it's good points, but it obviously also ignites murderous envy. Various people have chaffed at the expression 'chosen people' they hate the fact that they were not chosen, that it is the Jew and not the Iranian or the Arab or the German who is chosen by Yahweh.
  • Could it be that Jews excell in every field of endevour? They succeed in science, philosophy, politics, entertainment, publishing, banking, the academy, business, jewellery and other fields in numbers that far outweigh their numbers, it is written, Israel will be a blessing to all the peoples of the Earth, well, perhaps it is this very success which leads to childish charges that the 'Jews contol the world' and a habit by some to destroy them?
  • Could it be that the Jews are also brilliant warriors? They seem to beat everyone that is naive enough to fight them, indeed the 1948 war involved Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt against a country just days old and yet all of them were beaten and beaten badly. In the 1957 war Egyptian armies collapsed as Jewish armies cut through them like a hot knife through butter, in 1967 and 1973 the Jewish state beat a combined enemy of Syria, Jordan and Egypt!
  • Could it be the fact that Israel is the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the Middle East? Israel is smaller the Wales, it is tiny, you could drive from Eilat to the Golan Heights in a few hours, yet this tiny nation with no natural resourses continues to leave the Arab world in the dust economically. It is also the only free nation in the Middle East.

I think that what most people hate about the Jews is the whole 'chosen people' thing. Western commies hate them because they hate all religion, especially the Judeo-Christian variety, they see in the Jews the root of what they see as complete evil ie: morality, standards, propriety, monothiesm, the definition of sin, the condemnation of that same sin. Socialists despise the Jews for being God's first people, they hate the fact that Christ and the Christians came from the Jews.

Muslims hate they Jews, because even more then Christians they expose Allah and his deranged prophet as being the frauds they are. Mohammed at first tried to convince the Jewish community in Yathrib (modern Medina) that he was their Messiah, a prophet like the ancient Hebrew prophets. The Jews being an educated and sophisticated people laughed at him as he couldn't even get his Bible stories straight (Mohammed was illiterate we are told)

Mohammed, being an madman hated being mocked, most of the Koran is a deranged threat of death against those who mock Allah or his prophet, he decreed death to 800 Jews at Yathrib, seizing their wealth. Modern Muslims are immitating Mohammed, they hate the Jews for being the genuine people of God, unlike their own false claim. They hate the Jews for having the gall to be independent in their ancestral homeland, the one promised by Yahweh to his people for ever. They hate the fact theat Islam is a rickety sham and that the Bible contains an immovable truth. They are filled with envy, jealousy, a desire for vengeance, a desire to kill the Jews once and for all.

Why does the world hate the Jew? For very good reason, it has always hated the Jew, it will always hate the Jew, God's chosen people are an example to the world, as such they are the target for the hatred of those inspired by Satan, the same Satan who inspires all hatreds all discords and all bloodsheds

Obsession: The film

This is a great production, it examines the threat posed by militant Islam, personally I beleive that Islam is the problem, but I suppose to be reputable it needs to use that disclaimer that everyone uses today, 'It's not Islam, it's Islamo-facism' etc...

Obsession: the film
Colonel Tim Collins : Fort Blair Mayne camp in the Kuwaiti desert about 20 miles from the Iraqi border, Wednesday 19 March 2003.

"We go to liberate, not to conquer.We will not fly our flags in their countryWe are entering Iraq to free a people and the only flag which will be flown in that ancient land is their own.Show respect for them.

There are some who are alive at this moment who will not be alive shortly.Those who do not wish to go on that journey, we will not send.As for the others, I expect you to rock their world.Wipe them out if that is what they choose. But if you are ferocious in battle remember to be magnanimous in victory.

Iraq is steeped in history. It is the site of the Garden of Eden, of the Great Flood and the birthplace of Abraham.Tread lightly there.

You will see things that no man could pay to see-- and you will have to go a long way to find a more decent, generous and upright people than the Iraqis.You will be embarrassed by their hospitality even though they have nothing.

Don't treat them as refugees for they are in their own country. Their children will be poor, in years to come they will know that the light of liberation in their lives was brought by you.
If there are casualties of war then remember that when they woke up and got dressed in the morning they did not plan to die this day.Allow them dignity in death.Bury them properly and mark their graves.

It is my foremost intention to bring every single one of you out alive.But there may be people among us who will not see the end of this campaign.We will put them in their sleeping bags and send them back. There will be no time for sorrow.

The enemy should be in no doubt that we are his nemesis and that we are bringing about his rightful destruction.There are many regional commanders who have stains on their souls and they are stoking the fires of hell for Saddam.He and his forces will be destroyed by this coalition for what they have done.As they die they will know their deeds have brought them to this place. Show them no pity.

It is a big step to take another human life.It is not to be done lightly.I know of men who have taken life needlessly in other conflicts.I can assure you they live with the mark of Cain upon them.

If someone surrenders to you then remember they have that right in international law and ensure that one day they go home to their family.The ones who wish to fight, well, we aim to please.

If you harm the regiment or its history by over-enthusiasm in killing or in cowardice, know it is your family who will suffer.You will be shunned unless your conduct is of the highest -- for your deeds will follow you down through history.We will bring shame on neither our uniform or our nation.

It is not a question of if, it's a question of when.We know he has already devolved the decision to lower commanders, and that means he has already taken the decision himself.If we survive the first strike we will survive the attack.

As for ourselves, let's bring everyone home and leave Iraq a better place for us having been there.

Our business now is north."

British soldiers 'brutality' in Iraq

Let's forget the soldiers had granades lobbed at them, forget also the guns being fired in their direction, forget the missiles being thrown, only concentrate on 'scandalous' British 'brutality'

As I have said before, good for the soldiers, they are beating some sense into these little shits who desperatly need it, note these little shits are not tortured or killed only given justice!

Lucky for them it's British squaddie justice!

The first comment on this video on Youtube is:

"ALLAH (SWT) is Al-Haq and justice shall prevail.

He will punish these Kufar who like always are killing/abusing innocent people"

Innocent? Well, I suppose it depends on how you describe innocent! Perhaps they are innocent like the Palestinians who elected Hamas? Or innocent like the Lebanese who voted Hizballah into government and allowed a third of their country to be governed by Hizballah terrorists?

Wealth of nations

Strange, is it not, that the freer one is the wealthier one is!

Why is Israel acting so aggressively?

People seem puzzled and angry that Israel is acting sooooo arogantly, and so disproportionatly!

Why the hell would they do that?

From the Isrealinsider:

"The good thing about being a reserve spokesperson for the Israel Defence Forces sent to the north of Israel is that you don't have the time or the opportunity to watch the news. After days of seeing northern Israeli communities come under Hezbollah missile attack on TV, this is a relief.

The bad thing is that you come under Hezbollah missile attack. The lobby of the hotel in Haifa last Friday morning looked like hotel lobbies do on these occasions: Anchor people from the major networks scrabbling for a new angle for their piece at the top of the hour. Journalists putting in requests to the army to be embedded with the Israeli forces operating in Lebanon and everyone trying to pronounce the name of the IDF officer who has just finished a briefing, Brigadier-General Ido Nechushtan. We do that on purpose.

Friday afternoon and sirens go off, followed almost immediately by four explosions. The hotel workers run for the shelters, journalists and others run to the promenade outside the hotel that overlooks Haifa. The last explosion is deafening and clearly very close. Smoke rises from the center of the city. We jump into cars and rush to the spot. The rocket has plowed into the roof of a post office and exploded. Several injuries from the blast, no deaths.

This is Friday afternoon and public services are closed in Israel. One hour previously, and the post office would have been filled with the Jews and Arabs who make up the residents of this part of the city.

Being interviewed on a European radio station, the interviewer snarls at me when I mention that Haifa has a mixed Jewish/Arab population and that as we speak, many of them were sitting in bomb shelters together, hiding from Nasrallah's rockets. I was surprised this information could be so irritating. I didn't dare tell him about the guy who came up to me in downtown Haifa, showed my his bombed shop front and told me he was an Arab who wants the IDF to destroy the Hezbollah.

Saturday on the deserted Haifa coastal road, driving up to talk to the press on the border, three rockets fall into the sea immediately to our left. We swerve onto the pavement and take shelter behind a wall to wait for further rockets and find five local residents there. The locals look relieved to be with army officers. Hard to understand why, as there is nothing at all we could have done for them behind that wall. We exude confidence and jollity, and talk to the terrified little boy. He agrees to give me a high five. Passing through Nahariya, a police jeep is handing out bread and tinned supplies to a group of residents who chose to remain or who have nowhere else to go to.

On the road from Rosh Pina to Kiryat Shemona, it's Apocalypse Now without the musical soundtrack. Hizbollah rockets explode at regular intervals on either side of the road. Plumes of thick black smoke spiral up and the smell of explosive is in the air. We pass the Manara Cliff, where our children took at ride on the mountain roller coaster last summer.

As we get to Zarit, the explosions are deafening and the frequency increases. We meet up with the deputy brigade commander who tells us we have to get the press out immediately - a sniper is shooting at Zarit village from the Lebanese side of the border. Driving back down to Haifa, we watch as in the distance, Naharia takes two direct Hizbollah rocket hits.

Back in Haifa, the hotel has run out of beer. The manager asks me if foreign journalists always drink so much. I go for a bite to eat with a guy from the foreign ministry but I'm called off to work. Returning 45 minutes later, the diplomat is still sitting there politely and without food. I go into the kitchens and there is no one around. The cooks have done a runner after the last bombing.

The manager finds them and persuades them to rustle us up some dinner. Sunday morning and a Hizbollah attack kills Shimon Glickblich, a 60-year-old care worker who was driving along a main road in Haifa. We get to the scene as the siren goes off again for a second volley. I find myself in a ditch by the side of the road with an American TV reporter having a "what are the chances of that" conversation. I tell him of my firm conviction that you have just as much chance of being killed by a Hizbollah rocket whether you are driving at 90 kilometers an hour or standing on the pavement. He strongly disagrees.

In the same attack, Habib Ouad is killed when a rocket hit a carpentry shop in northern Haifa. Back at the hotel, French Foreign Minister Philippe Douste-Blazy cowers in a doorway and British Foreign Office minister Kim Howells is rushed off by his security as the sirens go off again. As wailing continues, I can barely hear an editor from Bild, who phones me to demand why the IDF is acting aggressively.

Dusk and there's another rocket attack on Haifa, a dozen meters from a major hospital. As a frail old woman is stretchered out of the bombed apartment in the run- down neighborhood, a British reporter asks me if it isn't just a gas explosion, and seems disappointed when I identify a piece of Katusha rocket. It's late Sunday night. I'm tired and depressed. My wife hasn't slept since I've been away and my little girl hugs me tighter than usual. I'm back in the center of Israel but my heart is in the north."

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel is our future

Israel is still bombing Lebanon! Israel is still not letting up!

God! I love the Israelis! I love their balls, I love the way they ignore that repulsive den of filth the UN, in favour of protecting their own. I love the way they go against the received 'wisdom' of our western commies. I love their grit, their patriotism, their loyalty to one and other, their fighting spirit!

I love Israel! This tiny nation has throughout history shaken the world, first with it's God given Law, then with the Messiah, now it stands and fights against a Satanic force that we are refusing to fight! A force we refuse to call Satanic or wicked, indeed we imprison those who do call it Satanic or wicked!

Israel is our front line, Israel points to our future, it is living our future right now!

It will give me much satisfaction when in 10 or 15 years we in the west have to resort to what the Israelis are resorting to now!

I wonder whether we will be as decent as the Jews?

Friedrichshafen Eisse Cafe Venezia

Just a note, if you ever go to Friedrichshafen on the Bodensee in southern Germany, remember not to give your business to the Eisse Cafe Venezia, they stole 200 Euros from me! Bastards!

Well it was actually one bastard named Andrea, some slimy Italian who when I very unwisely left the mony on the table nabbed it for himself. It's a horrible story! But the end result is that he still has it.

So if you do go to Friedrichshafen, which I highly recomend, be careful if you are looking for a drink on the promenade, avoid the Eisse Cafe Venezia, especially that thief Andrea!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Stephen Harper is a decent chap!

Stephen Harper the Prime Minister of Canada, has proven again, his decency and clarity of vision! He understands, unlike that creepy git Paul Martin, his predecessor, how the world works and who is deserving of his support! He has aligned himself unashamedly on the side of good, of Israel and the United States. He is a stout defender of the monarchy, a loyal Prime Minister to Her Majesty!

His wisdom, decency and good common sense are badly needed in the old Dominion, I believe he can turn Canada around and begin the fightback against the socialist rot of the past 40 years!

Canada is not a country lost to us, it is a British nation, a great British nation, one that shed it's blood in both world wars in it's fight for God, King, Empire and the freedom of Europe. Bad things sometimes happen to good countries! Lets hope that now, good things will shower upon that greatest of Dominions!

Zapatero is a creep!

Is it me? Or does that oily slimeball the Spaniards elected as their Prime Minister to appease Al'Qaida resemble a lizard? This socialist piece of shit is selling Spain down the river! First he stabs an ally in the back, cuts and runs from Iraq, slimes his way in to Chiraq's good book, by being as slimey as Jacques himself. He legalises gay marriage!!! Then he creates a meaningless and pointless rift with the Catholic Church just to show how 'hip and with it' he is. Then when Israel is struggling to protect it's self, he goes and condemns Isreal whilst wearing that Islamic rag the Khafieh, the same rag worn by Arrafat!
This guy has proven beyond any shadow of a doubt that he is not a serious PM, he is, and probably always has been a wanabe teen aged commie whose only desire is to go to woodstock, fuck some smelly hippy slut, smoke a joint and insist that what he is doing is brave social protest!

What a slime ball!

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Israel's response is self-defence

From the Australian

"IF there was ever any doubt that Israel's response to Hezbollah's hail of rockets was proportionate to the threat they pose to Israeli security, it has been dispelled by attacks launched from southern Lebanon deep into Israel. With Hezbollah guerillas apparently well-armed thanks to money and material from Iran and Syria, Israel has been obliged to strike back in self-defence and to protect its civilian population in the north, including Haifa and Tiberias, a city hitherto thought to have been beyond the range of Hezbollah's rockets. Reports that Hezbollah has an armoury of thousands of rockets capable of reaching Israel's heartlands -- and conceivably its capital, Tel Aviv -- leave it no option because, it's worth repeating, Israel is facing an implacable enemy that denies its right to exist and wants to wipe it from the map.
Hezbollah appears to have little sympathy for its host country, Lebanon. By attacking Israel -- no doubt taking the opportunity to strike by snatching two Israeli troopers while Israel was preoccupied with its mission to free a kidnapped soldier in Gaza to the south -- Hezbollah has invited a red-blooded reaction. No nation can sit back watching missiles rain down on its territory. Retaliation with a purpose has been Israel's modus operandi. It has hit key highways and Beirut airport to make it difficult for Syria to resupply or reinforce Hezbollah, while also attacking the source of the rockets and those who are launching them. If that includes the head of Hezbollah, Hassan Nasrallah -- reported yesterday to have been wounded in an Israeli air raid, reports denied by Hezbollah -- then that's the brutal reality of what Israel must do to survive.

Moreover, Israel is doing Lebanon a favour by containing Hezbollah, a parasitic organisation that has outstayed its welcome in the new but fragile democracy that is Lebanon. Better late than never, Lebanese Prime Minister Fuad Siniora says there can be no sovereign Lebanese state without disarming Hezbollah. Sadly, the Lebanese Government has been unwilling to take the hard steps necessary to achieve this end. Lebanon's army of about 70,000 soldiers is far superior to Hezbollah's guerilla force, estimated at about 6000, but does not appear to have the will to tackle the task of ridding Lebanon of its unwelcome guests. And given that the Lebanese army could spilt along sectarian lines if ordered to disarm Hezbollah, Mr Siniora should thank Israel further: he gets to keep a relatively unified army intact, while also watching Hezbollah arms and missile sites being destroyed, and its influence on Lebanese politics collaterally reduced.

Of course, disarming Hezbollah from within would be no easy task. With 12 MPs and two cabinet ministers, Hezbollah is a strong political entity. Nevertheless, if Lebanon is going to make progress and be embraced by the international community as a responsible and independent nation, it must face up to the malign influence of Hezbollah and take away the group's weapons -- or at least help Israel to do so. Otherwise Lebanon will remain a hostage to the guerillas and their principal backers, Iran and Syria.

Israel's defensible military response coincides with yesterday's meeting of world leaders in St Petersburg for the annual G8 summit. As might be expected, US President George W. Bush and Russian President Vladimir Putin have called for restraint, and the other six leaders will probably fall into line. Coupled with the European Union's routine condemnation of Israel's response to aggression from its enemies, the opinion of the G8 should not deflect Prime Minister Ehud Olmert's Israeli Government, which has resolved to make it clear to Hamas, Hezbollah and other militant groups that there is a heavy price to pay for cross-border raids, rocket attacks and the taking of hostages.

Mr Bush's call for restraint -- while making it clear Israel has the right to defend itself -- is partly prompted by a desire to see Lebanon remain a friend of the West and his hopes the country can strengthen its democracy. But what Mr Bush and his G8 colleagues should be doing is calling for Lebanon to abide by UN Resolution 1559 to disarm Hezbollah. The G8 leaders could also reflect on comments from the most powerful Arab country, Saudi Arabia, which last week accused Hezbollah of "uncalculated adventures" that could bring destruction to Arab nations. Hezbollah elements should "shoulder the full responsibility for this irresponsible behaviour and that the burden of ending the crisis falls on them alone". Stern words, indeed, and a guide for the rest of the world's nations -- especially those that jump at the opportunity to attack Israel's right to self-defence."

Death toll in Thailand reaches 1,300

Islam has claimed 1,300 lives in southern Thailand since 2004. Those Thais must be Jewish Crusaders right! Ah...not quite!

Read the rest here!

Assassinate Ahmadinejad!

I say this because it is obvious that he is a madman, or if you want a true beleiver in Allah! Either way he is dangerous! As dangerous as other Islamic dictators are, they know better then to beleive in that sham of a religion, they are narcisistic, selfish, power hungry brutes, but brutes who want to remain brutes for many year to come. Ahmadinejad is a truly religious man, he is unashamedly aquiring nukes, he has threatened Israel with distruction and now is waging a proxy war against Israel using Hamas and Hezbollah.

The only way we can avoid large scale war anytime soon, which would overwealm Afgahnistan, Iraq and Israel, along with Iran, Syria, Lebanon and possibly more countries is to assassinate Ahadinajad, along with the top Ayotollahs and Iranian cabinet. This way we could avoid a major conflagration in the immediate future.

So, I call on the Israelis and the Americans: Do what is necessary, do what is best, assassinate Ahmadinejad, and do it soon!

We must continue this fight!

At this moment, all I read and see on the news is the jihad against Israel and Israel's counter-attack, Allied soldiers fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan, terrorists killing yet more people in Iraq.

The defeatists, appeasers and wanabe dhimmis in the West want us to withdraw from Iraq and Afghanistan, and to slap sanctions on Israel! We must not allow this or it's all over! The West will become a laughing stock, we must keep our nerve, we must show the pacifist-dhimmis our scorn and we must continue this fight.

I don't know If Afghanistan or Iraq can be won, perhaps not, but Israel can prevail and should prevail, it is now only a matter of will. We could beat the Muslims blindfolded with both hands tied behind our backs, all it takes is will power, do we have it?

If not, then the Muslims will win, if we have it they will lose, and lose big time!

Europe is in danger through reckless immigration policies, welfare socialism and the collapse of morality. Women no longer want to have kids, men just want to fuck sluts, not settle down, no one beleives in right or wrong anymore.

Europe is in danger, our rulers show us only contempt. They fiddle while Europe burns, anger is rising, I hear it, I sense it. Right now many people don't know where to aim this anger, brainwashed as they are into beleiving in multi-culturalism.

I hope they realise soon, the crock of shit that has been fed to them. I hope they rise up and throw out their leaders, reclaim their nations and expell the enemies that live like parasites amoung us!

This fight is existential, it is for the very soul of the West, do we have the will to resist the communist vision of the future? Do we have the will to see this fight through? Do we have the will to call this what it is, a Crusade?

Israel is our front line, Israel is fighting our fight, India is fighting our fight, Thailand and the Phillipines are fighting our fight, will we fight, what is essentially our fight?

Reality of the 'Palestinian struggle'

This is a gruesome video. Don't watch it if you are easily disturbed! It shows the reality of the 'Palestinian struggle', showing it for the depraved pathology which it truly is. It makes me angry that some amoungst us, not only refuse to condemn this, but beleive the Jews deserve it. It sickens me that these so called 'peace activists' condemn the building of the wall between Israel proper and the occupied territories, saying Israel is being unreasonable! Really, well I dare you to go live in Israel, next to Gaza or Lebanon, or in the West Bank.

350 detained after Bombay bombings

“Indian police on Thursday detained about 350 people for questioning in the Bombay train bombings amid suspicion that Kashmiri militants could be linked to the attacks that killed at least 200 people,” AP reports. “Bombay police Commissioner A.N. Roy said those rounded up included known thugs, gangsters and troublemakers who might have information about the culprits.” Meanwhile, Indian authorities have named two suspects, Sayyad Zabiuddin and Zulfeqar Fayyaz. Their nationalities were not provided.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Israel's Ambasador tells it like it is!

No peace with Islam!

Over 200 Indians were murdered by Muslims in Bombay on 11th of July, Pakistan is directly to blame for it's support of these nasty, wicked Islamic orginisations. The Indian Prime Minister has verbaly lashed out at Pakistan and warned them to stop supporting terrorists!

These are the same terrorists that have been bombing Indian cities for the last 10 years, these are the same bunch of animals that have waged a guerilla war in Kashmir costing thousands of lives, these are the same people who attacked the Indian Parliament buildings in New Delhi!

How much more needs to happen before India strikes back? How many more bombs, how many more deaths before India does what Israel should do to it's own terrorists?

Can there be peace?

No. Until Islam is renounced and ended, until the Ka'aba has a cathedral built over it's ruins, No. Until a new temple is built on the Temple mount, buldozing the Al'Asqa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock, No.

We are at war, whether we like it or not! By 'we' I mean all infidels, Hindu, Buddhist, Taoist, Confucian, athiest, agnostic, Jew, Christian even pagan! We, all of us are at war with this sick, depraved, Satanic force!

I stand with Israel!

As usual our treasonous, backstabbing, hateful, wicked and sneering MSM is attempting to smear Israel and by connection all Jews. They hate the Jews, they wish only to see Israel ruined and the Jews either murdered or exiled to somewhere like America. They desire the leveling of Israeli cities, preferably by Iranian nuclear bombs! They enjoy the Jewish anguish over the missing soldiers, they cheer when Hamas or Hezbollah attack Israel or any Jew!

When Israel retaliates, the MSM are aghast, they hang their mouths open in shock and then begin their frothing hateful attacks on the Jews, they dig up the old NAZI anti-Jew propaganda, they open their copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, just to make sure that they and their Arab friends are speaking from the same page!

The BBC, an agent in alliance with Islam, that undermines on a daily basis the culture and morality of the British Isles, aides the Muslims with its hateful anti-Semitic rants and its careful understated anti-Jew prejudices in as many stories as possible.

One BBC story from today is headlined: Israel 'kills Lebanese civilians'

Why does the BBC insist that it is wrong to 'collectively punish Lebanon for its tacit support of Hezbollah, but it's ok to collectively accuse not the IDF but 'Israel' of killing civilians? Strange aint it?

The Independent's front page is even better: What I am watching in Lebanon each day is an outrage . I think it's an outrage that Robert Fisk, an obvious Jew hater is allowed space to publish his hateful anti-Semitic rants, while supporting Islamic terrorists and Dictators!

But then again the Indie, as the Independent is affectionately known is a commie tabloid rag! It is not a serious paper anymore.

The more serious papers such as the Guardian, are also anti-Jewish, but in a more understated and acceptable way. The Australian, reports the Israeli bombing of the main route from Beirut to Damascus here: Tiss strange, the BBC and the Indie also reported this story, but conveniently forgot to mention what the Australian mentions!

While the commies stand with Hamas, the Palestinians, Hezbollah and Iran, I stand with Israel and the Jews!

Where do you stand?

Friday, July 14, 2006

The beauty of Islam!

Lets be honest, we are at war!

The Islamic attacks against Israel, by Hamas and Hezbollah using Gaza and Lebanon as their bases, along with the 179 murdered Indians in Bombay are further proof, if needed that we are at war with Islam! We always have been, we always will be!

The BBC disgusts me, the Jew hating slant of those commie fucks, is infuriating, and I have to pay 120 pounds a year to those anti-Semitic socialists!

Islam sees, not only Christians and Jews, but Hindus and Buddhists as their enemies! 1000 murdered in southern Thailand in the last 18 months. Thousands killed in India over the past 5 years. 3000 killed in New York and Washington on 9/11. 200 killed in Bali, over 80 Australians in 2002. 200 killed in Madrid in 2004, 54 killed in London on 7/7 2005. Tens of thousands killed in Iraq by Al'Qaida and other Islamic militants. Continuing war by the Taliban in Afghanistan and Pakistan. Thousands of Christians murdered raped and imprisoned in Indonesia, millions of Christians murdered in Sudan.

It's unending! The fucking treasonous liberals are our enemies as well, the stand not with us, not with the victims, not with the Jews or the Thais or the Indians, but with Osama Bin Laden, with the Taliban, with the sick 'Palestians' with the people who would kill us, rape us, plunder us!

They broadcast hate filled, anti-Jewish, anti-Western, anti-American, anti-Christian anti-us propaganda! They hate us and tremble with joy at the thought of an Islamic takeover of the free world!

We are at war! We are at war with Islam, most Muslims and our treasonous, hateful liberal elite!

Israel dares to defend it's self! Scandal!!

I've been in Germany for the past few days! More of that later!

I've been out of the loop and only saw the news about Bombay and Israel when I read a Swiss German language paper in St Gallen yesterday. Almost 200 murdered in Bombay by, I would suppose 'disaffected youths' in India, you know the type, oppressed alienated Muslims, who are only reacting to nasty imperialistic Indians!

2 more soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah on the Israel-Lebanese border, a massive blitz of northern Israel and Haifa and now Israel's counter-attack!

I'm watching the UN security council meeting on TV, the Lebanese guy is talking now, according to him, Israel is to blame for everything, he says that Israel's attack is a breach of their sovereignty, he then says that the Lebanese had no idea that this attack on northern Israel had happened saying they had no responsibility for these attacks! Well, how can this be an attack on one's sovereign territory when one does not control half of one's nation?

The Israeli ambassador is speaking now, as usual he is calm, collected and sensible, and as is usual, Israel will be vilified!

What a disgusting disgraceful organisation the UN is!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Flying the flag for England!

I have just come across an interesting article on Al Ghurabaa, entitled Flying the flag for England! Lets have a look at what these model Muslims think about this! Yes these are what I consider true Muslims!

Since the beginning of the world cup there has been a rise in the number of people flying the English flag in a desperate attempt to regain national pride. The problem is that this has also become very common within the Muslim community. The call for integration has affected some Muslims to the extent whereby they have gone out of their way to become more acceptable to the Englishman. They too in order to show their solidarity and moderation have flown the English flag over their homes and on their cars, most often not knowing the history behind it.

Ok, lets see where this goes!

The national flag of England (otherwise known as the St George flag) bears the blood red cross symbolizing the patron saint of England; St George. This flag was adopted as the uniform for English soldiers during the Crusades against the Muslims of the eleventh, twelfth and thirteenth centuries and was the flag held by the Christians when marching into battle against the Muslims. At the Church of St. George in Fordington, England, there is a sculpture of St. George on a horse leading the Crusaders to victory at the Battle of Antioch (June 1098); his flag bearing the cross.

Fair enough! This seems an accurate account so far!

It is important to note that the Christian crusades were launched at the Council of Clermont in France, on November 27, 1095 by Pope Urban II in order to fight against the Muslims and gain authority over them, believing that this was gods work.

Let me stop you there Ahmed or whoever you are! WE did not want to gain authority over you, we wanted to liberate Christian lands that you had invaded 400 years earlier, we wanted to liberate the oppressed MAJORITY Christian population of the region

These bloodthirsty crusaders waged a brutal and savage attack against the Muslims killing anyone in sight be it men, women or children resulting in mass killing and bloodshed.

This is an exaggeration! WE did not kill everyone we saw, indeed we allowed Muslims to keep their Mosques and to worship the demon you call Allah! We only killed those who fought us!

They un-relentlessly tortured and mutilated Muslims with blood flowing up their knees in the lands of al-Quds without care showing their barbarity and hatred for the Muslims.

Again, this is Muslim propaganda, it is not physically possible for blood to flow like streams, blood thickens very quickly once outside the body! Simply impossible! WE certainly hated Muslims, you got me there!

This war of the cross was fought under the banner of Christianity with the red-blood cross as their emblem. These crusades did not stop, in fact up until now we see how the Christians of Europe and their illegitimate children in America have once again allied to fight against the Muslims in order to gain power and authority over us with the aim of destroying our belief.

You know Ahmed or whoever you are, I wish we were trying to destroy your belief, your faith is faith in a demon, or perhaps even the Lord of Demons, Satan!

They too believe that they are doing gods work in the service of Christ, even the likes of Bush claim to have received instruction from god telling him to launch a crusade against the Muslims. Bush being the bloodthirsty crusader at the forefront with the cross held high whilst the others follow on behind.

This made me laugh! A Crusade against Islam? Bush has stressed over and over again that this is not a Crusade! I only wish he would launch a Crusade!

Today this flag is widely used in England as a symbol of national pride and identity more commonly during sporting competitions like the football world cup. The sad reality is that many Muslims too have taken up this flag and chosen to display it as a symbol of their support for the English. They seem to be oblivious to the fact that not only does it represent the blood thirsty Christian crusades waged against the Muslims but also the Christian cross which is a symbol of the incorrect belief that Jesus was crucified on it. Allah (swt) says in the Quran; And because of their saying (in boast), "We killed Messiah 'Iesa (Jesus), son of Maryam (Mary), the Messenger of Allah," - but they killed him not, nor crucified him, but the resemblance of 'Iesa (Jesus) was put over another man (and they killed that man), and those who differ therein are full of doubts. They have no (certain) knowledge, they follow nothing but conjecture. [4:157]

Here they go trying to ridicule our belief, as is usual!

Many Muslims have as a result of their ignorance displayed this flag in their houses, shops, cars and even on themselves without knowing the implications of it. The common response from ignorant Muslims is to say; I only support the football team thats why Ive got it without even taking into consideration the implications of this act.

Bloody hell! This guy has got a chip on his shoulder!

Most often it is these same people who during the cricket world cup will not hesitate to raise the Pakistani or Bengali flag for the same reason. Yet this is not a valid excuse as is the case if someone was to wear a Jewish skullcap, the Sikh bangle, or any other such religious symbol. In fact to do such a thing is in itself an act of kufr as this is showing support, acceptance and reverence to their religious symbols. The fact of the matter is that the English flag is not just a symbol of support for a football team, rather it contains the Christian cross and carries a history of brutality towards the Muslims. It is reported that Ayesha (ra) said: The Prophet (saw) would not leave anything in his house on which there was a cross but he would alter it. [Bukhari]

Always the victim eh, Ahmed?

And when uday bin haatim (who used to be a christian before Islam) mistakenly wore a cross out of habit, the prophet (saw) ordered him, throw this wathn (idol) from your neck!

Furthermore the Messenger of Allah (saw) said; whoever imitates a people is one of them. Imitating the kuffar in their deen is an act of kufr and this is what holding up, waving or displaying the Christian cross (i.e. the St George Flag) amounts to.

We call upon all Muslims to take heed from this message and to remove any flags they may posses however big or small and to advise others to do the same, be they neighbours, family, relatives or friends.

I love these guys! They're hilarious! They bang on about our belated attempt to defend Christendom, but fail to mention the 400 years of relentless Jihad they wages against us that directly led to the Crusades! WE didn't just wake up one day and decide to have a laugh by killing Muslims! We were defending ourselves and our allies at their request! It was the Eastern Roman Empire that called for our help from the Muslim hordes that threatened Constantinople!

As I said, these guys are true and faithful Muslims!

An Apology!

Yes, I would like to apologise, for the fact that I have not been able to go to Alexandra Palace to investigate the Islam Expo! I am swamped with work! Bummer I know!

The Islam Expo has been criticised for being 'insensitive in their choice of time and place for this 'festival of Islam', I for one think it's great! It just shows them for the nasty, haters that they are. I also appreciate the way Abu Izadeen, mocked the dead of 7/7, getting some cheap laughs from his followers! I appreciate Al Ghurabaa for telling us the truth about that religion, for not pulling any punches, as sickening as what they say is. Those I truly hate are the ones who masquerade as 'moderates' such as Sir Iqbal Sacranie, knighted by Blair for his 'moderation', even after refusing to commemorate the Holocaust, claiming that death was 'too good' for Salman Rushdie and generally undermining this nation! He is a little shit!

There are many takkiya wielding Muslims out there, peddling their lies and deceit to woolly minded liberals, who being too decent or naive fall for these lies every time. Takkiya wielding Muslims have allied themselves with our treasonous elite and together they are subverting our freedoms, just take a look at what this government has done! Look at the myriad of new laws, new powers that the authorities have, all in the name of anti-terrorism!

I don't mind if Muslims are held in Guantanamo or Belmarsh indefinitely, I do care if these laws are applied to natives, to non-Muslims. These laws, should only apply to Muslims and their supporters, not Hindus or Buddhists or Christians! But then again in an ideal situation, the entire Mohammedan community of the West would be booted out and told to go back to whichever shit hole they crawled out of!

What happened on 7/7 2005 will happen again! Perhaps it will be a night club(I hate clubbing, so I wont be there!) a gay day parade, a shopping mall, a ceremonial event or another attack on the tubes and busses! But unfortunately, we in the West are just too nice to do what Muslims do! Link all of these events to Mohammed and his twisted teachings(or should that read twisted 'justifications'?) France faces more riots and uprisings, perhaps even bombings, Germany faces the abyss, Sweden faces the collapse of it's society, Spain and Italy face bombings, all of us face terror, infiltration, subversion and betrayal by those who purport to lead us!

When will we say ENOUGH? When will this stop? Will it stop?

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Interesting comments on the Guardian!

I was reading an article on the Guardian's web site, GuardianUnlimited, it's an article by an 'Islamic moderate', the responses to his post were intersting to say the least! Remember this is the paper of the left, the socialist bible: This is one of the responses!

"Once a gain the Bunglawalla ding-dong does what 'moderate muslims' do best:
Aiding and abetting the global jihad, deflecting blame away from the ummah by accusing the accuser, by threatening more terror attacks "we wouldn't want anything to happen to your nice little country..."
While he's at it, many of his ilk come to his support:
"Racist, Islamophobes, Rednecks" stand in the way of peaceful da'awa, claim the Mohammedan slaves of Allah, to hinder the spread of Islam which is inevitable, either by demographics (out-breeding the natives of the host-country) or by the terror which made Mohammed victorious, and which is commanded in the immutable tenets of the Koran. One of the most ridiculous posters in a recent Islamic rally read "Stop resisting Islam Now!" - the notion that opposing the "rule of Allah" is in itself 'oppression' and an 'injustice' should alarm every infidel who doesn't want to have to chose whether he wants to have his head cut off or forcibly converted to the cult of Islam...
The multi-culti experiment worked with peoples from many nations, it stops dead in its tracks when it comes to the nation of Islam, which simply don't respect the laws of the infidels and who teach their children to hate unbelievers and Jews, who believe they have to wage violent jihad until all "Religion belongs to Allah..."The countries of western Europe have fought against the Mohammedan scourge for 1400 years, our freedom did not come free and is worth defending.
The mythical "moderate muslim" is as rare as hens teeth. If the Bungla-wallah-ding-dong and the equally slick & slimy Tariq Ramadan can pass as "moderates" then one could almost feel sorry for Abu Hamza, who wanted the same thing, a member of the same Islamic pirate-ship, he just incited a bit more than others...
The Bungla-walla-ding-dong is a valuable contributor of the Mohammedan mindset, infidels prick up your ears and smell the coffee!
Immigration and infiltration of western countries by Mohammedan hordes must be stopped and reversed! Deportations of illegals must be rigorously enforced. Disengagement from the imaginary "Caliphate" is our only chance for survival. Mohammedans did not overrun western Europe to contribute to our culture and civilization, they have nothing to give but to take; Mohammedans infiltrated Europe to make Europe Islamic.
The "moderate" Bungla-walla-ding-dong contributes whatever he can, which makes him in fact a Mohammean agit-prop, something quite different from what we would call 'moderate...'"

Perhaps, there is some hope for us after all! It seems many people have researched Islam, it seems a substantial minority 'gets it'! WOW, I wish I knew who they were!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Birthday America!

I Know it's late in the day, but better late then never huh?

This day marks the 130th year since the Declaration of Independence! Although the War of Independence was more complex then is widely known, or admitted, I acknowledge that the war defined a new and free collection of states that over a century was moulded into a great nation of Liberty!

(Above; America's first flag)

The United States began as an experiment, a losse union of sometimes hostile. jealous and quite powerful states, connected to each other through a very limited central government! The Confederation was replaced with a federation in 1789 and George Washington elected it's first President. This loose federation almost collapsed in the 1840s and 1860s, but came out the other end the nation we now know as America!

The American way, the American dream, may be corny and in the wrong hands trite cliches, but they hold a power never held by any nation or empire in the world's history! Rome had an ideology, but this was an ideology for the ruling classes of the ancient world, the British dream was a narrow, but noble one of civility and decency, rule of law and commerce, but again, this was the dream of the few. The American dream is unique in history as the only ideology that appeals to everyone. It is the promise of a decent life for every man and woman, a comfotable home, freedom to worship or not as you please, the freedom to speak up and say what you wish, the opportunity to follow your dreams, the hope of a better life for everyone, not only the Lord or the Baron or the Rajah or the industrialist. It is the dream to have a house in the suburbs, a wide screen TV a phone, indoor plumbing, plenty of food, decent educations, health care and the like. It is the opportunity to get rich, it is the opportunity to be a freak or to dream of being a leader, even when you are nothing!

That is the most powerful ideology the world has seen, and I beleive it has brought us the greatest good in history! Many of us would be peasants tied to the land, if not for this dream!

America's founding fathers have a part in all of this, and for that we should commemerate them and thank their memories!

Happy Birthday America!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

Submission: The film

I know I have shown it before, but it is an important film, one that should be seen more then once, please watch it, it is less then 11 minutes long.

One man died that you may see this film! One woman was driven into hiding and exile that you may see this film.

Palestinian Arabs celebrate 9/11

Arab kids desire to kill Jews!

Another Kidnapped Jew, murdered!

I can't immagine anything worse then being held hostage by these animals! It's bad enough that they kill us, but kidnapping, torturing and murdering, that is low!

Eliyahu Asheri, was 18 years old, another boy! These animals seem to have decided to hurt us by not only, murdering our youth, but by torturing it, mutilating it!

Sick fucks!

Eliyahu's friends and family mourn their loss.