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Jean Charles de Menezes

In those days after the bombings of July 7th, 2005, and the attempted bombings on the 21st July, we were on edge, my nerves were shot and when I heard that someone had been shot at Stockwell station I was actually happy, that the police had stopped another possible attack.

In the hours that followed we were told that the shot fellow had been seen running into the station with a bulky winter coat on, that he had vaulted the barriers and had refused to stop when police told him to.

Even when we found out the following day that the wrong guy had been shot, most of us continued to sympathise not with the dead fellow, but with the police, who, we were told, had genuinely believed they had to shoot de Menezes or that he would kill many more people.

Fair enough!

The fringe leftists who criticised the police were held in contempt, "who's side are you on anyway?" we asked, this is to protect us, not them!

I must say, looking at what we now know, how wrong I have been proved, how ashamed I am that I have said and written things about an innocent man, all because I trusted the police, an arm of this corrupt state.

I have believed the police when they reported that de Menezes was being investigated for the rape of some unnamed female, then they made a big point that he was an illegal immigrant (Well, so is half this city, at least he was working and not on welfare like some of them)

But now the Metropolitan Police are on trial, not for the murder of an Innocent man, but for 'breaching health and safety rules', that's great, a small fine at the end, some compo to the families and that should be the end of it?

The police were apparently watching an address in south London, where 'intelligence' what ever that means, indicated that a cell or those close to a cell of terrorists may have stayed. The police sit up to watch those leaving this block of flats, they see Jean Charles leave the building, but because one of the police officers is taking a piss, they can't send an image of de Menezes back to New Scotland Yard for Cressida Dick( the head honcho) to view to see if it matches the image of Hussain Osman, one of the previous days attempted bombers.

So, on one officers say so, Dick (an apt name considering her history in the Metropolitan Police)gave the order to pursue de Menezes and prevent him from entering the Underground.

A team followed him on to a bus, they could see very clearly that he was not wearing a bulky coat, but a light Summer coat, he had no bag with him as he had left it at work the previous day and was on the phone to a friend telling him he was going to be late to a job in Kilburn where he was going to fix a faulty fire alarm.

He got off at Brixton, saw that it was closed and got back on the bus to go to next station, at Stockwell he got off and walked, he did not run, he walked into the station, picked up a metro paper, got out his oyster card and opened the gate strolling down the escalator, check out this link to see Jean Charles de Menezes' last moments of life.

See how he is not running, as we were told, it is the police who run, and after he is shot the public who run up the escalators to get away from some terror they don't wish to see. The accounts given to us, state that some undercover police officers were sitting by de Menezes, that when the armed officers got on the train, the undercover officers yelled to the armed officers, 'he is here', that de Menezes got up and 'went for them', what ever that means? The police held de Meneses, the man with no suicide belt on, as he was wearing a light open summer coat, he had no weapons as he was not carrying anything with him, and he was given no warning at any time.

If he did indeed try to get away, perhaps he had twigged that something was not right about the men about him? Perhaps he thought they were immigration police, and perhaps he struggled, because unlike the Brazilian police most police officers here do not carry guns and if they do, are unlikely to use them?

So the armed police then hold de Menezes down and shoot him, not once or twice or three times but 8 times, seven bullets to his head one to his shoulder, the other 3 shots missed de Menezes, this from the self proclaimed 'crack' firearms unit at point blank range!

Now, I can understand someone killing someone if they believe they are a threat to their life, or the lives of others, but these officers did not at any time even attempt to warm de Menezes, not once! Why? Every scumbag in London will get a police warning even if they are only to get a fine, why was de Menezes just shot, and shot so many times? There was obviously no place for him to have a bomb, no where, he was wearing a light jacket which was open, where the hell did they think think the bomb was? do these officers just randomly shoot people to death for fun or something? Do they have any conscience?

Left: de Menezes, dead on a train carriage, note his jacket!

Jean Charles de Menezes was an illegal immigrant, that is true, but so are millions of others, others who scrounge off my taxes, who mug and rape all round them, who will never work and will only take, take take.

Jean Charles de Menezes was a working man, someone who did not take my taxes, he probably avoided paying tax, but then, so does anyone who can do so, I have little problem with people wanting to keep their own money instead of letting the government steal it.

The police murdered an innocent man, they made mistake after mistake (apparently, the block of flats they were watching, well that 'intelligence' was in fact bogus, so much for 'police intelligence' eh?)

Once they realised that they had murdered an innocent man, the senior management at New Scotland Yard panicked like a bunch of girls! The Commissioner Sir Ian Blair undoubtedly knew that they had killed the wrong man on that very day, even before the statement he gave linking the shooting with the 'ongoing investigation' into the previous days attacks. Blair lied.

The next day when they finally admitted that this was not a terrorist that they had killed but an innocent man, they insisted that the previous days account remained true, even though at that early stage, there were already witnesses making statements insisting de Menezes did not vault the barriers and was not running. The Metropolitan Police continued a lie.

The Met told us there was no CCTV at that station as all CCTV had been removed from all stations due to the investigation of the previous days attempted attacks. Metronet, the company that up keeps the CCTV refuted this and finally the Met were forced to admit, yes there was CCTV, the Met again lied and seems to me were attempting a cover up.

left: Still frames from that fateful day

The Met tried to smear de Menezes with that 'rape' allegation from an unnamed female, they were forced to admit a few months later that there was no truth whatsoever in those allegations, and now a few days ago the Metropolitan Police state that there was cocaine in the blood of de Menezes. Perhaps, but what of it? Many people snort coke, perhaps it was some cocaine based medicine? But here we see the police attempt another smear to justify their wanton and reckless murder of an innocent man and their failure to prevent another terrorist attack just a fortnight after the July 7th attacks.

Apparently, Jean Charles de Menezes resembles this guy? How they figured that is bizarre! What is laughable about this situation, is the police murder an innocent man, yet the scumbag they should have killed just got on a Eurostar train at Waterloo and left the country for Paris! This on the evening after the attempted attacks, and with an All Ports Warning in effect!

It seems to me that we put too much trust in the police, these are the same people who support the the ID card so they can stop us in the street willy nilly, they are the same people who arrest those who don't celebrate homosexual perversion or multi-culturalism, the very thing that allows terrorists into our nation.

They bully decent hardworking people who drive, arresting those who have had a few pints after work or who are going a few miles over the speed limit, and these are the same people who shoot innocent men on the Underground without without having the decency to inform them of their reasons to do so.

The police are not 'for us' any more, they stopped being 'for us ' a long time time ago when they became enforcers for the new socialist state we now live in, they are Blair's men, Brown's men and like them they have become liars and murderers.

Jean Charles de Menezes leaves his mother and father to mourn him, they who live in a poor part of Brazil, who had hoped for so much for their son Jean Charles, they who sent him to live with his uncle in Sao Paolo to study to be an electrician, to leave poverty behind. They will have some money now due to the Met trying to shut them up with some compo, but I think they would rather the Met was not as incompetent as they are, that if they must shoot someone, it will be deserved and if they make a mistake, resignations and prosecutions would commence without all the attempts at smears on the victim and wriggling by the management to get out of an uncomfortable situation.

And me, well, I shall never again assume that the police are trustworthy, I shall never again go along with their smears and lies, I shall endeavour to seek the truth rather then be someone who justifies their mistakes and wrongdoings.

If I could, I would apologise to Jean Charles de Menezes and his family for my ignorant remarks and unjustified smearing of a good man. May God forgive me and may Jean Charles rest in peace.

Jean Charles de Menezes, January 7th 1978 - July 22nd 2005


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Dr. E. said...

good article.

what is amazing is that these people don't even seem to have a guilty conscience about killing an innocent young man, and claim that their organisation had no 'systematic failures' on the day and 'no one' is to blame!

JCdeM has no resemblance to this man even - you couldn't make it up it is so unbelievable.

The police are as incompetent as all the other government departments - which means that 1 in 3 people in this country work in a culture of incompetence and most people of working age were educated incompetently. Ha ha ha.