Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Europe's terrible loss

The one thing I notice from Ayaan Hirsi Ali's resignation speech is the underlying tone, it is not one of anger or bitterness, it is one of sadness and disappointment.

She fled to us for refuge, did what all asylum seekers do and told some quite minor lies to get into Holland, for years she enjoyed the fruits of western freedom.

After 9/11 she publicly denounced Islam and became a banner bearer of the freedoms we take for granted, she vocalised the threat we sensed and was able to voice eloquently. She received death threats, saw close friends and colleagues murdered for speaking out and now she has been betrayed by those she loved and respected.

She has said, that she could take the death threats, the smears and attacks on her integrity, but that loosing her Dutch citizenship was unbearable to her.

She has been betrayed, in the most loathsome way. I see this as a new departure in Europe, and not one that bodes well!

May she go on as she intends, speaking out on behalf of the cowards who betrayed her, may she be vindicated against her enemies!

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