Saturday, March 11, 2006

WARNING! Socialists die younger.

Today's untimely death of Slododan Milosevic, former President of Yugoslavia at the tender age of 64, got me to thinking. It seems to be a pattern! Socialists die young! Mr Milosevic was a communist all his life, he ruled like a commie and look what has happened to him! He died aged 64! That is very young by todays standards

If we look at the UK, several senior socialists have died at suspiciously young ages!
Robin Cook, former Foreign Secretary and Leader of the House of Commons, before resigning over the Iraq War, he died last year at the age of 49! He was also a life long socialist!

Tony Banks, former Sports Minister in Blair's government died in January this year aged 62! Another life long socialist

Mo Mowlem former Northern Ireland Secretary, another life long socialist died aged 46.

John Smith, leader of the British Labour Party 1992-1994, died aged 55 of a masive heart attack, Tony Blair succeded him. Smith was another life long socialist

Adolf Hilter was a life long socialist who led the National Socialist German Worker's Party, In German the National Socialist part translates as National Sozialistiche (NAZI) Adolf Hilter died aged 56, granted it was suicide, however he was already very ill(He was it should be noted, a vegetarian, anti-hunting, anti-smoker)

Is this only a coincidence? Perhaps, but lets look at some right wing figures and see how they fare!

Sir Winston Churchill, a great conservative died at the age of 95, despite leading the free world through its greatest military contest ever and smoking cigars every day and drinking too much alcohol!

Ronald Reagan, that great American President, conservative to his core lived untill 93. True he had alzheimers, however that affected only the last decade of his life

Margaret Thatcher, bless her cotton socks, she is an old bird now, but she has gone down in history as one of Britain's finest Prime Ministers, her acheivements are too many to recount here and yes she is a life time conservative! She is now in her 80th year.

Queen Elizabeth II, a long lived and greatly loved monarch. She is now 80 years old and going strong, she looks like a woman of 60 bless her. Conservative to the bone! Her mother Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother lived untill just before her 102nd birthday!

Perhaps this is all a massive coincidence! Perhaps not!

Maybe socialist parties and societies and books should carry health warnings, eg: Socialists die younger or socialism kills or socialism is highly addictive don't start or socialism causes ageing of the skin

I think I have proved my point, if you want a full, happy contented life ditch socialism, it takes years off your life!
Anyway socialists are miserable creatures, not only do they die prematurely, they are full of bitterness, have no sense of humour and takes themselves far too seriously. They just continually bang on about global bloody warming and moan about the end of the world and how Bush is it's cause! GET A LIFE!

So the moral of this Health Warning is be a Tory, live life to the full!

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