Saturday, June 24, 2006

Muslims condemn attacks on 'innocent' civilians!

This is interesting! Firstly it scares the shit out of me that Birmingham has 150 Mosques! I mean how did we end up like this? Where do these fuckers come from?

Secondly, I used to visit Birmingham in me youth, and I distinctly remember a Mosque in central Birmingham(quite an ugly thing) Built next to a beautiful Anglican church, towering above it as if to say, 'die infidel die'.

This mosque had an amusing name, guess the name! This was about 1992, yes you guessed it, this was the President Saddam Hussein Mosque!

Did you get that, this was one year after the Gulf War and a mosque on a major arterial route, had in 5 foot high gold letters which were lit after dark the words 'The President Saddam Hussein Mosque'!

You think, perhaps they were just tardy in changing the name of their place of worship, after the war? Well yes they were, they only changed the name of the Mosque in 2002, after 9/11 and in the lead up to the second Gulf War!

11 year people, 11 years to change the name of their mosque from that of a genocidal maniac, who had been at war with this country since 1991, the same Saddam who had held hundreds of British hostages seized in Kuwait, the same guy who then paraded them on international TV, who made a toddler cry!

The fact that they refused to rename the mosque is repellent and tells me all I need to know about their community!

Anyway, I digress!

This is about the the recent Muslim condemnation of attacks on 'innocent civilians', now we all know what constitutes innocent in Islam don't we? If you are Christian, a Jooooo, Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, agnostic, gay, lesbian, American(of any and every persuation) then you are guilty and worthy of attack and death! Innocent means, true and pious Muslim, preferably one with explosives taped to your waist!

"The religious edict makes clear the killing of innocent victims is against the principles of Islam."

Note: They mention 'innocent civilians', why didn't they just say:

"The religious edict makes clear killing is against the principles of Islam. "?

Perhaps, the reason is 'killing' is an integral part of Islam?

"The message is thought to be the first joint statement made by Muslim scholars in the UK against terrorism."

Really? The very first? So, they didn't condemn Lockerbie? Or the Iranian Embassy crisis? Or 9/11 or Madrid? or any attack in Israel or Iraq or London? Bali? No? Hmmmmmmmmm! I wonder why?

"Dr Muhammad Naseem, chairman of the Birmingham Central Mosque(formerly the President Saddam Hussein Mosque), said: "There is a perception that Muslims are a source of terrorism. "

Yip, that's right, you are the source of terror! You, your religion, your paedophile prophet and the demonic god Allah, that you insist on following!

West Midlands chief constable Paul Scott-Lee said: "I am delighted by this positive announcement from our local mosques and fully support what is an important statement for all our communities."

Is this guy for real? He welcomes Muslim leaders saying in effect 'please guys, stop murdering and maiming, it's making us look bad' what an arse hole, surely this should go without saying! How many times have you heard Hindu or Buddhist leaders issue statements telling their guys to stop slaughtering in the name of their religion? Never is my bet and for a very good reason, Hindus and Buddhists don't want to destroy the West, they don't detonate themselves in public places!

There we have it some positive news about Muslims! A pitty statements like these are not pulled apart by the press like government statements are, then people may start seeing through the lies they tell us on a daily basis!

Update: I have a great idea! Lets think of a great name for a church, ie The King Richard the Lion Heart Chapel or the George W Bush Memorial Church or Chiesa Reconquista, perhaps something like Ariel Sharon Synangogue! Whaddya think?

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