Saturday, June 02, 2007

Abortion, Catholic Cardinal tells it as it is!

It seems that Catholic Bishops are no longer allowed to speak out against what they believe to be sin, unless that sin happens to be 'war', 'racism' and the other fashionable 'isms' of today!

Some poor Cardinal found this out when he committed his own 'sin' (in the eyes of the holier then thou left wing theocratic state) when he condemned abortion and asked people to think twice before supporting people claiming to be Catholics when they support abortion!

He also asked Catholic politicians to reassess their connections to the Church and the suitability of supporting abortion and taking communion!

Predictably the poor fellow has been smeared by the usual nihilists and hard core atheists at the BBC, if you look at Biased BBC, Thursday 31st May post, you will see that they have noted that the BBC has framed this whole story differently from another similar story a while back. But one story is about the Archbishop of Canterbury condemning the government for going to war, something the BBC loves to hear from anyone, even some fuddy duddy fairy tale believer! But, the other involves abortion, something the left venerates as much as any Catholic venerates Mary or one of the Saints!

It is part of the left wing belief system, abortion is seen as one of their sacraments, a noble thing to do, something that guarantees a woman's continued independence from all that old fashioned non - sense, family, faith, humility and love!

What we are now supposed to cleave to is sexual incontinence, wild lust, and complete independence from other people. If we do need to depend on someone, it will be the state, the state will be there when you are born, it will register you, and create a number for you (National Insurance Number) they will pay child care so the mother can go to work, if she does not want to work, well, they will just raise the taxes until no one can afford to support a family with one income!

Then with both parents at work, the child is there ready to be indoctrinated by this behemoth state, always well meaning, almost always damaging. It shall start by teaching your child 'diversity', surely the most important thing? Then they shall go on to teach them history with reference to 'diversity'. 'Diversity' shall be in all and all shall be 'diversity'.

When the family finds it is too poor to survive due to all the crippling and weighty taxes, they shall apply for tax credits and they shall have to write page after page of justification to the tax man as to why they should have the extra few quid a week.

The child shall go to school and 'diversity' shall be the pinnacle of all that he learns. He will be trained to think of Black and ethnic people as his equal, indeed, he will learn of their infinitely higher and more moral wisdom, he shall learn that Africa is the centre of Man (although to him he will be taught Human Beings) He shall learn that religion is a backward fairy tale (excepting all non Christian religions) He shall be taught to laugh at those who have faith in Christ, or are proud of their nation.

He shall learn to despise himself, just as he despises his nation, race and people. He shall be cocooned in the loveless embrace of the state, one from which he will be lucky to escape!

For those unlucky enough to remain within the embrace of the state, shall become more degraded, more desperate, more miserable and in the end all alone!

The state can attempt to be many things, but it can never be your friend, it will never be your family. Amazingly there are many people who seem to think they will always have these state benefits to latch onto, they seem to think it unimportant to love, or have a family or a home, they assume they will find someone in a few years time, always in a few years time until it is too late. Some cite the environment or their pleasure as an excuse not to breed, or as a way of excusing their abortion!

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (as he was at the time) has said the following!

“A Christianity that believes it has no other function than to be completely in tune with the spirit of the times has nothing to say and no meaning to offer. It can abdicate without more ado.”

Yet, the lefties seem to think the opposite of what Ratzinger said, they only tolerate Christianity if it shuts up and keeps it's head down and does not step out of line.

Cardinal Keith O'Brien has stood up against this tyranny, let us hope he does not stand down!


KG said...

I'm an atheist (or, more likely, agnostic). But that's one hell of a good post!

Leo Pusateri said...

Too many of the Catholic Church (especially the bishops) in the U.S. are flaming liberals, who continue to blurr the distinction between right and wrong.

You are lucky to have Cardinal O'Brien!