Friday, May 05, 2006

Labour gets a drubbing, BNP do well!

Well, it was not a big surprise! Labour has lost the local elections in England. This does not mean that they will lose the next general election but it does not bode well for the Labour party.

I was surprised that the Conservatives did as well as they did, considering that they are led by that pompous twat David Cameron, but perhaps that is what the English like in their leaders?

The British National Party, the 'extremist' 'racist' 'xenophobic' party did well but not spectacularly well! They made some gains, becoming the official opposition in Barking and Dagenham and increasing their councilors from 22 to 44, they doubled their representatives but one would have thought that they would have done a lot better considering the mess this country is in and the mass of scumy foreigners and pychotic Muslims that are swarming over this nation!

Perhaps it will take an England at the verge of collapse before people vote BNP in sufficient number to save this country?


screaminghate said...

Tristan you are a hero among Bloggers. A brave man who speaks out and trumpets the TRUTH about Islam. I have read some of your Blog entries and I shall also be there at the end even though I am a woman and not a fighter. Islam is utterly EVIL and more so are the Left who support the 'rights' of Muslims who will be with them at the end when sides are chosen, and they will all burn together when our Lord returns. Despite what Muslims claim they fear Christ so much that they have destroyed or stolen all the most Holy places, and I have heard they've even blocked the East Gate where He is supposed to come through when He claims His land on Earth. Why are Muslims SO INTENT on destroying all sites connected with Christ's return? Why are they SO fearful if they believe they and their religion are good? There is nothing at all to fear if you are genuinely righteous - only the evil ones are fearful. So therefore we have our answer. Like you Tristan I have educated myself about Islam. I have read the Koran three times and studied it and Islamic history - how many of their liberal supporters have done this? Islam strikes my blood cold with terror, because it is pure evil, yet worst of all are those non-Muslims who support them - I utterly detest them. I have been looking tonight thru Blogger r.e. comments about the BNP Council seat wins, and every Blog I found except for yours was in praise of the poor down-trodden Muslims. You are my hero. Keep publishing the facts. I have just started my own Blog. Tomorrow I will be publishing the FACTS I found in the UK Census 2001 about 'minorities' - it makes VERY surprising reading and kicks the arse of all liberals! Thank you and please keep up your sterling Blog!

A Free Man said...

Thanks! In relation to the BNP, it strikes me as funny the way every one says it is an extremist orginisation! How exactly is it any more extreme then what some of our tabloids print? The Sun, Mail, Express etc constantly run what are basicaly inflamatory stories about Muslims and immigarants, then the next day they condemn the BNP for saying the very same thing!

Hypocrites and cowards is what they are, they are affraid to admit what is so blatantly obvious from the stories they write!

Anyway I will check out your blog, demographics is central to the new Jihad against us, it is the way they and their socialist allies aim to destroy us and our nations!

Anonymous said...