Sunday, July 30, 2006

Why hate the Jews?

What is about the Jews that inspires so much hatred? Why only the Jews? What great wrong have they done, what monstrosity have they committed? No other group of people inspire the murderous hate that the Jews do, no other group is universally despised, what have they done?

  • Could it be that they are a chosen people? Chosen by God to be an example to the world, may have it's good points, but it obviously also ignites murderous envy. Various people have chaffed at the expression 'chosen people' they hate the fact that they were not chosen, that it is the Jew and not the Iranian or the Arab or the German who is chosen by Yahweh.
  • Could it be that Jews excell in every field of endevour? They succeed in science, philosophy, politics, entertainment, publishing, banking, the academy, business, jewellery and other fields in numbers that far outweigh their numbers, it is written, Israel will be a blessing to all the peoples of the Earth, well, perhaps it is this very success which leads to childish charges that the 'Jews contol the world' and a habit by some to destroy them?
  • Could it be that the Jews are also brilliant warriors? They seem to beat everyone that is naive enough to fight them, indeed the 1948 war involved Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Egypt against a country just days old and yet all of them were beaten and beaten badly. In the 1957 war Egyptian armies collapsed as Jewish armies cut through them like a hot knife through butter, in 1967 and 1973 the Jewish state beat a combined enemy of Syria, Jordan and Egypt!
  • Could it be the fact that Israel is the wealthiest and most powerful nation in the Middle East? Israel is smaller the Wales, it is tiny, you could drive from Eilat to the Golan Heights in a few hours, yet this tiny nation with no natural resourses continues to leave the Arab world in the dust economically. It is also the only free nation in the Middle East.

I think that what most people hate about the Jews is the whole 'chosen people' thing. Western commies hate them because they hate all religion, especially the Judeo-Christian variety, they see in the Jews the root of what they see as complete evil ie: morality, standards, propriety, monothiesm, the definition of sin, the condemnation of that same sin. Socialists despise the Jews for being God's first people, they hate the fact that Christ and the Christians came from the Jews.

Muslims hate they Jews, because even more then Christians they expose Allah and his deranged prophet as being the frauds they are. Mohammed at first tried to convince the Jewish community in Yathrib (modern Medina) that he was their Messiah, a prophet like the ancient Hebrew prophets. The Jews being an educated and sophisticated people laughed at him as he couldn't even get his Bible stories straight (Mohammed was illiterate we are told)

Mohammed, being an madman hated being mocked, most of the Koran is a deranged threat of death against those who mock Allah or his prophet, he decreed death to 800 Jews at Yathrib, seizing their wealth. Modern Muslims are immitating Mohammed, they hate the Jews for being the genuine people of God, unlike their own false claim. They hate the Jews for having the gall to be independent in their ancestral homeland, the one promised by Yahweh to his people for ever. They hate the fact theat Islam is a rickety sham and that the Bible contains an immovable truth. They are filled with envy, jealousy, a desire for vengeance, a desire to kill the Jews once and for all.

Why does the world hate the Jew? For very good reason, it has always hated the Jew, it will always hate the Jew, God's chosen people are an example to the world, as such they are the target for the hatred of those inspired by Satan, the same Satan who inspires all hatreds all discords and all bloodsheds

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