Thursday, April 20, 2006

Happy Birthday Ma'am

Her Majesty Elizabeth II Queen of Australia, Canada, New Zealand, The United Kingdom and her other dominions and territories is 80 tomorrow. I wish her many
happy returns.

The above mentioned nations are very lucky indeed to have as their head of state this remarkable woman! She has served them through thick and thin since 1952, even when she has been derided and mocked publicly or when nasty minded republicans have tried to oust her in favour of some colourless politician.

She is doing very well for her age and if she lives as long as her mother it will be 2028 before Charles comes to the thrones of these realms.

Again, I wish Her Majesty long life, good health and all the best!


loki said...

Happy Birthday Queen Elizabeth from America!!!
May you Rein another 50 years!!!

I just wish someone besides Charles and Camilla were there to replace you!!
No offence meant!

loki said...

BTW..I love your blog...very straight forward in your views which is very refreshing I must say!!!

screaminghate said...

My second reply to you in quick succession! I simply had to say THANKS SO MUCH for your loving tribute to our glorious Monarch. I love our dear Queen so much. Another reason why I detest Lefties SO MUCH is how they're constantly bleating on about how they hate our monarchy; even saying they should be killed. Why do they not go live in a country outside our Commonwealth if they're SO unhappy, and WHY are NONE of them ever arrested for treason?? How much longer do we have to suffer their offensive views - WE are the majority, because it has been proved time and again the majority supports our monarchy. I can't stand being dictated to by Lefties for much longer!

Anonymous said...

i think the queen shud die...and she shud give back india the kohinoor...fucking theives