Saturday, April 08, 2006

Burqa babes

Lets have a look at some Islamo-totty, these women as any good Muslim man will tell you are the 'truly liberated women' unlike the whores and bitches we have in the West!

Well not too bad, but the woman above is cruisin for a bruisin(brought on by a good stoning!) Note: the poor defenceless Muslim man is being tempted by a whore!

The whore above used to be a good Muslim woman, unfortunately Western influence has confused her and she is now a $10 hooker!

The woman above is a prime example of true woman-hood, although all woman tend towards being complete sluts, at least this one is trying her best for Allah's sake!!

Again, the woman above is trying her best not to be a wanton slut!

Well the woman above is dressed right, but she has a brat next to her, indicating she may have given into her lusts( as women are wont to do!)She may need a good stoning to cleanse her of her sin!

Above: A good example of how women should dress, and note, that she is in an enclosed garden! She is'nt showing off her wares in public( as weak willed women are notorious for doing, bunch of whores!)

The pic above shows how the Statue of Liberty should look, the present Statue is a provocation to good Muslim men to rape!

Oh my Allah! Look this is a slut, a whore, a $10 hooker, see this is what women become if we don't beat them on a regular basis!

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Anonymous said...

If you had done any research on the hijab, niqab, burqa, chador, or any of the other veils Muslim women may wear you would realize that your reasons for wearing the veil are completely wrong. You also would have been able to conceal how clearly ignorant you actually are.