Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Capital Punishment, the one thing the government hates!

Now we all know how limp wristed the government are, we all know who sleazy and amoral they are, and now we all know as fact, that they love criminals, especially murderers!

You probably all know by now about the honeymooners who were burgled and shot in Antigua, resulting in their deaths. Well, apparently the British government (ie: traitors) have demanded that no one be executed in relation to this DOUBLE murder!

'The British government faces a potential diplomatic row with Antigua over the shooting of the honeymoon couple Catherine and Benjamin Mullany after demanding that anyone convicted of the crime will not face the death penalty.'

What is wrong with these morons?

Why are they so obsessed with some murdering scum who murdered two Britons, once known as their fellow countrymen. I know they made a song and dance about Saddam Hussein's execution, but now it seems that it is government policy, why?

These idiots who rule this country just piss me off so much, why shouldn't some murdering scum get hanged? The majority of people in this country want murderers to be executed, and these arse holes pontificate on our behalf on a subject that they are miles away from us on!

What pompous pricks!


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Anonymous said...

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