Saturday, May 26, 2007

Girl fed to oblivious punters!

Sometimes something so depraved comes into the open that it genuinely shocks! This is one of them, one that is not being reported by the MSM, only local press are bothering, the reason is that a 14 year old white school girl was murdered, after having sex with a takeaway guy in an alley, and then cut up and fed to the customers!

Now, if this was a case of an ethnic cut up by a whitey! Oh the rage of the MSM would be hard to contain!

"I KILLED her. . . I was just angry."

Albattikhi, 29, had been having sex with Charlene before she died, the jury was told.

She was one of a number of young white girls who went into alleyways behind restaurants in Blackpool to have sex with the men who worked in the takeaways.

What? little girls going to shag 30 year old men? In some grimy alley? This, my friends is what is becoming of our society. This the result of liberalism, the apathy of those who allow or encourage the young to give away their virginity to some grease ball in a smelly alley way! I wonder, is this what those liberals wanted when they set us blindly in this direction?

Did they want us to drown in the filth of our iniquity? Did they desire the final fall of our culture? Did they want little white girls to act as whores don't even do?

This single sentence is repulsive, little girls having sex with 29 or 30 year men! Where were all those fucking social workers and police when this was happening? Organising housing for some fucker that had just got off the boat? Arresting some white man for 'racially aggravated insults'?

This is the fruition of the liberal 'democratic' state, this is your precious 'freedom', freedom to fuck old men, or little girls in some dirty alleyway, freedom to indulge in every filthy depravity you can envisage!

This is not freedom, this is slavery, to our basest instincts! Our leaders make a fine attempt in talking about defending our freedoms and 'democracy', but in truth, they never even knew what freedom was, true freedom, is to be free from this modern day all pervasive state with its corrupting hand and it's whore money!

True freedom entails taking responsibility for one's self and making one's own way in the world. It means not taking handouts, not screwing any system, it means working hard for one's income, it means not thinking of any government as any thing more then an irritant to be avoided or gotten over. It means taking responsibility for one's offspring and not seeing one's daughter become a hobby whore. It means failing and accepting those failures and not blaming others or society or rich people or 'the government' (although the government can be blamed for much more!)

When Blair talks of freedom he talks of the freedom the indulge in depravity and stupidity, to stuff one's self with amphetamines and alcohol to the point of vomiting, to treat sex as some pastime, enough to make the street whores blush!

This is not freedom, it is hedonism and somehow, dangerously, we have confused the two!
D H Lawrence (known for his homosexuality, even he had a better idea of freedom) writes
"Men are free when they are in a living homeland, not when they are straying and breaking away. Men are free when they are obeying some deep, inward voice of religious belief ... Men are free when they belong to a living, organic, believing community, active in fulfilling some unfulfilled, perhaps unrealized purpose ...Men are not free when they are doing just what they like. The moment you can do just what you like, there is nothing you care about doing ..."

Charlene went missing in November 2003. Her body has never been found.

Prosecutor Tim Holroyde, QC, told Preston Crown Court Albattikhi and others had openly talked about Charlene.

He said: "These people were talking about sex with white girls and there was mention of having sex with Charlene."Albattikhi laughed and said she was kinky and she was very small – the plainest possible indication that he was lying to the police when he said he did not know her.

Do you see the contempt that these Arabs have for us as a race? They screw our women and laugh, they see it as we should see it, an act of aggression! Yet we are so apathetic we don't care, so what if my sister is banging some different guy every night of the week, it is her life, so what is my brother is smoking pot! It's not that dangerous! These are the attitudes of those who don't care, those who have capitulated to the liberal tyranny in this land!

If your sister acts like a whore, she is a whore, if your brother acts like some junkie, he is a junkie!

"He and others present were then laughingly saying that Charlene had gone into the kebabs."

Police targeted Albattikhi, a Jordanian immigrant, and his colleague Mohammed Reveshi, who is originally from Iran, after information from witnesses.

Both had a financial stake in Funny Boyz on Dickson Road. Albattikhi is charged with murder while Reveshi, 50, is charged with helping Albattikhi dispose of Charlene's body.

Both men deny the charges and have told police they never knew the girl.

This is the way we live!

Shame on all of us.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Thank God, Blair is going!

But does it mean the beginning of the end of the New Labour project?

Lets hope so!

I always found it odd, that anyone, anywhere could actually like Blair, trust him or think him a decent normal guy! I don't want to blow my own trumpet, but since his election as Labour leader 1994, with his fake smile, hideous wife, jeans and all the other signs of someone who does not take the position of the Queen's prime minister very seriously, I have loathed him and all he stands for!

My prejudice was further entrenched by a book by Leo Mckinstry, a former socialist, who wrote Fit to Govern? in 1996, one year before Blair's landslide victory in 1997.

I told people about Blair, I told them about his lies, the constitutional vandalism he was waiting to unleash, I told them about his europhilia, his stupid, craven crawling to public oppinion!

No one listened!

When he won, I assumed that he wouldn't last, surely now the people would see through this paper cutout of a man?

No, they moaned, but kept on voting for him!

He joined America in bombing another nation, without UN approval, no not Iraq, Serbia, and no one cared!

He sends troops into a failed African state and keeps them there for years, again, no one cares!

He, rapes the constitution of the United Kingdom, with little real response, the glorious and unelected House of Lords, a place that usually is more in step with reality and common sense then the elected House of Commons, was stripped of the old Dukes, Earls, Barons and Marquess', now we are left with a wholly appointed House of Lords (no prizes for guessing who appointed them)

Blair made treason his bedfellow and guide, he wantonly and without recall to our glorious dead, gave away more and more of the ancient liberties of England to those prostitutes in Brussels.

His mistress was the infantile media, he courted it, charmed it and led it any which way he choose, he hoodwinked them and through them many people in this land.

He stood by, and actively participated in the looting of this nation, he took the pensions of the old, he stealthily taxed us, more and more, and then, in two joyous weeks, the people rose up against him and his tyranny, the Fuel Protests of 2000, restored my faith in the people of this land.

But he lied and spinned his way out of that one, infuriatingly, he not only survived, he went on to win the general election of 2001!

His Friends, were liars, adulterers, sodomites, thieves and knaves, they plundered the country, parading their depravity before all to see, they show no shame, no repentance when they are caught, no regret at the damage they have caused, indeed, they claim to have brought a new renaissance to what was a blighted nation!

They have allowed millions of illegals into this country(this is an island, how difficult can it be to secure our borders?) they have allowed these animals to trample over the indigenous people of these islands, they have appeased terrorists at every juncture, seeming to gain pleasure at this appeasement.

This group of sodomites and thieves thinks it quite normal to corrupt and weaken the police forces in this country by accusing them of 'institutional racism' and then to expect that same police force (sorry 'service') to meet a raft of 'targets' to make Britain safe again.

Targets are introduced into the Health Service, Police, Home Office and Immigration. No longer do constables, nurses, civil servants or Immigration officers do their jobs, they fill in forms, justifying their existence to this government of thieves and sodomites!

When targets are not met, the thieves and sodomites change the targets and declare a target achieved, they dumb down exams in schools and with bare faced cheek, they proclaim that children today are better educated then they were even ten or twenty years ago.

This government of knaves and sodomites parades all the failures of the past decade in front of us and declare it a victory! They expect us to celebrate with them, indeed, if we do not celebrate with them, they criminalise us and imprison us in goals filled with immigrant scum, the same scum who came here as refugees and were never deported!

They mock God with their 'gay marriage', they mock us with their failed and ruinous policies.

Anthony Blair did to his credit stand by America after the September 11th attacks in 2001, but even here, he has failed, he has failed to wage war with a lions heart, he has appeased Islam and given it the chance to thrive in this ancient Christian nation.

Thank God he is going, for he has been there far too long, no good came of him, only degredation, and decay.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

War with Iran? Pull the other one!

I've been reading with interest, over the past few days, some fevered speculation that we are near war with Iran!

The Telegraph ran a headline stating "We must attack Iran before it gets the bomb", this was followed up with assessments of Iran's response, and the growing Iranian nuclear threat.

Front Page Magazine, has a report stating that Iran has "Crossed a Red Line", I get the distinct impression that some are thinking that this is the time to go to war, perhaps to introduce 'democracy to Iran'?

Well, even if the Americans, Israelis or someone in coalition with others (which is highly unlikely) attacks Iran, it will not fall as easily as Iraq, for one main reason, the disastrous policies applied to Iraq since 2003!

I was never one to believe in the whole WMD thing, the 45 minute danger that Blair announced in the House of Commons seemed to me at best an exaggeration, I was shocked people fell for that, but never mind!

I did support the invasion of Iraq, for 2 reasons, the status quo was untenable, we had besieged Iraq for over a decade without any noticeable effect on Saddam or the Ba'athists, we could either go in and get rid of him, or rehabilitate him and let him ship the oil and be a 'good boy', we took the war path, mistakenly many would now say! I also supported it for the reason that we need to secure our future supplies of oil, reserves around the world are being depleted, the Middle East offers the only consistently large supply of oil for the foreseeable future.

But instead of kicking Saddam out and securing another friendly man in power, before leaving, or retreating to our military camps allowing the Iraqi armed forces to deal with the newly formed insurgency, we decide to introduce 'democracy' in to the Middle East.

Not that this is an evil thing, I'm sure some of the men in the White House had visions of flowers and dancing children, tidy towns and cities made in the image of America, except with darker people, mosques instead of churches and funny writing.

But, this dream must surely have been smashed by now? The only reason we should go into another nation is for selfish national reasons, hey if it works out well for the nation being invaded, great! If not, tough!

America and the West should not be in the business of 'helping' other peoples and nations for the sake of being 'nice', the truth is, we are not in that business, but to make our realpolitik look nice and friendly in this sentimental, childish age, our political leaders knowing us to be sentimental, ignorant and childish sign on to this lie, it becomes vital in this 'democratic' age! This is one of the joys of 'democracy', that concept we are told that is the panacea for all the ills of the world!

(If only Zimbabwe, Congo, Nigeria and Iran would introduce democracy, the world would be a beautiful place, oh wait, they do have elections...)

Some actually talk themselves into believing it and I'm sure some do actually believe this 'democracy' crock!

Democracy is an ideology that has outlived its usefulness anyway, it does not even work here in the West, how the hell is it going to work in the Middle East?

This disaster in Iraq must not be repeated, all the reasons (except to resolve the untenable situation re: the sanctions) to go to war in 2003 have been missed, no not missed ruined, Iraq is not producing more oil, it is costing America billions every year, this war has backfired to a huge degree, every bad mistake seems to have been made, and now we are being told we need to go to war with Iran?

Well, if someone else were to do so, then yeah sounds great, but what will the American people think? What will Europe think?

No one will fight! If they do, they will lose just as we've done in Iraq.

Any politician that makes a case for war with Iran whether he is genuine or not, will be under huge pressure by the left, he will be smeared and libeled, and will most probably lose power, hounded out by friends of Islam and those lefties who always love to hound out people they disagree with!

War with Iran? yeah right!

Monday, May 07, 2007

Elections 2007

The local English elections have resulted in one gain for the BNP!

That is out if 10,000 local seats throughout the country, not exactly what one would call impressive no matter how the BNP spins it!

What has shocked me, is the amount of people still willing, and seemingly eager to vote for Labour!

I thought everone hated Labour for the 'War'? Or not spending enough on the 'elf service or not allowing in enough immigrants?

But I suppose all those hypocrites always intended to vote Labour anyway. I heard one man on the news say, that he voted Labour, because he has always voted Labour and always will!

What a fucking idiot!

Get an immagination!

So, in brief, nothing much has changed here, except in Scotland, although how much it has changed we shall have to see, as the SNP are chronic lefties themselves.

France has been a bit more interesting, Nicholas Sarkozy is now President elect, who will take over on the 16th May, he has run a good campaign, and a seemingly honest campaign. If he keeps to his word France may be in for a few momentus years ahead!

In America, the whole Presidential race is terminally boring, even the ones I assumed would be of some interest such as Guiliani are conspicious by their invisibility!

What I beleive Britain and America need, is some sort of proportional voting system, it would turn these boring contests into something more exiting, it would also give us more people to vote for without having to waste our votes!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

It's Sarko!

Nicolas Sarkozy has won a clear mandate for change in France with his decisive victory over Ségolène Royal in the French presidential election. He has campaigned throughout with the slogan of seeking a rupture – a clean break – with the French politics of recent years and on Sunday French voters turned out in remarkable numbers to endorse that message. Torn between the desire for security and realisation of the need for reform, they have opted for reform.


BBC News

Saturday, May 05, 2007


To examine its present trajectory is to discover the state of the American nation irredeemable. The proportion of citizens pickled—like cadavers—in the toxic bromides of multiculturalism is formidable; consequently, the dissolution of the once indivisible American ethos into sects of squabbling ethnicities is all but destined. As for those citizens not so intoxicated, they dwell divided betwixt distraction and despair, in passivity and complacency, awaiting a savior that will never come. And so it is with a hardened heart I hammer out …


The idea of American Manifest Destiny is not exclusive to the mid-nineteenth century, though the period of imperial "Westward Ho!" is one of the more conspicuous symptoms of that deeper, existential malady—the messianic mission to make the world over in America's image. Not only does this mandate hearken back to the founding of the Republic but, to this very hour, it gallops apace under the banner of global democracy. The crusade to extend salvation across the globe—to make all places not America, America—is matched only by a more recent, penitent reflex to make all places America, un-American. And whereas once American pretensions to empire could bring but shame to the nation for military misadventures or issue punitive slaps to the jingoist’s ego, at home, the uncritical institutionalization of diversity and the aggressive indoctrination of such facile dogmas as "we are a nation of immigrants," must prove even more destructive to the American body politic for they threaten the very existence of the nation itself.

The political knaves and the meretricious mouthpieces of popular culture have spoken: Thou shalt not question immigration—legal or otherwise. "We are a nation of immigrants" goes the benediction and the demons of racism and xenophobia are exorcised back to Dark Ages before the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred nineteen and sixty-five. Talk of immigration reform (except to increase the huddled masses yearning to cannibalize the Middle Class at the behest of their elitist wranglers) is tantamount to heresy; indeed, proposing a moratorium during which to examine the environmental, financial and existential consequences of permitting millions of aliens of questionable political allegiances to populate this country is the most damnable offense of all.

That we are a nation of Americans—and not a nation of immigrants—is an elementary civic fact. (Incidentally, Osama bin Laden’s fatwa was not titled “Declaration of War Against All Immigrants.”) Neither fact nor force of history—until that force is brought to bear—will convince the open-borderites that their World Nation of Babel is a destructive delusion. Nor is such utopian idiocy confined to any one political persuasion. It is touted by dim-bulbs named Bush and bloated Bostonians called Kennedy, America-hating Leftists, their puling liberal lapdogs and laissez faire libertarians alike. Corporatists of the Church of Economic Determinism gorge themselves on cheap labor while Evangelicals from the School of Putting los Anuses en los Asientos lustily pack the pews with the ceaseless supply of commodities, consumers and congregants unlimited immigration provides. If America is prohibited from restricting immigration on the belief that we are a “nation of immigrants,” it warrants consideration that if we are, and always have been so, then prior to the 1965 Immigration Reform and Control Act America was a nation of immigrants—almost exclusively of European origin. This, the reconquistadors of La Cuckaracha Raza aught to ponder when next they march their Mexican flag waiving mestizo minions onto American streets. Clearly, immigration policy should be dictated by some other criteria; if not, then perhaps it isn’t too late to correct a certain historical mistake.

The nation killers assure us that none can escape the dizzying, centripetal spin of the great American assimilation machine. In goes the immigrant, out the American: not the proud citizen reverential of America’s historical exceptionalism, but the malleable sort eager only to consume scows of garbage they don't need or that demands little more from their leisure time than to slobber over the tawdry exploits of Hollywood’s latest loose bimbo. (In the very least, they are sufficiently American to vote Democrat or attend Catholic mass.) This is a cynical estimation, but the only one that matters to our governing elites. That they themselves do not truly accept the acculturation of immigrants into the American national family is betrayed by another indubitable truth they trumpet so loudly: Diversity is our greatest strength.

Our leaders pay lip service to assimilation even as they deny a particular American culture exists; and inasmuch as one does, it is vilified as inherently oppressive—a racist, sexist legacy to be openly rejected by the immigrant and native alike. Worse still, group rights have formally replaced the rights of the individual. The government incentivizes factionalism and rewards minorities for maintaining their cultural exclusivity through generous entitlements and policies of affirmative action. Adding more diversity to the already encouraged-to-be-indignant ethic blocs can only lead to future violent, internecine conflict—a civil war that will tear the country apart at its unnatural seams as the nations-within-nations vie against one another for scarce resources.

Lamentably, the just and the wise do not always prevail. As the rhetorical salvos are lobbed and the ideological artillery discharged, from the carnage of our country a hideous new order is bent on ascendancy. Out of the reconstituted ashes of the nation no phoenix spreads its blazing wings but there hatches a hydra—its multifarious heads and snapping beaks hissing the false praises of diversity. The Shining City on the Hill has been trampled into the ground by the hungry hordes. Liberty Enlightening the World stands not as she once did—as an inspiration—but as an easy harlot of the harbor. The Mother of Exiles has cast aside her shining lamp and, like some pagan fertility goddess, invites the huddled masses of the world to milk the bounteous udders of the State bone dry.

America, home of the new mongrel proletariat has become Amerogod, great welfare state to the world.


28 Weeks Later

The first film 28 Days Later scared the shit out of me! Perhaps it was the fact that most of the places shown in the film are places I've shopped in, worked in or walked through? Perhaps is is also the fact that they things portrayed have an awful ring of possibility about them?

Also, if something like this were to happen, our present government are so fucking useless and incompetent, that this is what would be inevitable!

I'm definitely seeing this one!

Friday, May 04, 2007

The Suburbs will explode if Sarkozy wins!

An invader Koné Jaoussou stood in a doorway on the infamous Grande Borne council estate, shaking his head at the prospect of a victory for Nicolas Sarkozy in the French presidential election

."If Sarkozy wins this place is going to explode again," said the 28-year-old invader from Mali as he recalled the violence that rocked La Grande Borne in 2005 and again last year.

"There'll be riots here and in the suburbs all over France."

Jaoussou's views are shared widely among the 11,000 people who live on the bleak 1970s estate in Grigny, outside Paris, the home to 52 different nationalities. Many say that the youths, who have come to see Sarkozy as a figure of hate, would greet his election with a fresh round of firebomb attacks on cars, buses and the police.

Similar rumors have been circulating on other troubled suburban estates and senior police officers appear to be taking them seriously.

Privately they say they are preparing for clashes if Sarkozy is elected on May 6. "We have to be ready for these gangs to demonstrate like they do on New Year's Eve," one high ranking officer told Le Figaro, referring to the street battles that have become an annual ritual in the suburbs.

Zair Issa, 18, who is also an invader from Mali, agreed on the likelihood of a violent response to the election of the centre-right candidate as he joined in the conversation with Jaoussou. Wearing dark glasses, a large metal chain and a T-shirt with the words "Ghetto Class" across the chest, he said that the hardline former Interior Minister was viewed as the enemy by youths in France's immigrant communities.

"It's because of him that we get police identity checks all the time," he said. "It's oppressive."

Jean-François Charmand, 38, a painter and decorator with flip-flops on his feet and a cannabis joint in his hand, said that Sarkozy's crackdown on crime had served to unleash police brutality on ethnic minorities. "If Sarkozy's elected it's going to be chaos," he said, fingering a multi-coloured necklace.

"We're going to have even more police coming after the blacks and even less freedom than we do now."

On La Grande Borne estate — where only 44 per cent of adults are in work, cats scavenge on rubbish uncollected on the pavements. A burnt-out car was visible in the car park. And a young woman sat on a table outside one of the council blocks. "Don't talk to her," said a youth standing in a doorway. The teenager — probably a spotter for a gang that pays him to alert drug dealers to the arrival of police — approached menacingly. "Get away," he said.

Jaoussou said that the youth was typical of a generation that had adopted a ghetto mentality. "The young people around here feel rejected and you can understand why," he said. "As far as the French are concerned blacks are fit only to be cleaners and manual workers."