Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Dazed and confused!!

Yes, I'm dazed and confused!

I can not beleive people can be so incredibly naive!

I'm amazed!

The Power Report, is a Parliamentary enquiry in the UK, it has enquired into why people are so disallusioned by politics and politicians and how that can be tackled.

The answer?

Give 16 year olds the vote and allow them to stand for Parliament!

Yes you read that right, 16 year olds!

I'm serious, I'm not taking the piss, they actually advise this!

Now, I dont know what you were like when you were 16, but I was a fucking idiot.

In fact I dont think people should be allowed the vote untill they are 21 years old and they should have to be 25 years old or older to sit in the lower house, and only those over 30 years old should be able to vote for the upper house and stand for the upper house once the have reached 40 years or older.

To allow fucking idiots who dont pay tax to vote is a recipe for loonacy on a scale the left can only have wet dreams about! Imagine, they could gain seats, push insane socialist ideology through parliament and into law, they would fleece the people of even more money!

Who am I kidding, this will become law and Labour will stay in office for the next 20 years, to then be replaced by the Sharia party which will abolish voting altogether!

God help us!

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