Wednesday, May 24, 2006

John Howard on tour!

As you all know by now, John Howard, the Prime Minister of Australia is someone I have a great deal of respect for! He has valiantly led his nation for the past 10 years, leading it into a time of great economic growth, and an expanding international presence. Howard has stood by the United States in it's wars against Islam in Afghanistan and Iraq. He has fought the socialists in his own nation and sent them down to ignominious defeat 4 times running! What's not to like?

In the past week or so, John Howard has been on a tour of North America and Ireland. He began in the United States, meeting his good friend George W Bush, who took out all the stops for Johnny! Then Howard went north to Canada, where he met with the very promising new Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Again Harper, welcomed the elder statesman as a hero, as he should be welcomed! Have a read of a passage from Howard's speech to the Canadian Parliament:

"Can I, Mr Speaker, in conclusion say something about the role of the United States in the affairs of the world. Australia as you know is an unapologetic friend and ally of the United States. We don't always agree, we haven't in the past, we don't now on certain issues and we won't in the future but I have always taken the view and the majority of my fellow countrymen are the same, that the United States has been a remarkable power for good in the world. And that the decency and hope that the power and purpose of the United States represents to the world is something that we should deeply appreciate.

The values for which the United States stands are the values for which Canada and Australia stands. They are values of spreading democracy, of individual liberty, of a society where free enterprise is the principle economic driver, but also a society where the less fortunate should be protected by a decent social security safety net. And they are values that I know that members on both sides of this House, as indeed on both sides of the Houses of the Australian Parliament share in common. And I would have for those around the world who would want to see a reduced American role in the affairs of our globe, I have some quiet advice and that is be careful in what you wish for because a retreating America will leave a more vulnerable world. It will leave a world more exposed to terrorism and it will leave a more fragile and indeed dangerous world. "

Well, then Johnny goes to Dublin, meets with Bertie Ahern, is treated like a visiting king and then the unacceptable, but inevitable happens, socialists stick their oar of hypocrisy in!

Yep, the commies are still at it, and yes there are commies in Ireland!

Joe Higgins, a Communist MP said of Howard "I would describe him (Mr Howard) as xenophobic, a war monger and as an anti-trade union representative of Australian and indeed even world big business in his policies of weakening the bargaining power of the Australian working class,"

As I said before, what's not to like? I love xenophobic war mongering anti socialists!

Socialists have no respect for a great leader, they abused President Bush when he visited Ireland, and now they show contempt for Prime Minister Howard! Why can't they show some respect to the offices of these men, even if they disagree with them? That is the difference between communists and conservatives, socialists are ideologues that waffle on about how they love 'the people', but they combine this with a over arching self-righteousness, arrogance, rudeness, disrespect, contempt for 'the people' and their lives and values! Conservatives, will sit quietly and hear the commie fucks out, and then politely inform the commie fuck that their ideas are hairbrained, their economics are childish and their foreign policy is teenaged! The conservatives have respect towards others, even when they deserve none, commie fucks don't.

Strange eh?? Reality tells us that it's the conservatives who are tolerant, the commie fucks are the dangerous ones!

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