Thursday, January 04, 2007

Happy New Year!

Well, it did'nt take long for the lefties to come crawling out of their holes and from under their rocks in relation to the well deserved hanging of Saddam Hussein, "UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Louise Arbour said she had appealed directly to Iraqi President Jalal Talabani, saying her concerns about the fairness of Saddam Hussein's trial also applied to his co-defendants. Under international law the men should have the chance to seek a pardon or have their sentences commuted, she said."

A Pardon? Is she serious? Fucking idiot!

In the immediate aftermath, we had a string of European foreign ministers trot out the same shite, perhaps they had decided to bang on about the same thing, I don't know, perhaps they are all as brainless as each other, but they all condemned capital punishment! All of them, For some, this became some sort of opportunity to 'express one's deep held antipathy to capital punishment' and the whole end of Saddam thing got a bit lost! What are these peoples problem?
Can't they grow up for 5 fucking minutes, and stop being the intellectual adolescents that they are?

The (official) European response:

"The EU opposes capital punishment in all cases and under all circumstances and it should not be carried out in this case either."

No, 'well dones' or good ridances' or 'thank God he's dead' etc, just a long, self righteous, monotonous whine!

Tiss interesting a majority of Germans French and Spanish supported Saddam's execution, 55% of Germans and upto 69% of Brits thought he deserved it, also most Europeans in polls taken would like the death sentence to be restored in their countries, it is our self righteous and preening elite who have taken upon it themselves to prevent its return by making it's continued abolision a requirement of membership of the EU.

Bastards! Perhaps they know it is they, who would be first for the chop?

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