Friday, July 14, 2006

Israel dares to defend it's self! Scandal!!

I've been in Germany for the past few days! More of that later!

I've been out of the loop and only saw the news about Bombay and Israel when I read a Swiss German language paper in St Gallen yesterday. Almost 200 murdered in Bombay by, I would suppose 'disaffected youths' in India, you know the type, oppressed alienated Muslims, who are only reacting to nasty imperialistic Indians!

2 more soldiers kidnapped by Hezbollah on the Israel-Lebanese border, a massive blitz of northern Israel and Haifa and now Israel's counter-attack!

I'm watching the UN security council meeting on TV, the Lebanese guy is talking now, according to him, Israel is to blame for everything, he says that Israel's attack is a breach of their sovereignty, he then says that the Lebanese had no idea that this attack on northern Israel had happened saying they had no responsibility for these attacks! Well, how can this be an attack on one's sovereign territory when one does not control half of one's nation?

The Israeli ambassador is speaking now, as usual he is calm, collected and sensible, and as is usual, Israel will be vilified!

What a disgusting disgraceful organisation the UN is!

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