Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel is our future

Israel is still bombing Lebanon! Israel is still not letting up!

God! I love the Israelis! I love their balls, I love the way they ignore that repulsive den of filth the UN, in favour of protecting their own. I love the way they go against the received 'wisdom' of our western commies. I love their grit, their patriotism, their loyalty to one and other, their fighting spirit!

I love Israel! This tiny nation has throughout history shaken the world, first with it's God given Law, then with the Messiah, now it stands and fights against a Satanic force that we are refusing to fight! A force we refuse to call Satanic or wicked, indeed we imprison those who do call it Satanic or wicked!

Israel is our front line, Israel points to our future, it is living our future right now!

It will give me much satisfaction when in 10 or 15 years we in the west have to resort to what the Israelis are resorting to now!

I wonder whether we will be as decent as the Jews?

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