Saturday, August 23, 2008

Zoo Nation?

The Chinese seem to have provided an excellent Olympics, not that I'm really into it, but in the past fortnight, it has been difficult to avoid it. The opening ceremony was a celebration of Chinese culture and history, of course it was cliched and sickly sweet, but for the Chinese it was a moment of pride in their collective achievement.

What is planned for London 2012?

Well, apparently we are to be represented by a troupe of 'dancers' called Zoo Nation, an urban hip hop, rap group!

I know, I know, usually I would be swearing, and I was when I found out, but really is it a surprise? Not really, everything else is polluted with this 'diversity' shit, so why not the Olympics? In fact the bid for the Olympics was full of references to bullshit 'diversity', they had dozens of black and Asian kids in Singapore representing London!

But what an embarrassment, what a humiliation, every nation is allowed to celebrate their culture and history, except us! What a pathetic joke

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