Saturday, April 07, 2007

Shocked and disgusted!

Apparently, those fine fellows who surrendered to the Iranian bandits without a fight, who then fully co-operated with their captors in their propaganda, who then thanked their captors when set free, who then gave some pathetic excuse that there was no point in resisting! You remember them? Well, now they are to sell their stories to the papers for tens of thousands of pounds!

So, they wimp out in battle, they indulge their captors and not only get off scott free, but get a handsome reward for it?

Words fail me, these people are little better then the media whores that inhabit the Big Brother houses, these people are so undeserving of any sympathy, it astounds me, do you remember that Italian men, who when told to beg for mercy before they cut off his head refused, tore off his hood and shouted "I will show you how an Italian dies"

Brave, I suppose it is something you are or are not! These armed personnel quite definitely do not have it! Whats the bet half of them convert to Islam within a year?

Well, I suppose you have to have some sort of ability to believe in something to do even that!

These people, who so easily could have been heroes, have in my eyes dishonoured and disgraced themselves, their families and their country, they have failed us, they have failed their Sovereign Lady and now they wish to prostitute themselves for money to the tabloids, with no shame! Even whores have more honour!


Dr. Evil.. said...

I actually quite like whores.

Anonymous said...

Not strong enough condemnation....