Tuesday, April 25, 2006

BNP support on the up!

It appears that the so called 'extremist' British National Party may make some serious gains in this May's local elections. According to polls a majority of Britons support BNP policies and even when told that they are BNP policies support falls only slightly!
I have been the recipient of a number of leaflets from the Labour Party, the Conservatives, Liberal Democrats and George Galloway's 'Respect Party' all of these parties in my east London borough are falling over themselves to prove how Islamo-friendly they are.

Amoung they various things they write, the Lib Dems had an interesting one, in a part of their literature entitled 'community respect' they wrote that they were instrumental in changing a planning permission that prevented the main doors of a pub being opposite a Mosque, I wonder whose votes they are trying to get?

Galloway's Respect Party is campaining on how illegal and immoral the Iraq war is. They are also demanding more money is spent on the 'community', one wonders which community they have in mind, the truth is there is very little more they can do to get more money since most of this borough is on welfare. Where do they expect it to come from? The sky?

This is the alliance of Islam and socialism that came to fruition after 9/11 in all its gory reality. These people would gladly see this country become an Islamic Sharia state, as long as they get their socialist economics, peoples republic and the terminal weakening of the British race!

I have not received a leaflet from the BNP, perhaps it is because where I am is completely Muslim(except for myself) Perhaps they feared being lynched by blood thirsty Saracen boys?

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