Saturday, June 04, 2005

new web log

This is a new anti socialist, anti multi cultural web log. It is pro western, pro freedom and pro free trade. Socialists are sinisterly strong at this moment in history. The fall of communism has only spurred them on, because now that they can no longer wait untill the red army rolls into town and because their entire economic theory has been exposed as corrupt and evil, the socialists have realised that an even better way to ruin the west is to import millions of third world savages, dump them in our cities, pour tax money into their housing and benifits and get them to vote socialist.
The savages always vote socialist, why would'nt they they get loads of free money from us saps who have to work. Then they go out and act as savages do and commit crime, then they end up causing a prison crisis, so more money is needed. Then they cry racisim, and get loads of free money from us in compensation, of course the socialists love this, beacuse deep down they desire anarchy, they want to line up those who disagree with them and shoot them, the savages are their natural allies, but the socialists dont realize what they have unleashed, it is a fankenstein monster that will inevitable, if left unfought destroy the socialists along with the rest of the west.
Then they ban bibles and pass anti hate laws protecting Islam or the other savages who have recently arrived here. Even though it is radical Islam which is the problem.
I have seen this evolve my whole life and can only see darkness ahead if the socialists get their way. Western culture is under attack and those people such as George Bush who make timid attemps to counter this trend are savaged as facists, or right wing extremists.
Perhaps I am an extremist, but I have been pushed here by the threat I see and experience every day. By the fear for my future and that of my family.

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