Thursday, May 18, 2006

What is wrong with Belgium?

Although I have every intention of seeing the cities of Gent, Brugge, other medieval Flemish cities as well as visit the battlefields of my ancestors, I beleive that the country called Belgium is quite sick. It seems to be the epitome of every thing that is plain wrong or plain stupid. We see massive state intervention in the economy, massive flows of immigration, major restrictions on the freedom of speech and what seems most wierd is the incestuous political scene in Belgium.

Then there is the paedophilia!

The paedophilia scandal broke in 1996, when
Marc Dutroux was arrested for the kidnapping, imprisonment and murder of children. After years in which very little happened, except for Dutroux's escape from custody, a Belgian MEP, Olivier Dupuis of the Radical party, tried to rally reporters on the "serious miscarriages and delays" that became the hallmark of the inquiry into the Dutroux charges and the evidence of organised paedophile rings in Europe.

This included the testimony of two officers, who between them had 67 years of loyal service to the Gendarmerie under their belts. After the two officers had interviewed a witness called XI, they were removed from the case. XI had testified, on no fewer than 17 occasions, that she had been inducted into a circle of orgies at which she had seen
young children tortured and murdered. It was alleged that senior judges, politicians, journalists and even Belgian royalty were involved!

The Belgian press has, with rare exceptions, been instrumental in suggesting that the entire paedophile problem lies with Marc Dutroux. And as Dutroux is in jail . . . what more is there to say? A retired prosecutor, Judge Guy Poncelet, has given an interview saying that disturbing evidence linking Dutroux with industrialists and past and serving politicians and even more important VIPs has been suppressed.

Well, see what happens when a country rejects it's faith! It becomes all twisted and sick. Belgium is now a bastion of the new values of the new Europe, it prides itself on its aggressive pacificm, anti Americanism, anti semitism, anti Israeli-ism, anti-God-ism,
pro Islam-ism, anti capitalism, pathetic hand wringing Kyoto-ism and pretty much anything that condemns the west, or whitey and exaults Africa, the religion of Mohammed and the Black race!

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