Friday, March 30, 2007

What is with the BBC?

In this hostage crisis, the BBC is proving itself to be a crucial ally of the Iranian regime.

Apparently the BBC used to be an organisation that helped it's own people in wars and such, in the second world war, the BBC reported as accurately as was possible without compromising national security, and also saw itself as 'British'!

Well, that was the past, now the BBC is I am sure shaming the Iranian state broadcaster in its grovelling to Ahmedinejad and the Mullahs in Tehran, See the following items taken from the BBC website:

1. Second sailor 'apologises' to Iran, now, although they put the apologises in quotation marks, they never in the story show any support for the hostages and take it at face value that they are apologising, they also in their broadcasts seem to be going out of their way to tell their viewers that the 'detained men' as they so quaintly put it are being treated very well by the Iranians and seem to spend little time in explaining that these men were not in Iranian waters leaving the viewer with the impression that these men were in fact in Iranian waters.

2. Britain and Iran raise the stakes. Typical BBC 'neutrality' here, so it's both Britain and Iran the are raising the stakes is it? It's not the Iranians who are to blame is it? Well, the BBC seems to think that would be a value judgement too far, although the BBC were quick to condemn Bush for the 'Katrina disaster' in New Orleans and Rumsfeld of the 'torture' of Abu Ghraib. Odd they condemn the West and let the Ayatollahs off scott free?

But this is only part of the trend at the BBC, they no longer see themselves as British, they belong to the 'world', I'm sure they would love to rename themselves the GBC (Global Broadcasting Corporation) as they show more loyalty to various third world despots then they do to the nation that pays for them through their Licence Tax!


Weakness will be remembered!

15 British Royal Marines and sailors have been seized by Iranian 'pirates', the marines and sailors, don't fight, reasons unknown, but it is thought that the stringent rules of combat that have been dumped on servicemen in the area prevented them from fighting the Iranians so as 'not to heighten tension'.

Simply put our exalted leaders left these marines and sailors out on a limb, and not their own!

What was the response of the British armed forces? They did nothing. They could easily have persued the Iranians and rescued the men, but they stayed put and did nothing.

Tony Blair, the Queen's failed prime minister, couldn't find time to say anything about this for 3 days! Then he comes out and mouths some platitude about this being 'wrong'.

Forgive me, but does this government have any fucking clue about what it's supposed to be doing? Sorry they are too busy legalising more sexual perversions, super casinos and drugs, very important work that!

All these ministers from the prime down, are a shower of complete fucking idiots, not fit to run a market stall, and here they are making fools out of themselves again!

Well considering they failed to properly support our troops, then failed to order their rescue when that was possible, it has now become impossible to rescue them barring an invasion of that dark place.

Do we imagine that Blair with only a few more weeks could, even if he wanted (which I doubt) order an aggressive act against Iran to rescue these men?

What a fucking idiot, the sooner he goes, the better!

Unfortunately for the rest of us, national weakness/incompetence will be remembered long after he has left office!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Lady of the Sea, Seth Lakeman

Europe, Not as bad as you think!

Something that I have noticed over the past few months is, I believe a misguided contempt of Europe and Europeans on the American 'blogosphere'.

I can understand it quite well, our leaders are contemptable snivelling cowards, but are American leaders any better?

European economies are slow growing or shrinking, quite true, socialism has been ingrained into Europe's economy, retarding it's growth! But, forgive me for pointing out that America, although growing faster then Europe on the whole is not growing as fast as Ireland, Switzerland or some East European economies, the reason for the 'low' growth of the 'European economy' is France, Italy and Germany, take them out, we are growing as fast as America, if not faster!

There are many sneering references to out of control immigration to Europe, quite true, immigration is out of control, our treasonous leaders have ensured this! But America has accepted more immigrants in the past decade then all of Europe combined! And America has 300 million people, Europe has 800 million! Also, Europeans, from what I have deduced from talking with them do not accept these people as French or Italian or English or Irish or Spanish etc... Americans seem to conclude that if someone (no matter how despicable or criminal they are) stays in America for a number of years, then they are American! You see it matters not if an Arab or an African has a French or British passport, they will never be French or British. If those same people go to America, they are as American as the descendants of the Pilgrims, or the Scotch-Irish or the Germans or Huguenots! That is not something to be proud of!

The European Union, is contemptible, invented by atheists who hate the 'true Europe', they wish to see the end of Europe and the European peoples. But they are not 'us', they are 'our' enemies! I certainly would love to see the end of the EU, it could be replaced by a free trade zone, something most Europeans would support.

Although there is much anti-Americanism, something I find childish in it's blatant but unrecognised jealousy, not all people want to be American! Some American bloggers write as if it is unthinkable that any right thinking person would not wish to be American. As much as I admire America and its constitution, it tradition of decency etc... I also do not wish to be American! I am part of a different tradition, if I was to immigrate it would be to Australia or Canada or New Zealand, nations with similar and shared histories, from their settlements to today... I understand the desire of the Italians and the French and the Germans to maintain their separateness, after all they also have great civilisations, they don't need to learn English or be just like us, if they did the world would become a greyer place.

Most Europeans that I have met on my many travels throughout the continent are decent, educated and civilised people. Opposed to the waves of immigration as much as any other sensible person. There is of course anti-Americanism, I assure you I have argued against them many times, but there are also people who, although are not anti-American do actively dislike McDonald's, Starbucks and the other chain stores from over the pond, this may seem anti-Capitalist to some, but when you are standing in the Piazza da San Marco in Venice or the ramparts of Alghero in Sardinia, or before the Grossmunster in Zurich or standing on one of Lisbon's seven hills taking in the view, you can kinda see their point! The idea of some chain store does seem like vandalism! It may be ok in a city 100 years old, but these places are mellenia old, they are living places not some discardable throw away thing, or some plastic Disney World castle, these is the real things!

I know that there is an ideology of American exceptionalism, America is a great nation, it is not exceptional, it is not immune to the currents of history or reality. The myth of the enrichment of immigration is an especially dangerous one that is part of the American narrative, one that both the right and left accept and harp on about. Anti-Immigration just does not work, because you think anyone and everyone is potentially American, this is so untrue as to be something I believe may end America as a great power, you cannot ever throw many races together and think they will become one, or that they will accept the morals and standards of the Pilgrims or the 'founding fathers', they wont! On this I believe Europe is stronger, our nations are based on an ethnic identity, immigration for us is very obviously an attack on us, as 'us' is determined by our shared ethnicity and history.

It is strange that Australia, another great immigrant society does not have as part of its national ideology, the idea that all immigration is great! But then Australia had until 30 years ago the unofficial 'White Australia policy', which originally would only allow Britons and Nordic types in. This was extended after 1945 to allow Italians, Greeks, Portuguese and Slavs. This attitude seems healthier to me, it keeps the nation relatively homogeneous. To much difference can be a danger.

I digress! Simply put, I appeal to our American cousins to realise that we are generally quite a sensible bunch, we have our weirdos like you, we also have our challenges like you! But we are not suddenly less then you, because we are not you!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Europe decideds to turn off the lights!

When I heard that our much beloved leaders decided to ban normal light bulbs, I didn't really care! I got some 'eco friendly' light bulbs ( the local council were giving them away free a few years ago! Yeah it's a socialist council!) So little harm there, just some more backslapping among those well fed men in Brussels!

Well, I was wrong, apparently, their decision, welcomed as 'too little too late' by the green lobby was a mistake, one that is only now being shown for the idiocy that it was!

Can you imagine, they can't even decide this! A fucking light bulb?

Over at EU Referendum, they have a great post on why this is just so supremely stupid!

"because (the new fancy 'eco friendly bulbs') must be kept on so much longer to run efficiently, the actual amount of energy saved by these bulbs has been vastly exaggerated."

He then goes on to say:

"Because they do not produce light in a steady stream, like an incandescent bulb, but flicker 50 times a second, some who use them for reading eventually find their eyes beginning to swim – and they can make fast-moving machine parts look stationary, posing a serious safety problem – the so-called "strobe effect"...

Fluorescent CFLs cannot be used with dimmer switches or electronically-triggered security lights, so these will become a thing of the past. They cannot be used in microwaves, ovens or freezers, because these are either too hot or too cold for them to function (at any temperature above 50C or lower than –18C they don't work)...

And that is not by any means the full extent of the limitations. CFL's cannot be used for security lights, triggered by photo-electric cells, they cannot be used with timers or dimmers and even use in recessed fittings can dramatically shorten their lives...

In addition to this, low-energy bulbs are much more complex to make than standard bulbs, requiring up to ten times as much energy to manufacture. Unlike standard bulbs, they use toxic materials, including mercury vapour, which the EU itself last year banned from landfill sites – which means that recycling the bulbs will itself create an enormously expensive problem...

Perhaps most significantly of all, however, to run CFLs economically they must be kept on more or less continuously. The more they are turned on and off, the shorter becomes their life, creating a fundamental paradox...

If people continue switching their lights on and off when needed, as Mr Elliott puts it, they will find that their "green" bulbs have a much shorter life than promised, thus triggering a consumer backlash from those who think they have been fooled. But if they keep their lights on all the time to maximise their life, CFLs can end up using almost as much electricity from power stations (creating CO2 emissions) as incandescent bulbs – thus cancelling out their one supposed advantage.

It is unbelievable, even a fucking light bulb they can't right! Why do we in Europe continue to vote for these fucking idiots?