Saturday, August 26, 2006

The penny drops?

The Telegraph has reported that 53% of people questioned regard not only Islamic extremists as a threat, but that they see Islam as a threat to the West!

Could it be, that after years of denying the obvious, that Britons are waking up to reality?

I know for a fact, that people are becoming angrier and more aware, I listen to other peoples conversations, people on the train, at work or out and about, and indeed, there is a consternation, confusion, fear and hatred towards Muslims, but I still hear people saying Islam is inherently peaceful!

I know that living in London means I live in the most liberal part of this country, but even here people are waking up, not only whitey, blacks are saying even more outrageous things about Muslims(they can get away with it)Sikhs and Hindus have a history with Islam, and not a happy one!

Although it cheers me that 53% of people are waking up, it still means that 47% do not see Islam as a threat to the West, our liberals, anarchists, socialists, communists, anti-semites, neo-nazis, wet lefties, anti-western middle class university graduates, airy fairy hippies still, can't bring themselves to see what is bleeding obvious!

That is scary!


Ernesto Ribeiro said...

My plan to kick off Muslins of the West:

As in "Miami Vice" way, we could play fake roles as 'terror leaders conspirators' visiting every Muslim family in West; and in private, invitate them to 'do the Jihad' - blowing up themselves, shooting the crowds on streets, poisoning waters, etc, in order to 'exterminate all the infidel population very tomorrow'.

All the Muslins who don't
call Police and keep secret
about our 'Jihad conspirace' would be arrested and expatriated.

Simple, doesn't it?

the unique Brazilian anti-Islam site

religion of pieces said...

"...our liberals, anarchists, socialists, communists, anti-semites, neo-nazis, wet lefties, anti-western middle class university graduates, airy fairy hippies still, can't bring themselves to see what is bleeding obvious!"


“All narratives are of equal worth”
- this is the malevolent mantra of our (taxpayer-funded) universities.

Postmodernism is the anti-rational, anti-Western, culturally self-loathing pseudo-philosophy which permeates academia.

Postmodernism is a self-induced cancer which allows the alien virus of Islam to spread like a secondary infection throughout body of Western Civilization.

Postmodernist moonbats regard Mo's barbaric dark-age death-cult as a 'narrative' of equal value to the products of Judeo-Christian culture . In fact Islam may be a superior narrative because it is the product of victimhood.

I would strongly advise Infidels who wish to understand the threat that Islam poses to our civilization not only to study and critique Islam itself, but to understand and work against the suicidal and culturicidal self-loathing of Postmodernism.
“All narratives are of equal worth” - the PoMo dogma that dominates university arts, humanities and social studies departments. All narratives are socially constructed by dominant power groups - dead white males and Joooooooz being the usual suspects.

Postmodernism hasn't made much headway in science, engineering or mathematics departments, for reasons I'll come to in a moment.

Neither is postmodernism taken seriously by most philosophers, because it is in effect self-contradictory. "All narratives are of equal worth" So, optimistically all narratives should be equally true.

Unfortunately for the moonbats, diverse narratives contradict each other, so to maintain equality we must conclude that all narratives are equally false. However postmodernism is itself a narrative, so "all narratives are of equal worth" is as equally true/false as "some narratives are better than others". This is a variant of the old Cretan Paradox - 'Everything I say is a lie'. Pursue this line of reasoning far enough and the result will be insanity and/or left-wing politics. This spoof site (a postmodern essay generator) really hits the bullseye ..

Some years ago there was an attempt by pomo moonbat Marxist sociologists to protray science as a socially constructed narrative (constructed by all those Joooooooish Nobel prize winners with the poor old Muslim-victims being so underepresented ) . The logical outcome of this was if your culture said it was possible to float in the air then the socially-constructed Joooodeo-Christian (Newton and Einstein) laws of gravity would not apply to you as you stepped out of a sixth floor window.

This irrationalist obscurantist attack on science was debunked by the famous Sokal hoax, and the moonbats have not been back since...

However the university faculties where logical thinking may be more of a handicap than a help greatly outnumber the science/philosophy/engineering faculties. There has been a vast proliferation of Departments of Indefinite Studies, Post-Colonialist Awareness, Multicultural Assertion, etc etc.

Western culture is 'despised' because some aspects of it ARE DIFFICULT TO MASTER. Thus sneeering cultural self-loathing is used as a cover for intellectual inadequacy.

In this dumbed down 'academic' environment, is it any wonder that Islam, which would have been laughed to scorn by previous generations, is now regarded as a subject worthy of study in its own right as a valid narrative, rather than being seen as a primitive cult of interest primarily to the anthropologist and historian? Of course Edward Said has a lot to answer for, coming along at just the right time to exploit the rise in postmodernism and post-colonial guilt.

Postmodernism is the fatal crack in the intellectual structure of Western civilisation through which the virus of Islam enters.