Thursday, June 22, 2006

Western Defence for dummies!

(A reference for the rest of us)

As the West continues its slide toward dhimmihood and enslavement, it seems more urgent then ever to harp on about how we could avoid this fate, and perhaps even succeed in reestablishing our belief in ourselves and our way of life!

Our main enemy is not Muslims or even the religion of the paedophile prophet, our main enemy is and always has been the traitors amongst us who desire our subjugation, enslavement and ultimately our obliteration, yes our enemies are the communists, who in their modern guise as 'liberals' have been quite successful in convincing a large part of our civilisation that we are nasty, arrogant, backward, money obsessed lard arses, unworthy of continued existence!

Theodore Dalrymple says "Political correctness is communist propaganda writ small. In my study of communist societies, I came to the conclusion that the purpose of communist propaganda was not to persuade or convince, nor to inform, but to humiliate; and therefore, the less it corresponded to reality the better. When people are forced to remain silent when they are being told the most obvious lies, or even worse when they are forced to repeat the lies themselves, they lose once and for all their sense of probity. To assent to obvious lies is to co-operate with evil, and in some small way to become evil oneself. Ones standing to resist anything is thus eroded, and even destroyed. A society of emasculated liars is easy to control. I think if you examine political correctness, it has the same effect and is intended to."

Islam, strangely has the same effects on the societies it subjugates, if you compare communist and Islamic nations, one sees some striking similarities. Sure there are differences, but humour me a while!

Communist nations and communist inspired local councils in England and throughout Europe love destruction, they adore pulling down historic old buildings and erecting in it's place pig ugly concrete boxes, you see it all over the place. Most of east London has been governed locally by communists and their sympathisers since WWII, as a result, it is one great big concrete slum.
The same goes for Birmingham, Liverpool, Portsmouth, Southampton, Bristol, Glasgow and pretty much any city of a certain size.

Look at the few places that have consistently elected Tories and you can see what England once looked like, the Tories for all their modern faults are not Luddites or year zero revolutionaries! Communists and their sympathisers want to return all of us to a perfect past, an agrarian past, one where we own nothing, one where we can aspire to nothing, one where the tyranny of the community keeps us in our place, as part of the road to this Marxist 'paradise' we must be re-taught, we must forget our capitalist, Christian past. The only way to ensure this is to destroy all evidence of this past through demolishing our heritage.

Now think about Islam! The Islamic nations of the world are built upon some of the most ancient civilisations in the world, indeed Egypt and Iraq are where 2 of the first civilisations had their roots, great cities were built, roads, ports, temples, churches,synagogues,monasteries, convents, libraries, universities, etc, etc...

One question, where are all these treasures now?

Thats right, they have been wiped from the earth, demolished, built over, laid waste. Even the centres of Islam, Mecca and Baghdad are at best concrete shit holes! Have you been watching the news over the past few years? Have you seen anything in Baghdad that you could call beautiful? Anything at all?

In Mecca, there are only a dozen buildings left standing from the time of Mohammed, in fact the Saudi authorities were recently discussing whether to knock the place of Mohammed's birth!!

No this did not cause an outcry, the reason being that respect for the past is seen as idolatry in Islam, as well as this, Muslims have always had little respect for the past, the treasures of Egypt were lying strewn around the place when the British came along, they realised the worth of what Muslims saw as rubbish or ready made masonry!

It is only because we in the West see the treasures of ancient world as worthy of awe and respect that the Muslims have noticed it at all, and when Muslims notice the treasures of an ancient civilisation they usually destroy it as the case was with the Bamiyan Buddhas or they damage it as is the case in Egypt with the sphinx and the recent attacks on statues due to a fatwa condemning them as idols.

Both Islam and communism see the destruction of our past as a way of erasing our collective memories of the 'evils' of that past. In an effort to create a synthetic new humanity with a new history or none at all, they will go to any lengths, communists in the West have infiltrated our universities and schools and turned them from places of learning to places of indoctrination, preaching the evils of the West and our history, and calling for its demolision and replacement, although nowadays they tend not to tell us what it would be replaced with!

It is sad and unsettling that our educational establishment has convinced us that most of our past was a living hell for our ancestors, that they lived in mud huts, were illiterate and oppressed, while the Islamic world was a beacon of light to the darkened and ignorant West!

This is actually believed! Fact tells us that many of our ancestors were literate, 25% of English people were literate in 1620! This was not unusual in the West, In fact there were more literates in England in 1880 then there are now! 1880 being the year that the government began to involve itself in primary education, as good an argument against big government as any, methinks!

A few years ago I went to St Paul's Cathedral to take in it's majesty, I went with some friends and when there I was talking to a lady that I have immense respect for, we were chatting about how beautiful St Paul's was and she commented that yes it was nice but what about the poor people forced to build it! It amazed me that this lady actually thought that something akin to slavery existed in England in 1664! I tried explaining to her that the men who built St Paul's were master craftsmen and were paid handsomely for their work, indeed St Paul's stretched King Charles II's finances!

Another twisted piece of history are of course the Crusades, in the West, they are seen as a uniformly evil, wicked and unprovoked attack on a culturally superior Islamic world. This avoids the fact that Muslims had been waging Jihad against Christian lands for 400 years before the Crusades were called, it ignores the fact that Christians were being oppressed, massacred, raped, pillaged and enslaved on a regular basis in the Islamic world, it ignores the expansionist tendencies of Islam and that the Eastern Roman Empire had appealed to the West for aid in defending it's self against the maurading Turks, it ignores the resistance against Islamic rule in Spain that had been going on since the Islamic invasion in 711AD, it ignores fact for propaganda.

So what is my point?

If you want to be involved in the defence of the West, then learn your history, learn about the richness of your culture and your religion, learn about the relevance of the nice looking buildings where you live, see the beauty of Europe before it is too late, take in the galleries, read the literature, read the history books written at the end of the last century, before our academy became red. Read, discover, enjoy the fruits of our civilisation, know your self, then you will recognise the poison that emanates from our 'centres of learning' then you can counter the arguments of the traitors amongst us!

Defence of the West for dummies!


John Sobieski said...

There is a politically incorrect guide to American history, not sure if there is one for world. What is written in the history books that our students read today is absurd. According to these books, infidels are the most despricable people on Earth.

dag said...

I look at Christopher Wren's works and I am enraptured. It'll all come down to the wreckers if we don't stop the madness of dhimmitude and Left fascism.

Look at the cathedral era as our hope, then, a time when the people were skilled not only in building monuments to the glory of God but who set out in one generation to build something they knew they would never see completed, a monument to greatness that would continue as a work of all for centuries and perhaps for eternity. Everyone pitched in to build, whether through labour or other assistence, and the glory is to all who made. We don't do much for our own greater good as nations. We live for the moment, not as private individuals but as atomic beings looking forever to others for approval, not finding it, and worrying that we should have something others have that might fill up the empty spaces in our lives.

Time for a new era of building the spirit of the world as good.

A Free Man said...

Hey John! I like your name! Inspiring!