Monday, March 13, 2006

Labor in freefall!

This is just too good! And propably only 12 months from an election, which will confirm John Howard as PM for an other 3 years, John Howard is well served by the morons in the opposision, no wonder he always smiles!

KIM Beazley's polling has crashed to its worst level in his seven years as Opposition Leader and Labor's gains have been wiped out by weeks of internal bloodletting. (he is such a loser! And a commie as seen bellow!)

Voter support for Mr Beazley as preferred prime minister dropped nine points to just 18 per cent, the same figure made famous in a 1988 edition of The Bulletin magazine when John Howard was struggling in the polls. The headline read "Why on earth does this man bother?"

Voter satisfaction with Mr Beazley's leadership fell six percentage points, to 27 per cent. At the same time, dissatisfaction rose from 52 to 60 per cent. The Coalition's primary vote rose four points, to 45 per cent, and Labor's fell four, to 35 per cent.

Mr Howard shot further ahead of Mr Beazley as the preferred prime minister, with an increase in support from 53 to 61 per cent, while the Labor leader's support fell nine points.
Just after the 10th anniversary of his election as Prime Minister, voters now prefer Mr Howard to Mr Beazley in that role by a ratio of three to one.

Well! As I've said before, sometimes I love socialists! Once the Liberals and the Nationals have once again trounced Labor, it means that the noble Australian people will be spared Labor for another 3 years! it will be 2010 before there is any threat!

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