Sunday, July 30, 2006

British soldiers 'brutality' in Iraq

Let's forget the soldiers had granades lobbed at them, forget also the guns being fired in their direction, forget the missiles being thrown, only concentrate on 'scandalous' British 'brutality'

As I have said before, good for the soldiers, they are beating some sense into these little shits who desperatly need it, note these little shits are not tortured or killed only given justice!

Lucky for them it's British squaddie justice!

The first comment on this video on Youtube is:

"ALLAH (SWT) is Al-Haq and justice shall prevail.

He will punish these Kufar who like always are killing/abusing innocent people"

Innocent? Well, I suppose it depends on how you describe innocent! Perhaps they are innocent like the Palestinians who elected Hamas? Or innocent like the Lebanese who voted Hizballah into government and allowed a third of their country to be governed by Hizballah terrorists?

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