Monday, April 10, 2006

Israel is EVIL!

Bellow is an extract from the site He was a reporter that was 'murdered' by those conniving Jewish bastards in the Gaza strip!

"British cameraman James Miller was shot dead in Rafah, at the southern tip of the Gaza Strip, on May 2 2003 ­ and his family fears that all the available evidence points to a cold-blooded murder by a member of the Israeli Defence Force. James was walking towards an Israeli armored personnel carrier to ask permission to leave the area. He was shining a torch onto a white flag. His colleague, reporter Saira Shah, was holding a British passport in her hand. The team were calling out that they were British journalists. The evening had become quiet. There was no cross-fire."

Now...I don't know about you, but if I was an Israeli soldier in the Gaza strip, with all these nut jobs around me wanting me dead and some people approach with a flash light on a white cloth and a Muslim looking woman carrying something in her hand. I would shoot!

It is irrelevant whether the night was quiet, in a place like that the quiet is only an interlude.

Now his family, to be expected are upset, they blame the Jews, well I suppose one more family blaming the Jews can't be that big a deal. But no one seems to be suggesting that perhaps it was James Miller's fault!

Why are you in the dark in what amounts to a vast terrorist breeding and training ground?

Why risk your life(as everyone who goes there does)?

By definition, anyone who sympathises with the terrorist Palestinian state most probably hates that Jewish entity. So being shot by an Israeli whilst assisting and furthering the aims of the terrorist state of Palestine, aint that to be expected?

Why, you ask, are the MSM making such a big deal over this guy?

Simple, they loathe Israel and all Jews, they really do, if this had been a western reporter being tortured and beheaded by some mainsteam Islamic group, it would be forgotten as soon as it was over, but because the insidious Jew is involved the MSM ensures that it reports every second of the story, followed of course by hours of documentary special news reports etc

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