Sunday, June 25, 2006

The fight continues!

Well, I can't speak Finnish, but here's an interesting Finnish blog!

I suppose we are all in this together, whether you happen to be Irish, American, English, Finnish, French, German, Belgian, Dutch, Spanish, Australian, etc...

This is a world wide fight, I know, I know, we're not fighting! But that is not to say some of us have not fought the enemy, or been touched by the enemy through bombs, threats and violence, I know people who lost relatives and loved ones in New York on 9/11, I myself was caught up in the bus bomb in Tavistock Square on July 7th 2005, I've seen the death and destruction wrought by Islam, I remember washing off the blood of others at the end of that day!

I remember the limbless women and screaming men around me! I remember the terror that seized my heart, I remember feeling helpless, as I tried to help in what little way I could!

I remember the blood and flesh sprayed on the British Medical Association building next to the bombed bus! I remember seeing a torso seeming to sit on the foot path, I remember helping to carry a woman who's feet were hanging off, and my hand had to touch the inside of her leg as, trembling I carried her away from the bus! I remember the doctors cracking that women open as they attempted to save her, I remember her death!

I remember the terror of not knowing whether there was another bomb on board the bus, whether I would suvive that day!

I remember all of this, I cannot ever forget or forgive what I saw that day and the people struck down, by these 'soldiers of Allah'!

I know others that fought in Iraq, and what respect I have for them, knowing what one bad day was like I cannot imagine a week or a year of what I went through! It is unimaginable!

The trouble with Islamic terror, is that we all remember it, we cannot forget, and will not forget!

Let the fight continue!


dag said...

In spite of our personal experiences with Islam we can't look at this struggle against Islam as personal. Islam's assaults on us personally and on others is an assault on all people, whether they were attacked in person or not. Many people don't realise the evil of Islam because they haven't actually felt any danger from it, and they think it only happens to other people, never themselves. Or, some people think that to make this a sensible struggle we need to suffer an overwhelming attack on our own to wake people up to the danger of Islam. These are people who reduce Islam it a personality contest. It is no such thing. Islam is objectively evil. Some of us have first-hand experience in the objective evil of Islam, and for us it's easier to understand Islam as evil. Still, no one is exempt from the responsibility of combatting Islam just because Islam never did anything to them directly. It certainly did, and it certainly does on a minute by minute basis.

At the risk of seeming fanatical, we must combat Islam on a minute by minute basis in our personal lives. What I cannot acept is acting individually against individual Muslims. I'd love to do any number of things to any number of Muslims I encounter on a daily basis, but it's not personal to me or to them in the sense that we are representatives of our respective civilizations, that we are members of our groups, and we might have to suffer injustices at a personal level so the whole of our groups might find the reason needed to unite in battle to decide who will win the struggle in the long term.

I'm convinced that the group two doors down from me are committed jihadis. The police will have nothing to do with my concerns. As residents of this nation the jihadis have the same rights I have, and until they break the law and are caught, then it is not for me to do anything about them, regardless of my feeling about them. They are and will be a police matter. Islam, on the other hand, is not a police mater, it is my matter as a resident of the nation.

I have to defer my hatred of Islam and of many Muslims simply because it is not a personal cmapaign Islam wages against me but that it is a war Islam wages against us all. And the monsters down the street are not the whole of Islam but only some men. Our enemy is Islam as a whole, the ideology, the poligion itself. Its components can come or go as they do, it's only important that we crush the whole of Islam, taking whomever we do in the process as a matter of indifference.

Families of the dead, for example, have no more right to claim privilege in this struggle than one who has never seen a Muslim. We are all at war with Islam equally, and we all have the same responsibility to combat it, even if no Muslim has ever done anything to us at all. It's not personal. It's a police matter at our local levels, and war at our national levels. But at the level of people as individuals it is a responsibility to destroy Islam itself,and that might, within the bounds of our laws, call for harm to individuals. If so, it must be individuals united by community in struggle against Islam, not some poor bastard riding a bike.

I hope that serves to remind me of my position. I need it sometimes.

religion of pieces said...

Have you seen how the Scummah are planning to commemorate the anniversary of 7/7 ?