Sunday, October 08, 2006

The problem is those damned creationists!

It seems absurd that secularists seem intent on attacking fundamentalist Christianity when the true challenge to our civilisation is Islam, not Christianity.

On Sky News last week, the news readers were interviewing an elderly gentleman titled a 'scientist' by Sky and he had just been awarded the Secular Society's Freedom of Speech Award. What was the reason for this award? Did he boldly denounce jihad? Or perhaps he ridiculed the very obvious scientific holes contained in the Koran?

Well actually he was given this prize due to his 'bold' refutaion of (drum role) CREATIONISM!

Well done sir! The world burns and he takes pot shots at creationists, he patronisingly mocks Christian fundamentalists (who are not generally known to detonate themselves against their enemies) and tip toes over Muslims (who are known on the odd occasion to detonate themselves on public transport for a variety of 'reasons')

It must take so much raw courage to mock those terrifying Christians! So much gall!

Whether one beleives something or not is generally not anyones elses business. I don't beleive in all the mumbo jumbo that the Mormons believe, but it is their business, they are generally decent law abiding citizens, why critisise them for their beliefs?

Lefties love to talk about 'freedom of speech' when what they actually mean is 'freedom to mock others who don't agree with you as long as they are not likely to kill you' or 'freedom to believe what we believe and nothing else'

True freedom of speech can and does include respect, however if something is not deserving of respect, such as Islam and it's twisted practices or the Roman Catholic Church and it's pervy priests, then it deserves ridicule and mockery!

I was unable to find anything on the award by the Secular Society, but see if you can find it for yourself at

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crush41 said...

Questioned about the assault on Minuteman founder Jim Gilchrist (US civilian border patrol group) while speaking at Colombia U in New York, a rioting miscreant said:

"We were aware that there was going to be a sign and we were going to occupy the stage," said a protestor who was on stage and asked to remain anonymous. "I don't feel like we need to apologize or anything. It was fundamentally a part of free speech. ... The Minutemen are not a legitimate part of the debate on immigration."

Arnold, Bill Kristol, Pat Buchanan, Ann Coulter--all have been verbally shut down while trying to exercise their right to free speech in environments in which they were invited to speak.

The 'tolerance' crap is just that. It's a smokescreen.

Leftists are intent on putting down Christian fundies because they are competition (Mormons might have 'silly' beliefs, but Utah is a pretty sharp state producing plenty of the US' future innovaters, entrepreneurs, and business leaders).

Wahhabi fundamentalists, however, are but a pitiable underclass subjected to relentless racism, etc, because with IQs in the eighties, lots of inbreeding, and the education received (if at all) largerly being religious in nature, do not threaten the Good tolerant white leftists.