Saturday, July 15, 2006

I stand with Israel!

As usual our treasonous, backstabbing, hateful, wicked and sneering MSM is attempting to smear Israel and by connection all Jews. They hate the Jews, they wish only to see Israel ruined and the Jews either murdered or exiled to somewhere like America. They desire the leveling of Israeli cities, preferably by Iranian nuclear bombs! They enjoy the Jewish anguish over the missing soldiers, they cheer when Hamas or Hezbollah attack Israel or any Jew!

When Israel retaliates, the MSM are aghast, they hang their mouths open in shock and then begin their frothing hateful attacks on the Jews, they dig up the old NAZI anti-Jew propaganda, they open their copies of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, just to make sure that they and their Arab friends are speaking from the same page!

The BBC, an agent in alliance with Islam, that undermines on a daily basis the culture and morality of the British Isles, aides the Muslims with its hateful anti-Semitic rants and its careful understated anti-Jew prejudices in as many stories as possible.

One BBC story from today is headlined: Israel 'kills Lebanese civilians'

Why does the BBC insist that it is wrong to 'collectively punish Lebanon for its tacit support of Hezbollah, but it's ok to collectively accuse not the IDF but 'Israel' of killing civilians? Strange aint it?

The Independent's front page is even better: What I am watching in Lebanon each day is an outrage . I think it's an outrage that Robert Fisk, an obvious Jew hater is allowed space to publish his hateful anti-Semitic rants, while supporting Islamic terrorists and Dictators!

But then again the Indie, as the Independent is affectionately known is a commie tabloid rag! It is not a serious paper anymore.

The more serious papers such as the Guardian, are also anti-Jewish, but in a more understated and acceptable way. The Australian, reports the Israeli bombing of the main route from Beirut to Damascus here: Tiss strange, the BBC and the Indie also reported this story, but conveniently forgot to mention what the Australian mentions!

While the commies stand with Hamas, the Palestinians, Hezbollah and Iran, I stand with Israel and the Jews!

Where do you stand?


beth said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. Excellent post!

dag said...

I might go back to Israel. If this continues till Sept. and looks from there like it might go on even longer then there's a chance I might find myself useful to the nation. It's a lovely feeling to join in with people who are decent and joyous, but especially so when they are under threat and one can act on their behalves to reduce that threat in some way. I can't do much but I can do my part. I have no complaints. No, when I think back to how happy I was there because of the greatness of the nation, the beauty of the spirit of the people, the friends I made, then I realise I am blessed in this life. I'd go back for more of that.