Monday, July 31, 2006

More Bolshevism from the BBC

Why do I do it? Why? Well I do pay 120 pounds($US 240) every year for the privellage, so I might as well!

I am watching the BBC news, and it is wearisome! The same old Jew hatred! If they can't smear Americans they are more then happy to smear Jews!

The top story was the 'massacre' in Qana. Fergal Keane the BBC correspondent in Lebanon went into some one horse town near the Israeli border that had been flattened in the fighting. He himself showed Katyusha rockets and rocket emplacements in the town, he showed granades strew around the area, cars full of Hizbollah weapons and then quickey left this and shows us some 'tear jerking' images of old men and women wandering throught the ruins.

After everything, he then gives it away, he closes with some of the most irresponsible wishful thinking paraded as 'journalism' going. He says that 'This town has been fought over by two armies, they bombed it into the stone age with little thought for the civilians, this in the 21st century, in spite of the UN'!!!!!!

In spite of the UN? Is this guy a complete moron? Does he have any understanding of the world? Just because this is the 21st century, does not mean that there will never be any more wars!

War is a part of humanity, it is in our blood, in our very make up. If we are attacked violently, we retaliate, thats what is supposed to happen! Duh!!

The UN, don't start me on the UN, that den of filth! That co-operative of facists!

I also like the way they always say 'both sides' as in the violence on both sides needs to stop, etc...

Again, we see more BBC wishful thinking, over weaning and all pervasive pacifism as well as snide Jew hate!

I need to immigrate, soon!


Leo Pusateri said...

Did they make any mention of the Hezzbo's hiding weapons amongst the civilian population and thus endandering their own civilians??

A Free Man said...

In a round about way yes, but not directly.

They left that for the viewer to work out!