Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Why America must vote for Ron Paul!

Americans have only one real choice for president in 2008 and he is Ron Paul! He is the only candidate who will limit government, he is the only candidate who will lower taxes, he is the only man who will attempt to reign in America's reckless spending, borrowing and printing of money.

Most importantly, he is the only candidate who could spark a restoration of the West.

Ron Paul is something unusual for an elected representative, he is honest, decent, honourable, wise, moral and straightforward!

He is a Christian, who is repelled by abortion, he opposes the heavy handedness of government, its theft of people's money (tax) and is committed to the abolition of the IRS, Income Tax, the CIA, FBI, NSA, Dept of Labour, Education, Homeland Security, the Federal Reserve, Dept of Health, etc...

He is committed to getting rid of America's deficit, restoring sound money and pulling all American troops out of ALL foreign fields, not just Iraq and Afghanistan!

Social Welfare and Medicare would be put on a transition to abolision.

He opposes any amnesty of illegal immigrants and will act to build a fence on the Mexican border, he would withdraw from the UN, OAS, NAFTA, WTO, World Bank, NATO and a myriad of other useless international organisations.

This truly is radically different to any other candidate and must be a truer representation of many conservative's views.

Some of these things are stuff I can only dream about, and you Americans have the chance to support him and deliver yourselves from Big Government and socialism for good!

The reason I want Paul to win, is that the example displayed to the rest of the world would inspire so many to ask, "well if the Yanks are getting rid of their Income tax, then why can't we"?

People will ask, "well the Yanks left the UN, what is it actually for"?

If Those United States abolish whole departments of state, then they may ask, "do we actually need these twenty or thirty departments"?

And if a President Paul stops illegal immigration into those United States, people over here may ask, "well if America can stop illegal immigration with a thousand mile border fence and good policing, why can't we do it when we are an island"?

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan are lost, they were a long time ago by weak willed and lily livered politicians who can only do something once they have the latest polling results before them. there is no point supporting Guilliani or McCain because they support the war, Guilliani is not exactly someone who supports liberty and McCain is all for illegal immigration and amnesty. Why any conservative would vote for Romney with his doubling of public spending whilst governor of Massachusetts or his legalising of gay marriage is beyond me, he is no conservative.

Paul is the only true conservative, he could inspire us all, he could be exactly what our elites fear and would hate, an honest man of integrity who can't be smeared by this hateful clique.

All this elite desires is our money, power over our lives, the opportunity to control what we think and do, and increasingly the desire to know us inside out, to implement an ID card, not only in the UK but in those United States too. They are even touting plans to put microchips(called RFID) inside of us!!

Already in England, the government is ready to roll out a programme that would be able to track all vehicles in the UK from satellite, they talk about a new 'pay as you drive scheme', but don't bet that they will then abolish the Vehicle Tax once this has been implemented. Every vehicle in the country must now have a black box which records the speed of the vehicle, which can be checked by police at any time.

Now it they can do that with cars, imagine what they could do with us? Implant a chip and hey presto, they will have complete power over our lives. Granted they are probably too stupid to go round being deliberately evil, but you don't have to be smart to fuck someone life up!! Think of all the mistakes government and government agencies make on a regular basis!

Our masters continue to allow massive third world immigration, why? Not only to these people form a very handy pool of loyal votes, patrons of the government, they also are guaranteed to attack us, usually mugging us or raping our women, but the odd time they detonate a bomb on bus or a train, all very convenient for governments, who can grab more power and tell us they are doing this for our good!!!

When we protest we are labelled 'racists', 'homophobes', 'xenophobes', 'right wing nuts', 'mean' and they go on doing exactly what they always wanted to do, namely fuck us sideways.

It all seems so convenient, they unleash these savages on us, we get attacked and then the government, the very same people who unleashed the savages on us, come to our rescue, only there is a price, we must give up some liberty, just a small bit, not a lot, but then this happens year after year, always they come to rescue us from the same thing, the beast they have unleashed on us!

Strange no? Suspicious even?

Our elites are already too powerful, they control the MSM, education and every branch of government. They control the international establishment, trade and currencies. There is little we can do against such raw power and might, but, there is one thing you can do if you are a citizen of those United States, you can vote for Ron Paul and shake things up, this act could undo much that this international elite of slimy backstabbing shits, have worked so hard for over the past 60 years, go on please do us all a favour and vote Ron Paul.


Leo Pusateri said...

OMIGOSH, Tristan...

Please tell, me, my friend, that you haven't drunk the kool-aid, and that the body-snatchers haven't gotten to you!

Ron Paul blames U.S. policies, not the terrorists, for 9/11.

The war in Iraq is far from lost; violence is down considerably and there is much bottom-up political progress being made.

Ron Paul is looney-toons, Tristan!

Don't fall for it!

A Free Man said...

I'm affraid so, I just cant see anyone else worth voting for!

Romney is a political prostitute who will say anything to get into the White House, Guilliani is pro-abortion and pro-immigration, McCain sponsered the Amnesty.

The Others are non-entities from what I can see. Paul is the only guy willing to take on Big government. Thats what is imperitive today.

Leo Pusateri said...

Personally, I'm going with Fred Thompson.

No one in the field is perfect, as nobody is perfect. But Thompson has a very conservative message, and he's got his head on straight.

A Free Man said...

Well, I'm the subject of a foreign prince, so I can't vote anyhoo!

And I don't think Paul will win, my bet is Hillary Clinton, as much as I loath her and all her works!

She seems to have the establishment behind her, so it would take quite an upset to dethrone her now!

i.m.small said...


Yet even though it all becomes
Unraveled, I am glad--
Hosteler´s pleasures far from home´s--
For travels that I´ve had.

I knew the stay would not last long,
And I am growing weaker,
That even did not start off strong
That have been a truth-seeker.

Now if my country goes to pot
(And it seems on the way there)
Yet I am glad, for I have got
Good memories of a stay there.

So all is transitory--change
Befalls even the greatest,
And hierarchies rearrange:
I´m weary of this latest.