Monday, January 15, 2007

The Best Dictionary Definitions of Politically Correct Leftist Terms!

[Awesome stuff!! I got these from the owner of the "World Threats" website. These are flipping brilliant! Check out some of the entries below. They are hillarious, brilliant and TOTALLY CORRECT! Among my favourites are, for example:

TORTURE (v.)- 1. To hold terrorists and/or criminals in conditions inferior to that of a hotel; 2) to throw a koran in the toilet.

AWARENESS (n.)- 1. Money. Usually in connection with a left-wing cause. Ex- "We are holding this concert to raise AIDS awareness" trans. "We are holding this concert to raise money". Ex- "Join our group and help spread awareness about the plight of the prisoners of Guantanimo Bay" trans. "Join our group and give us money so we can continue attacking America and Bush"; 2. Favorable and disproportionate media coverage. Ex- "City officals have desperately attempted to spread awareness about the threat of Bird Flu" trans. "City politicians have desperately attempted to get their faces on the evening news by frightening the public with the illusory threat of a Bird Flu epidemic so that voters can connect them with 'protection' and 'security' when election time comes".

CONTROVERSIAL (adj.)- Bad. Disliked. Malignant. Most often used in the news media to describe any person, concept, or thing that runs afoul of left-wing orthodoxy. Ex- "Congress is set to vote on a controversial new tax-cutting proposal today, which will likely cut funding to schools by over 30%" trans. "Conservatives in congress have come up with an evil, malignant new tax cutting plan that will make the rich richer by robbing our children of their education".

DIVERSE (adj.)- Having a significant percentage of people who are not of European descent and/or are not heterosexual. Ex- "This party is very diverse!" trans. "This party has a relatively large proportion of black skinned, Muslim, Hispanic, east Asian, and/or gay people". Note that 'diverse' usually does not apply to gender. A party with an equal amount of Irish men and women is not diverse. Cf. leftspeak 'Diversity', where gender is considered.

DIVERSITY (n.)- A skin-color based quota. Sometimes expanded to include gender and/or sexual orientation. Ex- "Solomon Smith Barney is committed to diversity in the workplace" trans. "Solomon Smith Barney uses a skin color based quota when hiring new applicants". Ex- "This college lacks gender diversity" trans. "This college has too many men and thus requires a quota to admit more women".

EMPOWER (v.)- To put into practice a left-wing social engineering and/or brainwashing project. Ex- "The young latina women of P.S. 185 were empowered today to stand up for reproductive rights" trans. "Poor inner-city girls were taught by their teachers today that abortion is a good, responsible, and acceptable course of action if they become pregnant". Ex- "Our goal is to empower women to achieve true diversity in today's boardrooms" trans. "Our goal is to enact a gender based quota to make sure that there are at least 50% women in boardrooms, regardless of their qualifications". See also Empowerment.

FASCIST (n., adj.)- 1. anyone who openly and blatantly opposes left-wing dogma; 2. A practicing Christian; 3. A Jew in favor of Israel's right to exist; 4. A member of the armed forces; 5. Anyone who supports the use of military force in any instance for any reason.

FREE SPEECH (n.) a/k/a 'Freedom of Speech'- 1. Expression that agrees with and/or promotes left-wing dogma in public, whether through public speaking, music, movies, television, or in the news media. Ex- "We applaud Michael Moore for his commitment to Free Speech, but we find Mel Gibson's hateful movies to be offensive"; 2. Expression that is carefully crafted as to not offend non-Christians or anyone who is of non-European descent. Ex- "Art featuring dog poo smeared on the Virgin Mary is valuable free speech. A cartoon drawing of Muhammed is just plain hate speech". Ant. Leftspeak 'Hate Speech'.

HATE CRIME (n.)- any crime committed by a Christian or person of European descent upon a non-Christian or a person of non-European descent.

HATE SPEECH (n.)- 1. Expression that disagrees with and/or challenges left-wing dogma. Ex- "Ann Coulter's book should be banned because we should not allow people to profit off of hate speech in New Jersey"; 2. Speech that could offend non-Christians or anyone of non-European descent. Ant. Leftspeak 'Free Speech'. See also: Leftspeak 'Hateful' (adj.)

IMMIGRANTS' RIGHTS (n.)- Unfettered amnesty for illegal immigrants. Ex- "As the senior senator from Massachusetts, I feel I must take a stand to protect immigrants' rights" trans. "I, Ted Kennedy, support amnesty for illegal immigrants because I believe they will all vote for democrats".

INSENSITIVITY (n.)- 1. Expression that unknowingly or unwittingly 1) could offend non-Christians or anyone of non-European descent; OR 2) defies left-wing dogma. Cf. Leftspeak 'Intolerance' and/or 'Hate Speech', where the act of defiance is deliberate. Ex.- "Nike's ad featuring the Cross of St. George painted upon the body of soccer star Wayne Rooney is insensitive because it could be construed by some as a reference to the Crusades which is offensive to muslims".

INTOLERANCE (n.)- Deliberate refusal to alter one's beliefs to comply with leftist sensibilities. Intolerance may include the belief that: 1) Homosexuality is wrong; or 2) People who mutilate their own genitals are insane; or 3) Socialism doesn't work; or 4) Islam is violent; or 5) The bible is true; or 6) the Catholic Church is correct in regard to any issue; or 7) Black people are the major source of their own problems; or 8) One should speak English in the United States; or 9) Christmas trees are not offensive to non-Christians. Cf. Leftspeak 'Hate Speech', which is simply 'intolerance' put into the spoken or written form.

LIBERAL (n., adj.)- 1. A Marxist, communist, or socialist (n.); 2. Inspired by Marxism, communism, or socialism (adj.); This word was co-opted from its original English meaning when the labels 'Marxist', 'communist', and 'socialist' developed deeply unpopular connotations with the general public during the second half of the 20th century. Cf. with the old Eng. 'liberal' (in the political sense), meaning one who supports the free market, private property, protection from government intervention, free speech, and minimal taxes. An anti-royalist libertarian. The founding fathers of the United States were considered 'liberal', in the old sense of the word.

MULTICULTURAL (adj.)- Multiracial. Leftspeak often confuses the concepts of 'culture' and 'race'. Not to be confused with the mod. Eng. 'multicultural', literally meaning "of many cultures". Syn. Leftspeak 'Diverse'.

MULTICULTURALISM (n.)- 1. The ideology that any person, place, thing, or concept related to the Western tradition is inferior to any person, place, thing, or concept related to any non-Western tradition; 2. The systematic subversion of Western Culture and Civilization though the media, schools, and the university system.

PROGRESSIVE (n., adj.)- 1. A Marxist, communist, or socialist (n.); 2. Inspired by Marxism, communism, or socialism (adj.) Syn. Leftspeak 'Liberal'. When the word 'liberal' began to become to closely connected with Marxism and socialism (and thus became unpopular among the public) during the late 1980s and 1990s, many 'liberals' abandoned that label in favor of 'progressive', which derives from the English word 'Progress', meaning to forge ahead. Cf. mod. Eng. 'Regress' (v.), meaning to go back or revert to an old form or way- perhaps a more apt description.

QUAGMIRE (n.)- Any military operation: 1) involving ground troops; OR 2) lasting over one week in duration; OR 3) resulting in over 20 casualties.

REDISTRIBUTE (v.)- To tax and spend, usually upon a bloated social program or welfare system. Ex- "The democratic party strongly supports the redistribution of resources so that everyone can have a chance at the American dream" trans. "The democratic party wants to tax the hell out of you and give your money to lazy bums who sit on their ass all day long".

REPRODUCTIVE RIGHTS (n.)- Abortion. Ex- "Our party strongly supports women's' reproductive rights" trans. "Our party strongly supports the abortion of human fetuses".

TOLERANCE (n.)- Acceptance as equal, especially when it comes to deviant sexual behavior and/or beliefs. Ex- "Boston University believes in tolerance of the transgender lifestyle" trans. "Boston University expects every student to accept people who mutilate their genitals as completely normal and equal to themselves". Cf. mod. Eng. 'Tolerance- the act of putting up with somebody or something irritating or otherwise unpleasant'.

TORTURE (v.)- 1. To hold terrorists and/or criminals in conditions inferior to that of a hotel; 2) to throw a koran in the toilet.

TRANSGENDER (n.)- one who has chosen to mutilate their genitals in a fruitless attempt to become something they are not. Syn. mod. Eng. 'Delusional- one who strongly holds a false belief in spite of invalidating evidence, especially as a symptom of mental illness'. See also: mod. Eng. 'Eunuch', a man who has had his penis and testicles removed.


crush41 said...

Heh, humorous. You have 'torture' on their twice, not that seeing it 2x is a bad thing!

Leo Pusateri said...

Not only humorous, but very true!

BTW--I thought you'd be interested in this story.

Ernesto Ribeiro said...

Really: The Evil Religion. it's the Devil talking to Hell creatures. Absolutelly sick.

I'd never read or heard so many SHIT in my life since Nazi and Communist adresses...

Muslim speech makes me vomit...

The big rat came back. The new Hitler, dictator of the Iran, visited several latin-american countries, preaching the Nazism. The rat-face tyrant of the worst hospice shit hole in the Hell, where the persons (sub) live in the Stone Age, feeding the terrorism and the civil war in the Iraq, came as invited of honor for watch cucarachas presidents inaugurals.

Normal: the biggest flies are attracted by the biggest pieces of shit. The scum of the Humanity is rallying Latin America "because they are all anti-American leaders; and the United States lose with that." Lose what? Just lose the little remainder of respect that still would have for the cucarachas. What we earn hating the best and associating to the worst?

We have nothing it fear, except ourselves. Latin America already had some attention during Cold War. Today, solemnly it is despised. Because it is really despicable. Nobody is interested in spend a second of his precious time with insignificant countries. When a gorilla turns dictator threatening everyone who opposes socialism will be punished with death, that is problem of the people that elected him only. Capitalists business remain the same. Who says that is the president of peru, Alan Garcia: "Chavez is a hypocrite. He sells 80% of the oil to the Americans, but insults as “bribed” anyone else which do business with the United States."

As usual, who ruins Latin America are latin-americans themselves.

shane said...

i love how you hate muslims people and the religion of islam. keep up the good work ernesto and owner of this site.

ISLAM FOREVER! I would have talked shit about your christian, jewish, or whatever religion you are, but i have no animosity towards your religion. I'm not here to change your mind, but I have read this blog before and your anti-islam propaganda is silly to me. all you blogging losers, i seen your long list of islam haters, are ridiculous. get a life. you fukking bytches.

Anonymous said...

I see you changed the look of your site. Looks good. Keep the humor coming. We all need it.
Sounds like Shane has a lot of learning to do. Or maybe he is joking. I hope it's a joke.

religion of pieces said...

Ernesto Ribeiro said...
"Really: The Evil Religion. it's the Devil talking to Hell creatures. Absolutelly sick."

Agree. Have you read about the Muzzie plot to torture and murder soldiers in Britain? This is Human sacrifice to a demon - Muslims are demon-worshippers.

"Whatever the case, whatever the explanation, this point stands out clearly: Satan accused Allah of being a perverter, a misleader, with the Quran agreeing that this is what Allah truly is, going so far as to boast that Allah is actually the best schemer/deceiver of them all!"

Read more about Allah 'The Great Deceiver', the 'Father of Lies' at

Thomas Saint Beckett said...

My 21 year-old best friend who I loved dearly was shot 3 times in Iraq (in the back) - so I guess you could say I hate put it mildly.

I belive in protecting the Right. In God and in country.

and I found this blog offensive.

This blog is drivel that pretends to have a some type of underlying truth when really it's just the author's own personal racist agenda. Where is your honor?

This blog makes people who are working to stop terrorism, fight the left wing and clean up America look like a bunch of cousin-kissing, chaw-chewing bigots.

You are free to do what you want same as those you critisize but leave the rest of us, REAL Americans, out of it.

A Note on Christianity

Maybe you should read your bible a little closer. Jesus was surrounded with the very people you ridicule so he could change thier lives. Where you mock he ministered.

Unless, that is, you don't belive in Jesus or the bible.

For our sake Christ offered himself to the Father upon the altar for the cross...

It must therefore be our endeavor to destroy the right of sin and death, and by nurturing faith and uprightness of life, to build up the Church of Christ into a holy temple of the Lord.

Adjust your methods, my friends or woe unto you.

Unless, of course...
you are a terrorist pretending to be one of us to make us look bad.

Shame on you.