Thursday, April 27, 2006

Words can't express!

The British Home Office, you know the guys! The ones responsible for the internal stability of the nation, law and order, immigration etc...

Well, this is precious, they have now admitted to us that oops, some dangerous foreign criminals that should have been banished from our shores have been uh, um released and they don't know where they are!

The criminals, all convicted have not served their sentences, the were supposed to be handed over to Immigration and then flown out of the country never to return, so the prisons released them into the custody of Immigration officials, but the Immigration officials failed to turn up, so the prisons released them any way!

These are the criminals currently running loose on our streets:

3 murderers

9 rapists

5 paedophiles

2 convicted of manslaughter

41 violent burglars

20 drug smugglers

54 convicted of violent assault

27 of indecent sexual assault

28 people smugglers

Now all of these criminals are foreign, no doubt mostly from Pakistan, Bangladesh, Jamaica, China, Africa and Albania. The reason for exiling them was to stop wasting money on them and have them imprisoned in their own countries.

Lucky for them, this country is run by fucking idiots and they are now free having not served their sentences!

This country continues to amaze me! Read the full story

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