Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Muslims and lefties can hardly contain their glee!

More eveidence if it was needed of the depths to which this stinking shit hole of a continent has fallen, we have lefties, who are supposed to fight for peoples rights of free speech in alliance with Muslims, who, lets face it are barbaric savages, celebrating the fact that together they have driven Hirsi Ali out of Holland.

This sickens me to the core, it is a clarion call. We who are serious about defending the West against the violence of Islam need to jump this sinking latrine of a continent and go somewhere freedom is appreciated. Hirsi Ali has the right idea, she was willing to fight for Holland, but unfortunatly Holland was unwilling to fight for her, indeed not only did it not fight for her, it actively criticised and slandered her, judges evicted her from her home because she might cause danger to her neighbours and then an immigration minister mused outloud about striping Hirsi Ali of her Dutch citizenship and deporting her!

"She’s no loss to Netherlands - Wiegel

The coming departure of Ayaan Hirsi Ali from the Dutch parliament is “no loss for the Liberal Party (VVD)” or for the Lower House of Parliament, former VVD leader Hans Wiegel said on Monday. He was commenting on the news, Hirsi Ali is moving to the US to work for a political think tank American Enterprise Institute (AEI). Wiegel, who is known for speaking his mind, told a radio programme Hirsi Ali is a “brave woman” but her standpoints are polarising. He cited her views on the freedom of education and minority groups as examples. “I did not agree with this line,” he said. Wiegel said he did not think much will be heard of Hirsi Ali again once she takes up her job in the US. “That I don’t find so bad,” he said...

Muslim group not mourning

The Contact Organisation for Muslims and Government (CMO) indicated on Monday it was not sorry that Ayaan Hirsi Ali is going to American to work. Her strong attacks on Islam have caused “a lot of damage”, CMO secretary Nasr Joemman said. “I celebrate that she is leaving the Netherlands,” Joemman said. “I hope that by her departure we can move forward with building a harmonious society.”"

Holland has lost what ever residual respect I once had for it, a nation that cravenly appeases the Saracens like it has done deserves no respect. When the time comes it deserves no help or assistance, let the Dutch drown in the consequences of their complacency, laziness and apathy.

That is one country that deserves to be Islamisised!

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