Tuesday, November 20, 2007

A good man died today!

Ian Smith was for 15 years the Prime Minister of Rhodesia, a great African nation that has now been reduced to ruin by a black communist terrorist Robert Mugabe, with the full moral support of the West and it's corrupt leaders.

Ian Smith was a true gentleman, he did not, as his detractors insist, hate black people, he only thought them unable for self rule, and who can now dispute that?

He declared independence from a white hating socialist government, with a declaration much the same as that issued by the Americans two centuries previously, instead of being welcomed into the supposed civilised world, he was smeared and hated, the Americans, the British in league with the Soviets worked hard to bring down this legitimate government, the Soviets, with the full knowledge of the west funded and trained terrorists to murder white farmers and their black farm hands.

Rhodesia was once a wealthy, civilised nation, a proud nation of a few million blacks and three hundred thousand white settlers, the black Rhodesians had at that time one of the highest standards of living in Africa, now they are living in a squalid prison nation, starving to death. But at least they are 'democratic' those white people who destroyed Rhodesia will no doubt say!

Shame on Harold Wilson, shame on Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford and Edward Heath, shame on all of those who sold the people of Rhodesia down the river for mistaken ideology, the lie of 'democracy'.

Long may the memory of Ian Smith live on, may he rest in peace.

Wikipedia's Ian Smith article


Dr. Evil. said...

Here, here.

however the negroes deserve a negro leader to make them suffer and learn about their own kind.

The british, Americans and others are suffering and will suffer in the future for their idealism also, which is what they deserve for being so obviously stupid.

Their women are being raped, and all are being mugged and suffering as a result of letting the negroes in with equal rights to Caucasians, and this is indeed what they deserve. As only this way will they learn of their ignorance. The negro is inherently inferior in his intelligence and integrity and should not have the same democratic rights as a caucasian. If they will not listen, then perhaps they will listen when their own families have to suffer.

Audacious Epigone said...

Rhodesia used to be the breadbasket of Africa, the largest food exporter the continent had. It was wealthier after the ravages of its civil war almost 30 years ago than it is today. Now, with two-thirds of its active workforce engaged in agriculture, Zimbabwe cannot even feed itself, and is a net importer of food. Tragic.

KG said...

Tragic and utterly predictable. And it wasn't so much a "civil war" as a naked grab for power by communist thugs, aided and abetted by naive (and some not so naive) leftists in the West.
I have the pleasant memory of having shot a few of those terrorists.