Sunday, April 29, 2007

Vote BNP!

There are local elections in England and Wales on May 3rd, there are also assembly elections in Scotland and Wales.

If you want anything to change vote for the BNP!

Even if you are uncomfortable with them as a party, or despise where they came from, the truth is, our political elites will not listen to us if we vote Labour or Conservative or Liberal, or Monster Raving Loony Party!

They will only fear us if we dare to vote BNP!

You see, most of the political class are political prostitutes, they will do almost anything to get into power, they will go on the Jonathan Ross Show, they will play soccer (badly) for all to see, they will feign interest in pop groups, they will say they passionately believe in the environment or Africa to get some votes!

Now, I don't really mind that we have political hookers in Parliament, what I do mind is that they seem intent on dismantling this nation and handing over the remains to Europe and/or the minorities, for their share of the loot!

Well, I say we make them work for it for a change! Vote BNP, scare the shit out of them and we might actually get some people in the Conservatives and Labour deciding to actually do something we want!

Go on, give it a try, if enough of us do it, we could send shivers down the spines of our pompous overfed elites!


KG said...

Hi there. I found your blog via Fortress Australia.
All I can say is: Too bloody right, mate!
(and add you to my blogroll)

fido said...

Well said, Liebour are heading for a major pasting down my way(South Wales)even the old die hard Labour voters have given up.

Last local election I noticed that there were a lot of signs up for them, this time bugger all.

If that is returned in votes they will be butchered at the polls.