Sunday, October 22, 2006

Democracy, how it has died

What is wrong with our 'leaders' our politicians?

Is there anyone who has any balls any more?

This David Cameron of the British Conservatives is frustrating to watch, he is a contemptible fellow, who is blatantly out for peoples votes at any cost.

He takes his cue from the leftist pressure groups of the establishment, he is constantly harping on about the environment and quelle suprise, the BBC say that he is a serious contender for the next election?

He bores on about 'wimin an efnics'

This is contemptible!

Firstly, although one could be forgiven for thinking that 90% of this country is black and Muslim from watching the BBC and it's (irritatingly PC)dramas, (not so funny)comedies and its (clearly biased) News programmes, the fact is that ALL 'efnic' minorities together make up only 6% of the total population!

Surprised? I was, I thought that every one was in the process of bearing a half caste baby with some ethnic! I was also shocked to hear that up to 75% of people in this country consider themselves Christian? Wow, I thought everyone was atheist or Muslim (or in the process of converting)

Tiss strange how reality is different on TV?

On the BBC it is only the antiwar-anticapitalist-ecowarrior-anti Bush-Che admiring communist that is given an easy time.

When ever an heretic is on, well, they can expect personal attack, smearing and ridicule (by highly ignorant illiterates)If one does not completely agree with Darwin's THEORY of evolution, one is called a moron, if one does not agree that the war on terror is EVIL, then you yourself are EVIL. If you do not believe that we are responsible for global warming (if it is indeed taking place) then you are a dangerous Neo Con!(cue terrified screams) If you think Socialised health and welfare are a waste of money and should be abolished or privatised, you are an Evil, uncaring, dangerous Thatcherite Neo Con Bush stooge! (cue more screams and hissing)

Ignorance such as displayed on the BBC, on pretty much any debate, needs to be confronted confidently by learned and patient men who will expose the folly and willful ignorance of the left. They also need to expose these hateful agitators for what they are, enemies in our midst, enemies who in any other time would have been exiled, imprisoned or executed.

Instead we have David Cameron, a nit wit, who knows no principles, no decency and has no thought as to what is truly important today. All he does is spout shite about the environment!

It seems that democracy is failing, 30 years of socialist education has dumbed down our culture and produced a whole new breed of ignorant, miseducated, uncaring and most importantly for communists, malleable electorate.

They will now vote for anything as long as it promises them a free education (complete with communist brain washing), free health, free pensions, free money for feckless single sluts, free money for staying home when one does not want to work.

I am beginning to think that the only thing that can save this country is a military take over by a 'Franco figure', someone who can save this country from itself, force the idiots along the right path!

What is the alternative?

Allah u Akbar!


Mark said...

Great post! A very enjoyable read, and very true!

I really think that democracy, at least as it is practised today, isn't strong enough to deal with the onslaught of Islam. And, as you say, Cameron is a joke. He just doesn't get it; and even if, by some chance he ever did, he wouldn't have the guts to do anything about it. After all, it was he who gave himself the name "media tart". And that's exactly what he is.

If we are to have any chance of winning this war, then we are going to need a figure of Churchillian proportions to win it. The sad thing is: There is no Churchill on the political horizon!

Ernesto Ribeiro said...

I disagree: there's a Chruchilll today: Tony Blair. But in these days, British media is against him. His own Party betrayed him. That's the difference.

THIS World War is being fightened at homeland, against inner enemies and betrayers.

Sad times, bad times...

Hard times, shameful times...

Welcome to the new century...