Monday, December 18, 2006

Will you?

Will: to wish; desire or like, as in Go where you will. Ask, if you will.

Do you have the will to resist Islam?

Do you have the desire to resist?

Do you have the wish to resist?


Well you are in the minority, it seems that most of the West has already given up, whether through elections as in Spain or the US, to the cultural surrender we see every day on the net or in our papers or if you are truly lucky like myself, you will see it in your daily life on the street or at work or when watching a film!

Perhaps when a culture or civilisation loses that will, it deserves to whither and die, to be supplanted by a more vigorous civilisation. Rome was a civilised place, but one that had lost its will to survive, it was replaced by the more vigorous and healthy Germanic tribes, who in hindsight deserved the remnants of the once great Roman Empire.

I do know that we would be plunged into a dark age, made darker by that malignant religion of Satan, but perhaps in the far future, light would once again shine?

I also know that this 'fall of the West' will be slow, only recognised as such in centuries to come as 'the fall', it saddens me to come to this conclusion, but there can now be no other way, and NO, America is not immune, it is for better or worse part of the West, prone, perhaps sometimes more prone to the weaknesses of the West, the light may finally be extinguished in North America, but extinguished they will be, why? We lack the will!

On 9/11 I thought that Islam had overstretched itself, I beleived the West would now wake up to reality and confidently bestride the world once again, I honestly believed Islam would be weakened and the West invigorated!

I was so wrong!

Islam is now more powerful then ever, 9/11 was a strategic triumph for Osama Bin Laden and Islam, it terrified most of Europe into silence and anti-Americanism, in a bid to deflect that terror from them.

America did briefly unite, but only for a few months, Afghanistan and Iraq were invaded, dictators toppled, tactically 9/11 was a defeat for Islam, but look at the strength of Islam now!

Iran filled with confidence brazenly develops a nuke in the full view of the wider world, Hizbollah a terrorist orginisation, is on the brink of complete power in Lebanon, Syria is an Iranian puppet! Pakistan is only one general away from becoming an Islamic state, Somalia is already becoming an Islamic state, praised by Bin Laden, Islam is creeping its way back into public life in Turkey, Indonesia is becoming more Islamic by the month, with the severed heads of Christians being proudly displayed in public! the Caucasus are already in the grip of Islam, the former central Asian Soviet states are slipping to the Islamists, as is Bangladesh. Shariah is law in half of Nigeria, de facto law in parts of France and Britain.

Israel will fall, even Israel no longer has the will to fight, we saw this summer how EVEN Israel, our frontline against this threat is weak! It has lost it's will to fight, not helped by the univeral hatred directed at it by the rest of the world.

The West has lost it's faith in God, it's belief in itself, and it's hope for the future. We no longer breed, we take solice in the futile pleasures of promiscuous sex, drugs and inane celebrity gossip. We care no more for the great things in life, we disdain that which is noble, that which is holy and that which is pure.

Perhaps we deserve conquest?

Perhaps this is just the natural order of things, the way things have always been and will always be?

Maybe now is the time to learn Arabic and Mandarin, to ready ourselves for the future, for the furure realities that will face us!

For we no longer have the will to order this world, and if we don't have that will, the Islamic world and China have it in abundance.


al fin said...

I understand your frustration with your fellow westerners. What will it take to wake most people up? I have no idea.

But I do know what it takes to run a modern technological society--an average IQ above 90 points. If you look at all the predominantly muslim nations, you will find almost all of them have an average population IQ below 90. Imagine that!

Saudi Arabia and the other Gulf States would still be in the stone ages if not for the accident of subterranean oil and gas. But it's important to note that without foreign engineers and technologists/technicians, Saudi Arabia could not maintain its infrastructure.

The small number of intelligent muslims can do a lot of damage to the west, using weapons purchased with oil wealth. But then what? They can't run the world themselves. Everything would break down.

So the challenge may not be waking up westerners--which might be impossible in their current slumber. Instead the challenge might be developing several ways the west could recover quickly from various types of devastation the muslims could cause.

Leo Pusateri said...

Words of wisdom, my British friend... Words of wisdom.

A Free Man said...

I agree that Islamic societies are not much to look at, not terribly impressive, I had the privelage of seeing that myself in Morocco.
Even without the Islamic agression I beleive the West is in terrible danger of destroying itself, social welfarism, the collapse of decency and morality, the elevation of mediocrity is what trully endangers us, as I've said before, Muslims are not the cause of our present dilema, we are the cause, resurgent Islam is a symptom.
Until we right our nations and cultures we will continue our pathetic decline, perhaps Islam will just sped it up?
Perhaps India and the Orient will be the ultimate succesors of world dominion?
Leo, tiss good to see you have not stopped blogging, I was a bit worried there for a while!

Anonymous said...

I am Muslim. My girlfriend of 5 years is Christian. You are probably wondering, "what has happened to your world". The truth is, I love her, and I love her family. They love my family and myself also. I was raised in a Muslim household in which we were taught to treat all people alike, regardless of sex, ethnicity or religion. That is why I don't take offence to what you say. I was once fooled into believing Christianity was a horrible religion. I now know that it is beautiful. I hope that one day our peoples can come together. I hope that one day you can understand me, as much as I am trying to understand you.

Love your enemies, do good to those who hate you. Luke 6:27-36

Love always, one brother to another.

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to you and yours, Freeman. This is an excellent piece you wrote and I will need to clear my head out from under the cobwebs and too much partying during this Christmas season. Hopefully at some pint, oops, point, I will be able to write. The best to you. I really like your blog and what you have to say.

Ernesto Ribeiro said...

Violence marks French réveillon; more of 400 cars have been set on fire

Reuters: Vandals set fire to around 400 cars during the night and the French police informed to have bound more of 250 persons, in a wave of violence that marked the celebrations of year in the France.

In an effort for maintain the order, 25 000 policemen were mobilized in all the country during the night, including 4500 in Paris, where the authorities prohibited pyrotechnic shows.

The police affirmed that, to the 6h (local schedule), 258 persons had been detainees in the entire country, including two infants of 8 and 10 years that set on fire garbage cans in Strasbourg.

Three infants with age between 10 and 12 years were detainees in a suburb of Paris, after will be caught in the act carrying buckets of gasoline.

Set fire on cars became a common event in the France during the commemorations of year, specially in the poor suburbs of many cities.

(And the shit of the left-wing treacherous press is so vagabond and impudent that stifles who are those poor: muslims.)