Saturday, May 06, 2006

BBC again shows its ignorance of history!

Is it me?

Am I so incredibly intelligent, or are the people who work for the BBC complete morons?

I was reading a comment posted by Religionofpieces that he left on one of my posts to do with St George and St George's day. He included a link and I went and had a look at it.

Nothing strange so far you say, well on this linked page about St George, that great Christian martyr there was a link to a BBC article critical of St George and his red cross. They argued that as the red cross was the symbol of the crusaders that St George, his cross and his feast day should be dumped!

I know, I know this is standard BBC anti-western propaganda, but read this extract from this peice:

"The truth is that the old dragon-slayer was not English - he may have been a Turk - and he certainly never supped ale in an English tavern."

Did you notice that? "he may have been a Turk"

Ok, so he was a Turk was he? How is that possible when the Turks at this point in history were wondering the Siberian plains?

Does the BBC not know that modern Turkey was Greek in Roman times? That is was only through centuries of massacres, genocide, rape and forced conversion that what was in fact an extension of the Greek world was de-Hellenised?

BBC stupidity shocks sometimes!

The BBC goes on: "Chris Doyle, of the Council for the Advancement of Arab-British Understanding, says the red cross is an insensitive reminder of the Crusades.
He said: "It is offensive to Arabs and muslims, including many from non-Arab countries."

Really, well I find the Crescent of that false god Allah offensive!

Chris Doyle continues: "They see the Crusades as Christendom launching a brutal holy war against Islam."

Well, I see the Crusades as a noble attempt to liberate Christian lands from filthy barbarians who invaded, occupied, raped, looted and defiled what is Christian land! But then every one is entitled to their oppinion, right?

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