Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Go Israel!

Israel has launched an incursion into that slum the Gaza Strip! Lets pray for Gilad Shalit!

BBC slant here!

Sky News here

Al Jazeera here

Jerusalem Post

Monday, June 26, 2006

Islam is poison

"Now Fox News has reported that [the two American soldiers] had their genitals cut off and stuffed into their mouth. They were beheaded. They were tortured unmercifully while still alive by the disciples of Allah."

I am enraged, I am disgusted beyond belief, I am angry, my heart burns with hatred for the creatures that did this to these bright eyed, brave and selfless young Americans! I am repelled by the filthy treasonous sympathizers of Muslims, these haters of America and the West!

And now we see played out on our screams the sickening sight of a young bright eyed Israeli soldier kidnapped after an invasion of Israeli land and the murder of 2 of his colleagues! He is 19 years old, he is a boy for Christ's sake!

I pray he is rescued before those wicked brutes main and torture him, if he is not to be rescued I pray for a quick death, for there surely is nothing worse then being a prisoner of the wicked, depraved men! Bloodthirsty, cowardly, black hearted men, with nothing good in their hearts, only evil all the time.

I have never prayed that God smite a people or a person, never, even Muslims, even though I hate that Satanic cult of Allah, I have never prayed, willed or wished bad on them till now! The wickedness of what happened to those American boys, and what most probably will happen to that Jewish boy, sicken me to my stomach! The blackness that envelopes these evil doers is for me unimaginable, never in my most depraved moment would I lack compassion, never would I enjoy torture, never, I can't understand the wickedness of these demon possessed men!

I am burning with anger and hatred towards these monsters, these scum bags, these vile vermin of man kind, these children of demons, disciples of Satan! I hate them and call on God to destroy them, to punish them for their vile acts!

Then I read this post about a protest outside a Mosque in the United States, repellent is not the word! These people were protesting that this Mosque, which gave succour to some 9/11 terrorists refused to condemn the barbaric acts of mutilation on those brave and noble soldiers, in fact some of the Muslims in the Mosque shouted at the protesters:

"All of the middle easterners you see in the pictures below are Coptic Christians from Egypt, for the entire evening not ONE Muslim would join us in condemning the tortures of our two soldiers, and in fact some of them yelled out that the two soldiers deserved "what they had coming to them" because they were "in a Muslim land."The evening went very well, I did a count at one point and we only had about 40 people but it was still very effective, and towards the end we all sang patriotic songs and walked among the Muslims who were coming out of the prayer and were asking if they would sing along, of course none would. Remember, this is the mosque that produced two of the 911 hijackers and also Sgt. Akbar who threw grenades at his fellow troops early on in the Iraq war and also they have dug tunnels beneath the street leading from the mosque to a building across the road."

It enrages me that these people get away with it time after time, they sneer at us, the mock us to our faces, they contemptuously spit on our culture, religion and way of life, they cheer our deaths, they enjoy the torture and slow gruesome deaths of boys!

These sick bastards infest our lands, pillage us of money, threaten cajole and blackmail our leaders in to humiliating themselves at their feet!

These barbarians, these animals dare do to us, what they deserve one thousand times over, these wicked vile creatures, despoil our cities, violate our women, humiliate our sons, torture, degrade and murder our most brave and noble men!

May a curse be upon them and their children, their nations and their lives!

May we be that curse!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

The fight continues!

Well, I can't speak Finnish, but here's an interesting Finnish blog!

I suppose we are all in this together, whether you happen to be Irish, American, English, Finnish, French, German, Belgian, Dutch, Spanish, Australian, etc...

This is a world wide fight, I know, I know, we're not fighting! But that is not to say some of us have not fought the enemy, or been touched by the enemy through bombs, threats and violence, I know people who lost relatives and loved ones in New York on 9/11, I myself was caught up in the bus bomb in Tavistock Square on July 7th 2005, I've seen the death and destruction wrought by Islam, I remember washing off the blood of others at the end of that day!

I remember the limbless women and screaming men around me! I remember the terror that seized my heart, I remember feeling helpless, as I tried to help in what little way I could!

I remember the blood and flesh sprayed on the British Medical Association building next to the bombed bus! I remember seeing a torso seeming to sit on the foot path, I remember helping to carry a woman who's feet were hanging off, and my hand had to touch the inside of her leg as, trembling I carried her away from the bus! I remember the doctors cracking that women open as they attempted to save her, I remember her death!

I remember the terror of not knowing whether there was another bomb on board the bus, whether I would suvive that day!

I remember all of this, I cannot ever forget or forgive what I saw that day and the people struck down, by these 'soldiers of Allah'!

I know others that fought in Iraq, and what respect I have for them, knowing what one bad day was like I cannot imagine a week or a year of what I went through! It is unimaginable!

The trouble with Islamic terror, is that we all remember it, we cannot forget, and will not forget!

Let the fight continue!

Another crazy Muslim!

The video bellow is Melanie Phillips debating with another unhinged Muslim, Phillips is the author of Londonistan and is a fine newspaper columnist! She is calm and quite sensible, the Muslim, as per usual, is sychoid! The Muslim first denies Islam has anything to do with Islam, and then, surpirise surprise, he defends Islamic terrorism in the same breath!

This once again proves no Muslim is moderate! How can they be when they beleive the religion of a paedophile prophet and a demonic god!

To see Melanie Phillips site click here

Another crazy Muslim!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Muslims condemn attacks on 'innocent' civilians!

This is interesting! Firstly it scares the shit out of me that Birmingham has 150 Mosques! I mean how did we end up like this? Where do these fuckers come from?

Secondly, I used to visit Birmingham in me youth, and I distinctly remember a Mosque in central Birmingham(quite an ugly thing) Built next to a beautiful Anglican church, towering above it as if to say, 'die infidel die'.

This mosque had an amusing name, guess the name! This was about 1992, yes you guessed it, this was the President Saddam Hussein Mosque!

Did you get that, this was one year after the Gulf War and a mosque on a major arterial route, had in 5 foot high gold letters which were lit after dark the words 'The President Saddam Hussein Mosque'!

You think, perhaps they were just tardy in changing the name of their place of worship, after the war? Well yes they were, they only changed the name of the Mosque in 2002, after 9/11 and in the lead up to the second Gulf War!

11 year people, 11 years to change the name of their mosque from that of a genocidal maniac, who had been at war with this country since 1991, the same Saddam who had held hundreds of British hostages seized in Kuwait, the same guy who then paraded them on international TV, who made a toddler cry!

The fact that they refused to rename the mosque is repellent and tells me all I need to know about their community!

Anyway, I digress!

This is about the the recent Muslim condemnation of attacks on 'innocent civilians', now we all know what constitutes innocent in Islam don't we? If you are Christian, a Jooooo, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, gay, lesbian, American(of any and every persuation) then you are guilty and worthy of attack and death! Innocent means, true and pious Muslim, preferably one with explosives taped to your waist!

"The religious edict makes clear the killing of innocent victims is against the principles of Islam."

Note: They mention 'innocent civilians', why didn't they just say:

"The religious edict makes clear killing is against the principles of Islam. "?

Perhaps, the reason is 'killing' is an integral part of Islam?

"The message is thought to be the first joint statement made by Muslim scholars in the UK against terrorism."

Really? The very first? So, they didn't condemn Lockerbie? Or the Iranian Embassy crisis? Or 9/11 or Madrid? or any attack in Israel or Iraq or London? Bali? No? Hmmmmmmmmm! I wonder why?

"Dr Muhammad Naseem, chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque(formerly the President Saddam Hussein Mosque), said: "There is a perception that Muslims are a source of terrorism. "

Yip, that's right, you are the source of terror! You, your religion, your paedophile prophet and the demonic god Allah, that you insist on following!

West Midlands chief constable Paul Scott-Lee said: "I am delighted by this positive announcement from our local mosques and fully support what is an important statement for all our communities."

Is this guy for real? He welcomes Muslim leaders saying in effect 'please guys, stop murdering and maiming, it's making us look bad' what an arse hole, surely this should go without saying! How many times have you heard Hindu or Buddhist leaders issue statements telling their guys to stop slaughtering in the name of their religion? Never is my bet and for a very good reason, Hindus and Buddhists don't want to destroy the West, they don't detonate themselves in public places!

There we have it some positive news about Muslims! A pitty statements like these are not pulled apart by the press like government statements are, then people may start seeing through the lies they tell us on a daily basis!

Update: I have a great idea! Lets think of a great name for a church, ie The King Richard the Lion Heart Chapel or the George W Bush Memorial Church or Chiesa Reconquista, perhaps something like Ariel Sharon Synangogue! Whaddya think?

America is dangerous!

This was the response to a question in the Telegraph, following the poll showing a majority of Europeans believe America is the greatest threat in the world, yeah, more then North Korea, Iran, China and Pakistan! The question posed by the Telegraph was "Is America the greatest threat to peace in the world?"

There were many who said, "no, this is preposterous"
Some unhinged frothing lefties screamed "yes and Bush is destroying the world"
One British born American had this to say:

What we are seeing is the fruit of hundreds of years of self-selected divergence of the European and American cultures. I am part of that divergence, having been born in London but emigrating to America with my family as a child. My father, a hard working businessman whose enterprise put food on dozens of workingmens' tables, had finally had all he could take of the punitive anti-capitalism of the Labour governments of the post-war years. He came to the US and never looked back, for which I shall always be grateful.

Ever since the discovery of the New World, America has been a magnet for immigration, but only among certain groups of people. Those who came here were among the most ambitious, self-directed, and stubborn in the Old World. Soft and comfortable men were left behind. The aristocracy took almost no part in the settling of America. The desiccated pomp of the established Church gained little foothold here. The toadies and bootlickers of the Court, the tax collectors and other functionaries of oppressive government, were scorned and abused and chased out.

It is true that we got the religious dissidents and fanatics, the well-armed and easily-offended border reivers, the con men and the slave traders.

But we also got the yeoman farmers, simple men of faith, hard work and patriotism, men of few words and great bravery. We got the inventors, the merchants, the soldiers and sailors, and countless ordinary peasants who were so desperate to improve their lives, and yet so optimistic about the shining future of America, that they sold themselves into years of indentured servitude to enable themselves to come to these shores.

And still they come, in an avalanche of hope and ambition that dwarfs all other human migrations. Around the world, people vote with their feet, embracing America despite all its flaws and turning their backs on their native lands. The footsteps of these multitudes, risking all to become Americans, utterly drown out the pipsqueak rantings of those who can find nothing to admire in the American experiment. George Bush is without a doubt the heir of such people, in his genes and in his view of the human condition.

So in answer to the question posed by the editors of the Telegraph, if I may be as inflammatory as they: Yes, Bush is a threat to world peace, because he, and we, value liberty more than safety, and honor more than the shabby, craven "peace" of the Neville Chamberlains and Noam Chomskys of the world.

We recognized that the authoritarian collectivism of Stalin and Hitler was a threat to all we hold dear, and we poured out blood and treasure for fifty years to destroy it, and some of the soft men cocooned in Europe have never forgiven us for it.

Likewise, we recognize in militant expansionist Islamism an even greater threat to the foundations of the civilization our forefathers left us. We will fight hard for fifty more years, or a hundred or a thousand, to destroy it too, without apology or shame or second thoughts.

We hope that those who now cry "jihad" will learn, from the example of Japan and Germany, to reconcile themselves to religious tolerance, political pluralism and the rule of law under a representative democracy. If they don't, we will kill them in large numbers without pity. We don't want to, but we did it before, and we can do it again.

Britain and all of Europe will have to decide soon whether to remain standing by us or join the Islamists. Demography is destiny, and Europe's destiny at this point looks like Sharia law. We offer the civilized world a choice between Bush or the burqa. Choose wisely and choose soon, because there will be no other choices.

Posted by Christopher May on June 24, 2006 10:40 AM

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Western Defence for dummies!

(A reference for the rest of us)

As the West continues its slide toward dhimmihood and enslavement, it seems more urgent then ever to harp on about how we could avoid this fate, and perhaps even succeed in reestablishing our belief in ourselves and our way of life!

Our main enemy is not Muslims or even the religion of the paedophile prophet, our main enemy is and always has been the traitors amongst us who desire our subjugation, enslavement and ultimately our obliteration, yes our enemies are the communists, who in their modern guise as 'liberals' have been quite successful in convincing a large part of our civilisation that we are nasty, arrogant, backward, money obsessed lard arses, unworthy of continued existence!

Theodore Dalrymple says "Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. Ones standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."

Islam, strangely has the same effects on the societies it subjugates, if you compare communist and Islamic nations, one sees some striking similarities. Sure there are differences, but humour me a while!

Communist nations and communist inspired local councils in England and throughout Europe love destruction, they adore pulling down historic old buildings and erecting in it's place pig ugly concrete boxes, you see it all over the place. Most of east London has been governed locally by communists and their sympathisers since WWII, as a result, it is one great big concrete slum.
The same goes for Birmingham, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bristol, Glasgow and pretty much any city of a certain size.

Look at the few places that have consistently elected Tories and you can see what England once looked like, the Tories for all their modern faults are not Luddites or year zero revolutionaries! Communists and their sympathisers want to return all of us to a perfect past, an agrarian past, one where we own nothing, one where we can aspire to nothing, one where the tyranny of the community keeps us in our place, as part of the road to this Marxist 'paradise' we must be re-taught, we must forget our capitalist, Christian past. The only way to ensure this is to destroy all evidence of this past through demolishing our heritage.

Now think about Islam! The Islamic nations of the world are built upon some of the most ancient civilisations in the world, indeed Egypt and Iraq are where 2 of the first civilisations had their roots, great cities were built, roads, ports, temples, churches,synagogues,monasteries, convents, libraries, universities, etc, etc...

One question, where are all these treasures now?

Thats right, they have been wiped from the earth, demolished, built over, laid waste. Even the centres of Islam, Mecca and Baghdad are at best concrete shit holes! Have you been watching the news over the past few years? Have you seen anything in Baghdad that you could call beautiful? Anything at all?

In Mecca, there are only a dozen buildings left standing from the time of Mohammed, in fact the Saudi authorities were recently discussing whether to knock the place of Mohammed's birth!!

No this did not cause an outcry, the reason being that respect for the past is seen as idolatry in Islam, as well as this, Muslims have always had little respect for the past, the treasures of Egypt were lying strewn around the place when the British came along, they realised the worth of what Muslims saw as rubbish or ready made masonry!

It is only because we in the West see the treasures of ancient world as worthy of awe and respect that the Muslims have noticed it at all, and when Muslims notice the treasures of an ancient civilisation they usually destroy it as the case was with the Bamiyan Buddhas or they damage it as is the case in Egypt with the sphinx and the recent attacks on statues due to a fatwa condemning them as idols.

Both Islam and communism see the destruction of our past as a way of erasing our collective memories of the 'evils' of that past. In an effort to create a synthetic new humanity with a new history or none at all, they will go to any lengths, communists in the West have infiltrated our universities and schools and turned them from places of learning to places of indoctrination, preaching the evils of the West and our history, and calling for its demolision and replacement, although nowadays they tend not to tell us what it would be replaced with!

It is sad and unsettling that our educational establishment has convinced us that most of our past was a living hell for our ancestors, that they lived in mud huts, were illiterate and oppressed, while the Islamic world was a beacon of light to the darkened and ignorant West!

This is actually believed! Fact tells us that many of our ancestors were literate, 25% of English people were literate in 1620! This was not unusual in the West, In fact there were more literates in England in 1880 then there are now! 1880 being the year that the government began to involve itself in primary education, as good an argument against big government as any, methinks!

A few years ago I went to St Paul's Cathedral to take in it's majesty, I went with some friends and when there I was talking to a lady that I have immense respect for, we were chatting about how beautiful St Paul's was and she commented that yes it was nice but what about the poor people forced to build it! It amazed me that this lady actually thought that something akin to slavery existed in England in 1664! I tried explaining to her that the men who built St Paul's were master craftsmen and were paid handsomely for their work, indeed St Paul's stretched King Charles II's finances!

Another twisted piece of history are of course the Crusades, in the West, they are seen as a uniformly evil, wicked and unprovoked attack on a culturally superior Islamic world. This avoids the fact that Muslims had been waging Jihad against Christian lands for 400 years before the Crusades were called, it ignores the fact that Christians were being oppressed, massacred, raped, pillaged and enslaved on a regular basis in the Islamic world, it ignores the expansionist tendencies of Islam and that the Eastern Roman Empire had appealed to the West for aid in defending it's self against the maurading Turks, it ignores the resistance against Islamic rule in Spain that had been going on since the Islamic invasion in 711AD, it ignores fact for propaganda.

So what is my point?

If you want to be involved in the defence of the West, then learn your history, learn about the richness of your culture and your religion, learn about the relevance of the nice looking buildings where you live, see the beauty of Europe before it is too late, take in the galleries, read the literature, read the history books written at the end of the last century, before our academy became red. Read, discover, enjoy the fruits of our civilisation, know your self, then you will recognise the poison that emanates from our 'centres of learning' then you can counter the arguments of the traitors amongst us!

Defence of the West for dummies!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Islam: a menace in the East

If you thought that it was only the West that is under threat from Islam, think again! India is hated even more then we are, if that is possible! Muslims hate the idolatrous Hindus and the atheist Buddhists!

Indians were treated much more cruelly then Christians or Jews in the in the Middle East, North Africa and the Balkans! Thailand is not exactly what one would call a 'Crusader State' is it? But Thailand is suffering a rash of bombings and terrorism, assassinations and guerilla warfare in it's southern provinces, all in Allah's name. (above is the Thai flag)

Where ever Islam borders on another culture or religion, we see conflict! Islamic jihad is rife in the southern Philippines, Timor, the Mollucas, Borneo, southern Thailand, Assam, West Bengal, Kashmir, Gujarat, The Punjab, Bombay, Ganges Valley, Sinkiang, Tatarstan, Uzbekistan, Chechnya, Dagestan, Ossetia, Ingushetia, Abkahzia, Nagorno-Karabakh, Lebanon, Israel, Sudan, Ethiopia, Chad, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Sierra Leone, Ghana, Tanzania, Macedonia, Serbia and Bosnia, these are the borders of Islam.

Then we see the jihad in places far from the borders, whether inside Dar Al'Islam or outside in the Dar Al'Harb, New York, Washington, Madrid, Paris, Sydney, London, Bradford, Moscow, Rome, Toronto, Marseille, Istanbul, Casablanca, Baghdad, Amman, Bali, Jakarta, Kabul, resorts on the Sinai, Algerian civil war, unrest in France, violence in Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, German, Italian, British, Belgian and Spanish cities.

It goes on and on, this is not about poverty, black Africa proves that, it is about Islam, a twisted and decayed religion of a mad man!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Former Muslims tell it like it is!

These former terrorists tell it how it is!

All of our pussy liberals would gasp in horror at what these former Muslims and former terrorists say in
this video.

While our elites tell us Islam is a peaceful religion, a religion that has a great history of tolerance, the say that Islam has a better history then Christianity has when dealing with minority groups!

They drone on about the Holocaust, not mentioning that Nazism was a neo-pagan socialist movement, and sure some bad things happened in Christian nations and by Christians towards others, but no where in the Bible is it commanded that we plunder others, no where are we commanded to murder non-Christians, no where are we told to rape women, no where does Jesus rape a 9 year old girl.

Christianity was not spread through conquest by greedy lustful men, it was spread through preaching, with huge risk to the preacher, many of whom were crucified, beheaded and fed to the lions.

Today Christians are the largest group of persecuted peoples around the world, from mild persecution in places like India where there are sporadic incidents of violence and local persecutions, to China with its more organised persecutions arrests to a whole other ball game in the Islamic world, where Christians are at best dhimmis, if they are caught preaching they are beaten, lynched, tortured and in some places executed.

No Muslim group is under this sort of pressure! None. Yeah they claim to be tortured in Guantanamo and RCMP police cells, but do you really believe them? Well I don't, for me torture is a bit more then pissing on the Koran, a bit more then saying 'shut up mother fucker' and just a tad more then not getting the food you like!

Islam is an excuse to terrorise, it is an excuse to rape and steal what ain't yours. Islam is a religion of lazy perverted thieves, who think nothing of being a hypocrite, think nothing of lying through their teeth to us trusting idiots!

Islam is our enemy and as long as Muslims are Muslims then they too are our enemy, one does not entreat an enemy, one does not appease an enemy, one does not seek to be considerate of an enemy, one fights an enemy, one is ruthless and merciless toward an enemy.

Until Islam is defeated, until Muslims abandon this false religion and admit that it is a Satanic religion that they reject with no and's if's or but's, then we must fight.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

French 'youths' riot!

Remember the riots in France last year?

Remember how they had nothing to with Islam?

Well here is an interesting video for you to watch, just remember, the shouts of Allahu Akhbar have nothing to do with Islam!

Good, now that you are immunised against your knee jerk islamophobia watch the video

How to stop Muslim militants!

Once in U.S. history an episode of Islamic terrorism was very quickly stopped. It happened in the Philippines about 1911, when Gen. John J. Pershing was in command of the garrison. There had been numerous Islamic terrorist attacks, so "Black Jack" told his boys to catch the perps and teach them a lesson.

Forced to dig their own graves, the terrorists were all tied to posts, execution style. The U.S. soldiers then brought in pigs and slaughtered them, rubbing their bullets in the blood and fat. Thus, the terrorists were terrorized; they saw that they would be contaminated with hogs' blood. This would mean that they could not enter Heaven, even if they died as terrorist martyrs.

All but one was shot, their bodies dumped into the grave, and the hog guts dumped atop the bodies. The lone survivor was allowed to escape back to the terrorist camp and tell his brethren what happened to the others. This brought a stop to terrorism in the Philippines for the next 50 years.

Pointing a gun into the face of Islamic terrorists won't make them flinch.
They welcome the chance to die for Allah. Like Gen. Pershing, we must show them that they won't get to Muslim heaven (which they believe has an endless supply of virgins) but instead will die with the hated pigs of the devil.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Religion of Peace is at it again!

It has been an interesting few weeks!

Zarqawi is burning in hell with Mohammed and Satan/Allah.

17 'Canadians' were arrested with a few tons of explosives in Toronto ready to kill hundreds of Canadians, seize Parliament in Ottawa and behead the new Prime Minister Stephen Harper!

'British youths' arrested in London, shots fired, rumours of dirty bombs.

Do these things have any connection at all?

Probably not!

Another interesting story that I've heard of over the past few months is that of a California school, where they decided to make the children live like muslims for a few weeks, changing the kid's names, making them eat, fast and pray to Allah/Satan!

Can you immagine any school in America making it's students live like the original apostles? There would be millions of athiests on the streets burning churches and lynching Christians, there would be outrage amoungst the MSM, debates in Congress etc, etc...
But when a school makes students worship Allah/Satan, the MSM is curiously silent, no one on the left seems bothered, perhaps they are too busy trying to get 'in God we trust' taken off the American Dollar?

The Australian publishes an eye opening piece about the impending fall of Europe, well it would be eye opening if anyone took any notice! The problem is, no one cares, after every outrage by these bastards, I hear people around me curse Muslims and they agree with me that something needs to be done, then a few weeks passes and they seem bored, uncaring, uninterested!

And every day we get closer to becoming an Islamic state, an Islamic continent ruled by Mullahs and Sharia, every day we become more dhimmi!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Muslims scream for the death of Christians in London!

Yesterday, at about 2:30pm a group of Muslims stood outside the Maria Fedelis Convent School on North Gower Street, London NW1.

The 5 Muslims men and 2 Muslim women had a megaphone and were screaming for the deaths of Christians outside the school gates. The teachers tried to ignore it, but it continued and after half an hour, fearing for the safety of the girls, they phoned the police.

On their arrival, the police seized a video cam they were using to film this brave 'event' and took down their names, they were not arrested!

These people were calling for the rape and murder of Christians outside a school gate!

It is disgusting that these animals are still walking the streets. If these people were BNP activists calling for the deaths of Muslims outside a Muslim school, they would have been arrested, as it was they were let go, so that this 'incident' can be 'investigated'!

This was not in any news outlet, I learned of it from a close friend of mine, she is involved with the school and told me about it, shocked it could happen!

Dhimmis indeed!

Zarqawi is dead! Thank God!

Great news for all Iraqi's, Allied troops and the West!

That devout Muslim, butcher and heartless murderer is dead. Well done to the American troops involved, well done, you should be proud of yourselves!

It is nice to think, Zarqawi is in hell, burning with his god Allah/Satan and his prophet Mohammed! I hope he is enjoying his 'reward' in 'paradise'

It may be a little bit different from what he expects! JOY OH JOY!

Friday, June 02, 2006

Lost Verses of the Holy Q'uran: Part 6

Surah 124: The Defiled

Bismillah:Another fortnight passed, during which Muhammad and his devoted followers delighted in the vilest of debaucheries; the drunken Prophet leaving the bodies of several murdered Jewish boys in a dark annex of Sabri's house; their posteriors ruptured and throats slit by him. The Nubian siren Sheba watched from the shadows, shedding tears for the slaughtered children.

Oaf Abu Bakr, fulfilling the will of Allah, again came unto his daughter Ayesha, she having recovered from the Prophet's advances; a lecherous Muhammad occupied with knowing the remaining Jewish boys.
"Why is it that you know me, my father?" asked a satisfied Ayesha, sitting up on the bed after Abu had withdrawn from her and closed his robe.
"It is the will of Allah," answered the oaf, looking upon her nude body.
"Cover yourself from my sight child, have you no decency?"
"Do you not find me comely, or is the stiffness of your nether member only for my stepmother Fahimah?" asked Ayesha coyly, smiling and reclining before him.
"I do find you most comely, that is why you must cover yourself," Abu ordered, finding his incestuous lust for her troubling.
"Yes my father," replied an obedient Ayesha, pulling a sheet over herself.

Crossing the desert, the Muslim army left Medina and returned to the oasis to refresh themselves and rest among the palms, the inhabitants there vexed at the presence of the Holy Prophet. A defiant Mecca stood to the south, Muhammad knowing that with the help of Allah, the army of Islam would prevail over the infidels. Abu learned that his nephew Abdullah had committed suicide by climbing a tall date palm and hurling himself from it, his broken body buried in the desert by his grieving father and brothers.Troubled, he approached Muhammad and told him of his grief.
"Waste not time mourning over him oaf, it was the will of Allah," said Muhammad blithely with a wave of a hand, drunk in his tent, dining on a bowl of boiled dung beetles smothered in thick vulture gravy.The Nubian harlot Sheba looked to Abu in silence, sympathy in her eyes, recalling the Prophet's licentious pederasty, having watched from in the shadows as he murdered those who dared to cry out in pain at his advances.
"That, or he couldn't live with the idea of you having known him," replied a frowning Abu, staring at the floor of the tent, sadness on his countenance.
"My knowing of him was a gift: how dare you question the will of Allah or his messenger!" exclaimed Muhammad, finishing his meal of dung beetles, his filthy fingers covered in cold vulture gravy.
"I don't question the will of Allah, what I do question is the unrelenting stiffness of your nether member and your licentious pederasty, knowing little boys in his sight," retorted Abu.
"Are there not captive women in our camp that could satisfy your carnal urges?" "Perhaps there are, but none are as tight as the lovely orifice of a little Jewish boy," answered a smiling Muhammad.
"You are a hypocrite; you have repeatedly denied others of your inclination the ability to know them, stating that such actions are a sin in the eyes of Pig Allah," said Abu boldly, revolted at the thought of pederasty. Harlot Sheba silently wiped tears from her cheeks, she mourning for the young victims of Muhammad's insatiable homosexual depravity.
"Hypocrite, no, for Allah's revelations do not apply to me, nor do they to you," answered the Prophet with another smile, wiping hands on his filthy silk robe. "You, oaf, along with myself, have sanction from Allah to do whatever we wish."
"We do?"
"Yes," answered Muhammad, pausing to squeeze foul matter from a swollen boil on his forehead,
"It runs the gamut, from taking women in our beds, or lovely boys in our tents, or even to the knowing of pretty animals, indulging in their comely favors as it suits us."
"The favors of beasts!" exclaimed Abu, "I always thought you were a twisted bastard, but the likes of us knowing animals?"
"A camel can be most attractive if one drinks enough wine: just look at their pretty eyes," replied Muhammad, raising a bottle and drinking deeply from it. "Such is bestiality!" exclaimed Abu in utter revulsion.
"No oaf, it is love; for Allah is love, and his Prophet is love: I spread Allah's love by knowing those I desire; indulging in the favors of comely women, lovely boys, and pretty animals."
"You are a depraved raper of young boys and a perverted molester of lowly beasts!" retorted Abu, looking the drunken Prophet in the eyes.
"Be that as it may, it is the will of Allah," answered an uncaring Muhammad, growing visibly aroused at the thought of knowing pretty animals, a small, malnourished female camel with light brown eyes just outside his tent crossing his utterly deranged mind.Pulling open his filthy robe, he reached for his erection and began masturbating, the harlot turning away in disgust.
"Have you no respect or decency, even in the eyes of your wives and fellows?" asked Abu, turning his head and covering his eyes.
"You needn't look unless you desire to pleasure Allah's Prophet, such is the will of him should you find my organ enticing.
"I'm not queer, your offer is revolting!" exclaimed Abu, turning and heading from him.
"Very well, be gone with you, ugh, oaf," grunted Muhammad, reaching orgasm as he finished the sentence, spitting his seed upon the ground and his filthy silk robe.

Leaving the tent, Abu chanced upon another of the Prophet's followers, a dull-witted, nearly toothless man with a missing eye, known by his fellows as Sadi.
"Duh, where is the Prophet?" asked a staggering Sadi, he very drunk.
"He's playing with himself in his tent over a camel, do you want to watch?"spat a disgusted Abu, pushing him out of the way.
Sadi tumbled to the ground, watching Abu trudge off into the darkness.Returning to his tent, a troubled Abu told Fahimah of his terse words with Muhammad, and that the Holy Prophet was not only a pederaster, but also a vile practitioner of bestiality, knowing pretty animals in the sight of Allah.
"I told you he was little more than a depraved devil in man's guise," she replied, "Only such could lust for the loins of a beast. Muhammad is an evil madman desiring death for all who oppose him; you, husband, will come to blows with him, if not only to save your very life."
"Do we have any food?" asked Abu, not commenting on her wise words.
"Yes, with the help of your daughter and the Nubian harlot, I caught and baked several rats for us this afternoon."
"It beats viper flesh, bring some to me wife, with a full bottle," ordered a frowning Abu, hoping that drunkenness would ease his contemptuous feelings for the Holy Prophet.

Surah 125: Mecca

Bismillah:Having renewed their strength at the oasis, the vengeful warriors of Islam marched into the desert, heading south toward Mecca, killing any in their path that dared to resist. Along the way they recruited more converts: augmenting by several score a revolting cadre of amoral pirates, vicious brigands, twisted perverts, depraved pedophiles and lascivious sodomites, all hungry for glittering plunder, rivers of blood, and helpless victims. Muhammad and his entourage followed, a string of captive Jewish boys in chains, having been thoroughly sodomised, trudged along with them, some forced to carry the Holy Prophet in an ornate litter.

Fahimah and the Nubian siren Sheba, together with Muhammad's child wife Ayesha, were carried in another litter behind the Prophet.
"What are we to do about that insane monster in man's guise?" asked Sheba, her voice low in fear of the Prophet.
"Nothing harlot, we are but women, and haven't the strength to subdue such as him," whispered Fahimah, her belly showing she was with child, fearful the Jewish boys carrying them might hear and tell the evil Prophet of their words.
Oaf Abu, dismissing his utter disgust at the Holy Prophet's revolting pederasty and bestiality for the moment, conversed with Muhammad in their litter as they were carried across the desolate waste.
"You told the followers that great Allah dwells in heaven; who else dwells there with him in his abode on high?" asked Abu, wiping sweat from his brow.
"His brothers," answered the Prophet, drunk on strong wine. Covered in sweat, scratching at biting fleas in an armpit, he pulled his filthy, sweat stained silk turban from his head, revealing a head of lice ridden, matted hair drenched in perspiration. Frowning for a moment, he grunted, releasing foul gas from his posterior.
"What are their names?" asked a gagging Abu, pulling a curtain open for fresh air.Muhammad, his head reeling from drunkenness, making up the story as he went along, replied,
"Let's see, Allah, Holiest of all Pigs, rules the heavens and the earth, sitting on his golden and bejeweled throne. His younger brothers, Hogallah the fat, Swineallah the wise, Boarallah the cyclops, and Porkallah the whiskered stand at his side, singing his praises for eternity."
"You're telling me heaven is filled with pigs?"
"Yes," answered Muhammad plainly, his mind much too deranged to realise his utterances made no sense at all.
"If that is so, what use would they have for the likes of us or our worship, considering we are not pigs?" asked Abu, confused and doubtful of the words he was hearing.
"Upon our ascension to heaven, we too will become holy, purified Hogs, welcomed into paradise by Allah," declared Muhammad, crushing a flea between his fingernails.
"Once there, 72 devoted, eternally virgin Swinettes will tend our every desire, feeding us forever with ample morsels in golden troughs to sate our piggish gluttony. To slake our thirst, they will bring us welcome drink from rivers of wine, and will give us their comely favors upon demand."
"Oh," said Abu, wondering if reincarnation into a ravenous, depraved hog upon death was something worth looking forward to.

Later, the warriors of Islam came upon a laden caravan of peaceful merchants on a trade road, heading with their wares toward Mecca. Skulking behind sand dunes, Muhammad and his devoted followers watched, laying in wait as the caravan approached.
"What will we do?" asked Abu, looking to the deranged Prophet.
"Allah told me in a dream that we will take the caravan, kill the merchants who own it, and then use the caravan to enter Mecca and subdue the infidels," answered Muhammad, delighted at their stumbling upon easy victims in the middle of the desert.
"That should prove easy with the numbers we have," replied a smiling Abu, looking forward to glittering plunder and the favors of comely women.Without warning, scimitars in hand, the army of Islam burst from the dunes like locusts, vicious cutthroats and pirates slaughtering the merchants and taking their goods in the name of Pig Allah.
A young and comely water boy with green eyes, cringing in the corner of a wagon, was spared for the carnal pleasure of the lascivious Prophet, as were several dark-eyed maidens betrothed to men in Mecca. Abu Bakr, on orders of Muhammad, took their virtue, their betrothals annulled in the eyes of Allah as he knew them one by one.His lust satisfied, Abu handed the captives over to other trusted followers, who were then debauched by hundreds of lascivious brigands in the name of Islam. Their carnal needs sated; the warriors left the broken bodies in the wake of the caravan.Sitting behind the reins, Muhammad, henchman Abu at his side, headed to Mecca, followed by the vicious and depraved Muslim army.

Approaching the city on the following morning, vanguards were sent forth to the gates, they telling the Meccans that merchant Fateen had arrived with goods to sell.
"Good friend Fateen, welcome again to our city," said a smiling guard, unknowingly opening the gates for the vicious warriors of Islam. Many laden camels and wagons entered Mecca while the bulk of the Muslim army hid in the distance, the doomed inhabitants celebrating the arrival of the caravan. A Meccan elder of many years walked up to Muhammad and Abu, asking where the merchant was.
"Good Fateen, he was delayed and will arrive later," Muhammad answered, reaching for his oiled garrote.
"You look familiar friend," replied the elder, hiding his disgust at Muhammad̢۪s slovenly appearance, clad in his filthy silk robe and turban; his beard matted and neck caked with dirt.
"Do I?" asked the evil Prophet, he and Abu stepping from the wagon. Followers hidden in other wagons reached for their weapons and prepared to strike.
"Yes," said the man.
"I should look familiar; but I am not your friend: I am your enemy Muhammad," retorted the Prophet as he pulled the garrote, terror filling the man's eyes. Abu Bakr moved quickly and punched the hapless elder in the face with all his strength, breaking his neck from the blow as Muhammad yelled,
"Attack my followers, attack and kill the infidels in the name of Allah!" Bloodthirsty saracens burst forth, sharp scimitars in hand, gleefully slicing off arms, legs, and heads of the stunned Meccans.
"Good work oaf," the Prophet declared, looking to the body of the vanquished elder as hordes of his devoted followers came though the open gates.

An orgy of death swept over Mecca as the Muslim army slaughtered and raped in the name of Allah. Stepping over the bodies of vanquished infidels, Muhammad made his way to the Kaaba, home of the gods. Standing on the roof, oaf Abu at his side, the smiling Prophet delighted at the unremitting carnage, watching as his devoted, bloodthirsty followers murdered his enemies.
"Allah is smiling upon us on this day," said Muhammad in the bright sunlight, watching as his licentious minions, having defeated the infidels, repeatedly raped the wives of the Meccans before him.
"He is indeed," replied a pleased Abu, sounds of revelry and voices of screaming women filling the air.While greedy freebooters looted the Meccan treasury in the name of Allah, an orgy of drunken lasciviousness occurred as other Muslims celebrated their victory. Standing on the Kaaba during the festivities, Muhammad gave a sermon, declaring to his followers that they could do anything they wished to survivors who refused to embrace Islam.
A cadre of lustful perverts and eager pedophiles smiled in delight at the Prophet's welcome words, leaving the Kaaba at once in search of victims. Several days passed, the cries of the defiled diminishing as the army of Islam, having grown tired from the orgy, passed out from drunkenness. Hundreds of infidels lay dead in the streets, covered in flies, having died in the most horrific of ways, the women having been raped to death, the bodies of debauched children having fallen into the hands of murderous perverts and pedophiles.

In late afternoon, the Holy Prophet, recovered from a marathon bout of drunken pederasty, roused a snoring Abu, telling him of his plans for the day.
"We must enter and cleanse the Kaaba in the name of Allah, as it is his, and only his, house," he declared while scratching his posterior, an obedient Abu forcing the locked door down.Over a thousand gold, silver and alabaster idols of the gods of Mecca were contained therein; each sitting in ornate nooks prepared for them.
"Obscene infidels!" exclaimed an angered Muhammad,
"There is no god but Allah the Pig!"
"What shall we do Prophet?" asked the oaf, awaiting further orders.
"We must destroy them!" declared Muhammad, the Holy Prophet and Abu exhausting themselves smashing the pagan idols over the next hours.A breathless Abu looked about, every idol in the Kaaba having been destroyed. Searching in vain for the idol of a pig, he feared that he or Muhammad might have accidentally destroyed Allah in their frenzy of destruction. Composing himself, he asked, "Where is Allah?"Here he is oaf, said a smiling Muhammad, pointing to a large black stone sitting on the floor of the Kaaba, surrounded by the remains of destroyed idols.
"Allah is a rock, I thought you said he was a pig," said Abu, looking to the insane Prophet.
"Allah's spirit dwells within this stone, when one touches it, they can feel his awesome power."
"It feels like a cold rock to me," replied a frowning Abu after having placed hands upon it. All this effort and carnage for a shapeless boulder? he thought, staring at Muhammad as though he were a madman.

Lost Verses of the Holy Q'uran: Part 5

Surah 123: The Demon

Bismillah:Growing restless at Medina, an insane Muhammad was determined exact his revenge upon the inhabitants of Mecca, so he could capture the city in the name of Islam and defile the Kaaba in the name of Pig Allah.

At his urging, followers created more weapons, seizing metal wherever it could be found, using captured infidels as slave laborers for the hot forges. Under the watchful eyes of brutal Muslim slavedrivers, cooking pots, utensils, plowshares and pruning hooks were heated and beaten into deadly scimitars for the warriors of Islam; those who refused to serve the warriors were slaughtered, their bodies thrown into the fires of the forges.

The once peaceful Medina had been transformed from a prosperous trading center into a filthy lair of vicious freebooters, brigands, and evil cutthroats, hungry for plunder and blood. Allied with the warriors of Islam were assorted perverts: depraved pedophiles, brutal rapists, and lascivious sodomites: comprising a revolting den of amoral, lustful, lecherous monsters who gleefully destroyed entire towns, taking the virtue of women, girls and boys at will.

The Muslims were led by the corrupting force, Prophet Muhammad, chief pervert of Islam, otherwise known amongst his fellows as Abu al-Qasim Muhammad Ibn Abd Allah Ibn Abd al-Muttalib Ibn Hashim.The Holy Prophet, knowing from his vivid, epileptic dreams that his actions were the will of Allah, returned to his licentious pederasty, knowing freshly captured Jewish boys during bouts of drunkenness.

At other times, strong wine having caused vile fits of vomiting in the street just outside Sabri's house, he amused himself by eating strong hashish, molesting his young wife Ayesha afterward. Seeing the depravity of Muhammad, the Nubian siren Sheba felt shunned, left out of the wanton debauchery, watching in horror at his perverted, drunken orgies with little boys from a dark corner of Sabriâ's house. "You're hurting me Prophet, I bleed!" cried a very young Jewish boy of eight as Muhammad knew him, his ample girth having ruptured the boy's posterior.

"Vile Jew, how dare you question the will of Allah's messenger," retorted an angry Muhammad, slitting the boy's throat to the spine with a sharp knife. He threw the body to the tiled floor of Sabri's house; his filthy erection covered in blood and feces as it slipped from the murdered victim.Shedding painful tears while viewing the murderous sodomy, the Nubian siren also witnessed the Prophet's brutal fits of pedophilia with young Ayesha. "You ingratious bitch, how dare you cry out as I indulge in your comely favors, my knowing you is the will of Allah!" grunted Muhammad, slapping the child, finally achieving orgasm within her. "Yes Holy Prophet," replied Ayesha in tears, having turned seven that day, wiping blood from her lower lip.

"These terrible actions of Muhammad are not the work of Allah, nor any other god; they are truly the evil ministrations of a vile and sadistic demon," Sheba said to herself, withdrawing into the shadows.Troubled, she approached Fahimah one evening and told her of her woes. "You made your bed painted harlot, lay in it," the widow retorted while cooking a pot of viper stew, not wanting to arouse the Prophet's maniacal wrath. The house had grown filthy on the orders of Muhammad, it revealed to him in a dream that cleaning it was not the will of Allah. "But what of you, how did you come to be here in this hell on Earth?" asked Sheba, surrounded by iridescent flies, filth and the butchered bones of vermin, not knowing how the upright woman had become part of a band of depraved brigands led by a demented, demon possessed maniac.

"Your disgusting Prophet murdered my good husband Sabri in this very house in which you stand. He took our money, raped me and my maidservant, and then gave me to his brother in law Abu as his wife. As for Muhammad being my Prophet, I cannot be sure from what I have seen him do; how can you live such a life among such after what you've been through?"

"I am but a prisoner of uncivilized brutes: I cannot live such a life, except at the whim of my gods, perhaps one day I will simply die and be released from this dreadful fate," said the widow, just as Abu walked in. "I need food and wine," the oaf announced, the harlot withdrawing from the room."Yes," replied Fahimah, presenting him with a bottle and a warm earthenware bowl filled with snake flesh cooked in seasoned jackal broth.

"Viper stew I can't stand this shit!" exclaimed Abu, revolted at the boiled head of a snake floating in the bowl, an eye staring at him, surrounded by sliced onions, bits of scorpion shells, and withered parsnips. "We have no more jackal, vulture, or rat meat, Muhammad has eaten it all, even to their rotting carcasses and the nauseating entrails; that and other vermin is all your Prophet will allow us to consume. I respectfully confess that I long for a fine pork roast to dine upon," said his wife. "That's the truth; what did the Nubian harlot want here?" asked a resigned Abu, pulling the snakehead out and gnawing at it, pulling an occasional scale from his mouth with a thumb. Shuddering for a moment, he spat a tough, chewy eyeball to the floor.

"She came to complain to me about Muhammad shunning her comely favors, while knowing little Jewish boys," answered Fahimah. "She also said the Prophet is knowing your young daughter too much; I have seen it, from the way she walks, she has grown very sore from his attentions. "Yes, he should come unto Ayesha only after a week or so has passed, as do I; for it is Allah's will for me to know my daughter. Regarding the little boys, I fear that the Prophet's wanton pederasty is both strange and revolting to me," Abu replied, throwing the skull to the floor in utter disgust and drinking jackal broth from the bowl.

"Revolting; a filthy bitch in the throes of heat is not as vile as that depraved sodomite: he is an evil, lecherous, perverted freak who lusts after the flesh of men," his wife declared, not telling of her revulsion to her incestuous husband knowing his daughter in their bed on many occasions. "They're not men, they are infidels, according to the Prophet, such does not matter in the eyes of Allah. Flesh protrudes from their loins; as does it from the vile crotch of Muhammad. My gods frown upon such perverse acts, condemning those who engage in those practices to eternal damnation. They do not yet spit their seed on the ground, as Onan did,"

"They are nothing," replied Abu, taking a gulp from the bottle. "That has nothing to do with what I am telling you husband," said the wise Fahimah, "Your Prophet knows little boys; it is wrong in the eyes of my gods: he is little more than a queer." Oaf Abu stared at her for a moment, knowing in his heart that she was correct. He returned to his meal, peeling snakeskin from a chunk of viper, the fat carcasses of boiled maggots infesting the meat. Looking at the maggots, a frowning Abu spat, "What the hell, I'm hungry," stuffing the half-rotted flesh in his mouth and chasing it with wine.After several weeks of preparation, the rebuilt Muslim army was ready to attack Mecca. Hordes of bloodthirsty Saracens were armed with sharp scimitars of brass and iron, their bellies filled and bodies nourished with the bitter flesh of vermin.

A drunken Muhammad, standing on the upper porch of Sabri's house, gave a sermon, telling a crowd of devoted followers that pain, death and destruction would be visited upon the inhabitants of Mecca for resisting the will of Allah and his Prophet.

As Muhammad smiled in delight, the crowd shouted to the heavens in unison: "There is no god but Allah the Pig, and Muhammad is his Prophet!"
"He said that the last time," Ayesha observed, Fahimah stifling a laugh while they stood only a few cubits from the vile Prophet.Looking to her, Abu sighed. "Yes he did, but take care in what you utter child, for Muhammad has a great, malevolent power not of this world."

"That's because he is the Devil incarnate; may the gods of my fathers destroy that queer murderous bastard and all he has wrought," retorted Fahimah. "Do you beg for him to strike you down?" asked a frowning Abu. "Perhaps I do, for death is better than this existence," she answered bitterly, looking to the demon in man's guise calling itself Muhammad, while feeling the life of an innocent unborn in her womb.