Saturday, February 11, 2006

Truly offensive images

Well personally, its stuff like this that offends me!
But then each to their own!

"by their fruit will you know them"


Bent El Neel said...

Dear God!! I'll never forget the minute I saw images of Sept 11 attacks on the news as they happened. I'll never forget that sick feeling that overcame me, even though they happened on the other side of teh world to me.

Then I'll never forget the shock at the blatant happiness I witnessed for myself on Egyptian streets "We got them!!" they cried!

And they are offended at a bunch of cartoons!

A Free Man said...

Same here! I remember I was sat at my desk at work, someone came in and said two planes had collided with the world trade centre.
At first I thought it was an accident, then a few minutes later someone came in and said 'its deliberate, its terrorists'
I knew it was Osama and Al Qaida, as they had been threatening and committing violence for years.
It was a truly distressing and terrifying day for me.

RedRegal said...

You probably don't know, but here in the states these images are not shown regularly. Yes, every now an then they'll show a documentary with these images and talk about it. Message boards I go on in the states, the liberals have more compassion for the Arab fanatic enemy than for the President. I've been following your blog and have learned a lot about the Islamists. I just thought it was the radicals, but I've been reading in more and more places, as explained by you, that they are simply carrying out the teachings in their "holy book". Thanks for the insight.

A Free Man said...

ReRegal, you are quite right!
My parents have always disliked Islam, my mom and dad are quite Liberal and have always found Muslim's treatment of women offensive. I didn't realy have an oppinion till I began to live amoungst them!
Once you do that you can see how their lives are lived, I read the Koran and saw what it said and taught, 9/11 happened, I was at work and immediatlely told my colleagues that it was Al'Qaida and Osama bin Laden. I knew it was as I had started to keep an eye on the news.
Islam is the problem, not because I say so, but because Mohamed says so in the Koran!
Thanks for reading!

RedRegal said...

I just ran across this article and thought it might be a subject you'd be interested in. You don't have to include this in your comment list.

A Free Man said...

I have published your link! Its a good one, I hope a few readers check it out