Saturday, May 05, 2007


To examine its present trajectory is to discover the state of the American nation irredeemable. The proportion of citizens pickled—like cadavers—in the toxic bromides of multiculturalism is formidable; consequently, the dissolution of the once indivisible American ethos into sects of squabbling ethnicities is all but destined. As for those citizens not so intoxicated, they dwell divided betwixt distraction and despair, in passivity and complacency, awaiting a savior that will never come. And so it is with a hardened heart I hammer out …


The idea of American Manifest Destiny is not exclusive to the mid-nineteenth century, though the period of imperial "Westward Ho!" is one of the more conspicuous symptoms of that deeper, existential malady—the messianic mission to make the world over in America's image. Not only does this mandate hearken back to the founding of the Republic but, to this very hour, it gallops apace under the banner of global democracy. The crusade to extend salvation across the globe—to make all places not America, America—is matched only by a more recent, penitent reflex to make all places America, un-American. And whereas once American pretensions to empire could bring but shame to the nation for military misadventures or issue punitive slaps to the jingoist’s ego, at home, the uncritical institutionalization of diversity and the aggressive indoctrination of such facile dogmas as "we are a nation of immigrants," must prove even more destructive to the American body politic for they threaten the very existence of the nation itself.

The political knaves and the meretricious mouthpieces of popular culture have spoken: Thou shalt not question immigration—legal or otherwise. "We are a nation of immigrants" goes the benediction and the demons of racism and xenophobia are exorcised back to Dark Ages before the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred nineteen and sixty-five. Talk of immigration reform (except to increase the huddled masses yearning to cannibalize the Middle Class at the behest of their elitist wranglers) is tantamount to heresy; indeed, proposing a moratorium during which to examine the environmental, financial and existential consequences of permitting millions of aliens of questionable political allegiances to populate this country is the most damnable offense of all.

That we are a nation of Americans—and not a nation of immigrants—is an elementary civic fact. (Incidentally, Osama bin Laden’s fatwa was not titled “Declaration of War Against All Immigrants.”) Neither fact nor force of history—until that force is brought to bear—will convince the open-borderites that their World Nation of Babel is a destructive delusion. Nor is such utopian idiocy confined to any one political persuasion. It is touted by dim-bulbs named Bush and bloated Bostonians called Kennedy, America-hating Leftists, their puling liberal lapdogs and laissez faire libertarians alike. Corporatists of the Church of Economic Determinism gorge themselves on cheap labor while Evangelicals from the School of Putting los Anuses en los Asientos lustily pack the pews with the ceaseless supply of commodities, consumers and congregants unlimited immigration provides. If America is prohibited from restricting immigration on the belief that we are a “nation of immigrants,” it warrants consideration that if we are, and always have been so, then prior to the 1965 Immigration Reform and Control Act America was a nation of immigrants—almost exclusively of European origin. This, the reconquistadors of La Cuckaracha Raza aught to ponder when next they march their Mexican flag waiving mestizo minions onto American streets. Clearly, immigration policy should be dictated by some other criteria; if not, then perhaps it isn’t too late to correct a certain historical mistake.

The nation killers assure us that none can escape the dizzying, centripetal spin of the great American assimilation machine. In goes the immigrant, out the American: not the proud citizen reverential of America’s historical exceptionalism, but the malleable sort eager only to consume scows of garbage they don't need or that demands little more from their leisure time than to slobber over the tawdry exploits of Hollywood’s latest loose bimbo. (In the very least, they are sufficiently American to vote Democrat or attend Catholic mass.) This is a cynical estimation, but the only one that matters to our governing elites. That they themselves do not truly accept the acculturation of immigrants into the American national family is betrayed by another indubitable truth they trumpet so loudly: Diversity is our greatest strength.

Our leaders pay lip service to assimilation even as they deny a particular American culture exists; and inasmuch as one does, it is vilified as inherently oppressive—a racist, sexist legacy to be openly rejected by the immigrant and native alike. Worse still, group rights have formally replaced the rights of the individual. The government incentivizes factionalism and rewards minorities for maintaining their cultural exclusivity through generous entitlements and policies of affirmative action. Adding more diversity to the already encouraged-to-be-indignant ethic blocs can only lead to future violent, internecine conflict—a civil war that will tear the country apart at its unnatural seams as the nations-within-nations vie against one another for scarce resources.

Lamentably, the just and the wise do not always prevail. As the rhetorical salvos are lobbed and the ideological artillery discharged, from the carnage of our country a hideous new order is bent on ascendancy. Out of the reconstituted ashes of the nation no phoenix spreads its blazing wings but there hatches a hydra—its multifarious heads and snapping beaks hissing the false praises of diversity. The Shining City on the Hill has been trampled into the ground by the hungry hordes. Liberty Enlightening the World stands not as she once did—as an inspiration—but as an easy harlot of the harbor. The Mother of Exiles has cast aside her shining lamp and, like some pagan fertility goddess, invites the huddled masses of the world to milk the bounteous udders of the State bone dry.

America, home of the new mongrel proletariat has become Amerogod, great welfare state to the world.


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Spot on, sadly.
I put an extract from it up on Crusader together with a link to your blog.