Thursday, June 15, 2006

Former Muslims tell it like it is!

These former terrorists tell it how it is!

All of our pussy liberals would gasp in horror at what these former Muslims and former terrorists say in
this video.

While our elites tell us Islam is a peaceful religion, a religion that has a great history of tolerance, the say that Islam has a better history then Christianity has when dealing with minority groups!

They drone on about the Holocaust, not mentioning that Nazism was a neo-pagan socialist movement, and sure some bad things happened in Christian nations and by Christians towards others, but no where in the Bible is it commanded that we plunder others, no where are we commanded to murder non-Christians, no where are we told to rape women, no where does Jesus rape a 9 year old girl.

Christianity was not spread through conquest by greedy lustful men, it was spread through preaching, with huge risk to the preacher, many of whom were crucified, beheaded and fed to the lions.

Today Christians are the largest group of persecuted peoples around the world, from mild persecution in places like India where there are sporadic incidents of violence and local persecutions, to China with its more organised persecutions arrests to a whole other ball game in the Islamic world, where Christians are at best dhimmis, if they are caught preaching they are beaten, lynched, tortured and in some places executed.

No Muslim group is under this sort of pressure! None. Yeah they claim to be tortured in Guantanamo and RCMP police cells, but do you really believe them? Well I don't, for me torture is a bit more then pissing on the Koran, a bit more then saying 'shut up mother fucker' and just a tad more then not getting the food you like!

Islam is an excuse to terrorise, it is an excuse to rape and steal what ain't yours. Islam is a religion of lazy perverted thieves, who think nothing of being a hypocrite, think nothing of lying through their teeth to us trusting idiots!

Islam is our enemy and as long as Muslims are Muslims then they too are our enemy, one does not entreat an enemy, one does not appease an enemy, one does not seek to be considerate of an enemy, one fights an enemy, one is ruthless and merciless toward an enemy.

Until Islam is defeated, until Muslims abandon this false religion and admit that it is a Satanic religion that they reject with no and's if's or but's, then we must fight.


Leo Pusateri said...

Amen, buddy... amen.

beth said...

I put a link to this over at my site - I hope people will come read this and see the video.

Thanks for sharing it.