Saturday, March 25, 2006

Stephen Harper, my kinda guy!

Stephen Harper the 22nd Prime Minister of Canada is turning out to be the kinda conservative I like!

He won the Canadian federal election in January with a minority. I took this as bad news, although I was relieved that the nightmare of 13 long dark years for Canada was over, at least for a few months!

However he seems to be doing better then I thought he could. His first overseas visit was to Canadian troops in Afghanistan, thereby cementing his rapprochement with the US. The previous PM of Canada, that truly repulsive Liberal Paul Martin had purposely poisoned relations with the US in an attempt to divert attention from the biggest money scandal in Canada's history that involved hundreds of millions of dollars! Mr Martin thought he could appeal to enough America hating Canadians and Islamic immigrants to stay in power. He failed.

Stephen must be doing something right, the liberals despise him, click here to see what they make of Harper!

Liberals and lefties hate Harper coz he is against Kyoto, abortion, gay marriage, Court domination of the constitution and pro war on terror. Everything I like!

And according to polls his support is up since the election, the Canadian people have realised that the Liberal scare stories of a military coup by an evil blood thirsty Tory were a bit over blow! Maybe there is some hope for Canada!

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